Just when you think he can’t get any lamer, Matt Gaetz ups and surprises you. He’s going to have a hard time topping this. Or maybe we should say, bottoming this.

Communism is not your problem, Matt. Being a morally reprehensible POS is. That’s why your venues were canceled.

Now City Hall in Riverside, California is closed at 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday, so literally Gaetz is talking to the wall. The City Hall brick wall is all that is listening. Knock yourself out, Matt.

Preach it, Matt, preach it. There are tens of people listening.


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  1. Big forehead? Meet brick wall. Forcefully. Wipe away blood and repeat. Repeatedly.

    No, Matt I don’t expect you to actually learn anything from knocking yourself even sillier than you already are.

    But I’ll be entertained nonetheless!

  2. Does he realize that the number of communists in the US is probably smaller than the number of people who actually voted for him last year? (The number in Riverside is very small.)

  3. These two twits are looking for?
    When this guy Matt reviews his own stupidity what does he see? Like Trump, just sees the numbers of people that clap and holler, “Atta Boy”, nonsense, carry Ludacris signs and flags, many handed out to attendees by Trump himself crews …

    The content of Trump rants never changes, is so self absorbed and mostly cruel to those that least deserve it … these two are on a mission to nowhere … the lower they go has probably reached a point where someone’s money is flattening out, it would be more entertaining to broadcast the sources and amounts per each … I’m with Delliot on this one, this guy is a massive embarrassment to the process of Congressional representation …

    • “Carry Ludacris signs and flags.”


      I didn’t realize that rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges had his own signs and flags.

      Did you, perhaps, mean “ludicrous” (meaning “ridiculous” or “silly”)?


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