Remember the movie Face Off, where the two main characters switched faces and had to live the other person’s life? If you know how to put together a deal like that for real, I know of a Florida congressman who would pay dearly for the service right about now. Things are not looking up at all for Matt Gaetz, not since Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty and not since an unnamed ex-girlfriend of Gaetz recounted an incident of speaking on the phone to a witness in Gaetz’ sex-crimes investigation and then at some point, she patched Gaetz into the call. You would think a lawyer and congressman would have had enough sense not to touch that phone with a ten foot pole, and in most peoples’ case, you would be right. But Gaetz went there. Now the ex-girlfriend is looking for an immunity deal. Vanity Fair:

The former girlfriend is reportedly in the midst of seeking an immunity deal in exchange for cooperation, which would obviously be further bad news for Gaetz. She has apparently told friends that she believes the alleged trafficking victim may have recorded her during a separate phone call in which she may have provided incriminating evidence re: the Florida congressman.

Gaetz dated his ex-girlfriend in 2017 and 2018, but they had an open relationship that involved other women, including the one involved in the three-way call under examination from prosecutors, according to two sources familiar with the relationship. Those two women joined Gaetz and others—including Greenberg’s sex-trafficking victim after she turned 18—on a jaunt to the Bahamas in late 2018. Prosecutors are also examining that trip to see if Gaetz or others violated a federal law, the Mann Act, which prohibits transporting people across state lines to engage in prostitution.

Gaetz has consistently denied paying for sex or prostitutes but has acknowledged engaging in so-called “sugar daddy” relationships with the women he met through Greenberg, who in turn found many of them on the SeekingArrangement website for men looking for relationships with younger women. But while SeekingArrangement relationships might not meet the legal definition of prostitution for a Mann Act case, experts say that the federal sex-trafficking of a minor statute has a broader definition of financial transactions. If a suspect had sex with someone under the age of 18, and if something of value changes hands, then a suspect can be charged. […]

Meanwhile, as the investigation continues, Gaetz has kept busy spreading election-fraud lies and, on at least one occasion, encouraging supporters to shoot Silicon Valley executives for allegedly suppressing conservative voices. Which law enforcement should probably look into as well!

Things are heating up for Gaetz and, like his idol Donald Trump, he’s an aristocratic trust fund baby, to the manor born, who has never had to answer for anything in his life. He just pays people off. And he’s clearly stressed. He looks like hell right now, a cross between Fat Elvis and Eddie Munster.

He’s clearly annoyed and of course it’s all the fault of the press. If only nobody would talk about the Mann Act or obstruction of justice or being a sexual predator, then it would be so much easier to do, don’t you people get that?

If there is a prize given for most self absorbed narcissistic perv, Gaetz is right up there at the top with his idol, Trump. And how much you want to bet the Mango Monarch stops taking Gaetz’ calls, if he hasn’t already? After all, he’s got enough problems of his own right now. Although maybe Trump will do a Ghislaine Maxwell on Gaetz and wish him well. We shall see.

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  1. At least mattie, if u go 2jail, ur buddies Frump & barr, aren’t providing ‘security’. Remember jeffrey? How long did he last b4 his mysterious demise? And, not only that, u may find many willing ‘girlfriends’ in the joint, although they may decide ur the bitch.

  2. It’s interesting to compare the treatment of Al Franken by the ‘liberal,anything goes’ Democratic Party, and the treatment of Matt Gaetz by the ‘bible following’, ‘Christian’, ‘moral majority’ Republican party with respect to sexual behavior and judgement.

    And of course Al Franken was just accused of inappropriate touching, not statutory rape and sex trafficking.

    No wonder church attendance is declining, everyone abhors the hypocrisy.

    • ” What the Church has done to Jesus is what the governor of California,(ronald Reagan), wants to do to the redwoods, take a wild and wonderful thing and turn them into den furniture.” Daniel Berrigan


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