And the hits just keep on coming, if you’re looking to bet in the UK against the GOP in November. As I wrote, McConnell got played by the Democrats on a bipartisan bill, and now he’s copping a McConnell snit.

McConnell got jobbed by Schumer and Manchin on an already widely bipartisan Chips Bill because he says Manchin lied to him about a reconciliation clean energy bill being dead. Now it’s too late to stop the Chips Bill, and he can’t stop the reconciliation bill, so he’s taking revenge where he can get it.

But Moscow Mitch, the little bitch, is taking his revenge on a bill that could well cost the GOP the last under 75 voting stronghold bloc that they have left. He’s out to screw American veterans who proudly served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here’s the 411. There is a wildly popular bipartisan bill in the Senate that would provide additional funding for continuing treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers who were exposed to toxic and carcinogenic fumes from burning toxic fires. But because McConnell got his delicate little snowflake fee-fees hurt, he’s having his caucus block the bill from debate.

Which is insane. For decades, the GOP has been the party of National defense, while the Democrats are Pinko wimps. Active service military personnel, as well as military veterans are a solid base of GOP support every dan election.

But now Moscow Mitch is throwing double barrel birds to every US veteran, as well as every active service military person. His basic message is, Fuck you! Thanks for your service, but you’re just pawns in my political game. When I get what I want, you get your treatment.

How many times can I say it? This is going to be a midterm election settled on razor thin margins. And there’s Mitch McConnell, telling active duty service personnel, as well as veterans that their suffering doesn’t matter to him. Only their leverage. This is not going to end well.


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  1. Hey Murfster, powerful conservatives have spent the last fifty years only pretending to give about the troops. The reality is that we’ve NEVER meant jack shit to them. What’s always amazed me is how enlisted especially thought the GOP was on their side. Nope. They are on the side of defense contractors! They make just enough of a show to fool people but increasingly they’ve shown their true colors. And now? This is going to get notice.

    You know what else? It’s getting time of the year when the Military Times does it’s survey of both officers and enlisteds to see where their political leanings are. Trump actually lost support in the Officer Corps and I believe even went underwater. But he still was in positive territory with enlisteds. Anyway with that question going out across all the services McConnell’s timing is pretty fucking stupid! Survey results being published during election season in which the GOP is in negative territory will be news outside the military publications.

    I’ve not been a fan of Schumer and can’t say I’ve changed my opinion of him all that much. However, he has outmanuvered McConnell multiple times now, and I’m starting to think McConnell still has the evil will but has lost a step in his ability to carry out his wishes. Maybe fighting Trump as well as us, burning the candle at both ends so to speak just wore his old ass down.

    • Yeah, I’ve not been a Schumer fan since he was head of the DSCC. Twice he meddled in democratic primaries for Senate here in KY. He always went w/ the guy who could self-fund, which is the kiss of death here. We don’t normally support the richest candidate. And I haven’t always thought highly of him as Majority Leader. But, this double play was flawlessly executed, so apparently Schumer has the ability to learn from his mistakes.

      • Um,if that is the kiss of death in KY,how come they keep reflecting shits like McConnell who is,a rich S.O.B.married to a rich heiress? Explain that. He does nothing for his constituents. Orders his hopes to vote,against bills that would help.them. Or does being g rich only counts t against Dems?
        I doubt a,Democrats has a chance there even if he were poor.

        • He may be rich, but he does not self-fund. I’ve often wondered just how he manages to get reelected, when his approval rating is in the 20s. Some of it may have to do with his leadership position. Right before every election he does something “positive” that he can run on. Last time, it was the aluminum plant that was going to be in Eastern KY. After election, the plant couldn’t get funding. I’ve personally never voted for him, even when he was county judge executive and reasonably moderate.

        • I’m a Democrat who lives in Ky. We can’t stand Bitch McConnell he does nothing for this state . He needs to retire we don’t want him . He doesn’t care about the poor people that live here, he does nothing to help them . I’m sick of looking at him .

  2. Believe it goes deeper than that, Murf. As a leader, McConnell is on his way out. In addition to the CHIPS bill, Biden shanked him on an alleged “deal” for an anti-abortion judge in Kentucky by cutting Rand Paul out of the loop. Paul throws a fit and Uncle Joe just HAS to withdraw the nomination because the state’s senators aren’t in agreement. So McConnell was already pissed by the time Manchin “double-crossed” him.

    But Jesus and Heru, is this card-carryingly stupid as a revenge ploy. The only purpose it serves is momentary gratification followed by lots of long-term pain. I get this image of a heroin addict shooting up between his toes here. All of which proves McConnell has lost both his power AND instincts.

    • Dude! You so got me with that junkie image!
      Once walked in on a co-worker shooting up in the john. She was out the door in less than 15.

      Why do some folks not lock the doors of unisex bathrooms? Why do some folks try to open a unisex bathroom, find it locked, and then knock? It’s a Mystery, son.

  3. The g.o.p. has only given lip service to veterans for decades. Oh, they’ll put on their stupid flag pins a talk a good game about funding our soldiers and veterans but they NEVER backed up the talk. Hell, even McCain stabbed soldiers and veterans in the back numerous times-he got out of Nam, got his nest egg, and said fuck it to soldiers and vets.

    Let’s be brutally honest-if you’re a ‘pube politician and you’re not a hypocritical, lying little bitch, then the party will dispose of you quickly if only so they’re not shown up for being..hypocritical, lying little bitches.

  4. Nothing new here. The GOP has always fucked-over veterans.
    They’re just props for photo-ops.
    Their loyalty is to defense contractors. Vets won’t stuff cash into GOP pockets.

  5. And this won’t stay under the radar, thanks to Jon Stewart making a big, loud stink about it. The GOP has pissed off women, LGBTQ folks, non-Christians, and now the vets.



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