Oh! what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

Stupid is as stupid does

I cannot believe that anybody as bone fucking stupid as Mark Meadows even managed to rise to the level of custodial supervisor, much less White House Chief if Staff, even under a two-legged-stool like Trump, but as Robin Williams used to opine, Reality. What a concept!

Meadows is officially in deep kimchi. First he told the 1/6 committee to pound sand, he was going with executive privilege. Then he changed course and started providing documents while still asserting executive privilege over some things. Then he releases a tell all book about Trump, which included embarrassing Covid details about Trump. Then Trump got royally pissed off, and the committee told Meadows his book basically canceled out his executive privilege claims. So Meadows told the committee to go pound sand, he was hiding behind executive privilege, a clear move to placate Trump. Which led the committee to tell him to show up for his deposition tomorrow morning, with the required documents, or go down for criminal contempt of congress.

Here’s why this actually matters. A few days ago I wrote a Bombshell article which said that former DOJ official may have had White House help in creating the infamous letter he wanted to send to various states to tell legislatures that the DOJ wanted them to contest their slates.

Down and dirty. Clark showed up for his deposition with his lawyer, spent a half an hour bitching at the committee, and stormed out with his lawyer without answering any questions. What the hell? The committee was already in session, so the chief investigator took the time to read into the record all of the questions he would have asked Clark if he hadn’t boogied. And one of those questions involved metadata that the committee had that showed White House comms shop input into Clark’s letter to the states. The transcript was released to the media. It was incendiary.

And now tomorrow, Meadows is supposed to report for his deposition. I find it highly likely that he will skip out, hiding under executive privilege claims. And if the committee is smart, they will do the same goddamn thing all over again. Let the lead investigative counsel read his questions into the record, and then release the transcript to the media. And watch the bombshells go off.

These ass gaskets are literally killing Trump with this tactic! The committee is throwing out highly incriminatory charges, and without a witness, there is no conflicting story or explanation to offset it. Then the media pounds in on it, and it becomes accepted fact. Here. Here’s 50 bucks, morons. Go buy a clue.

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  1. Worse – the WHCA that helped Clark with that letter is the group that is military-run and does secure communications, not the one with the PR people.

    Also, the stuff Meadows gave the committee includes his phone records. They know who he called, and when. Combine that with his book, which he now says is fake news, and he really is in it, and got there without help.

  2. Excuse me, but doesn’t it seem like the 1/6 Committee is afraid of its own power? The first time Meadows acted in a contemptible way, BAM!…instant jail time (preferably Rikers Island, but at least some awful place), showing that they mean business. I’d be more than happy to be deputized to put the cuffs on him.

    • NO…because Meadows’ continuing panic moves tells them exactly where they need to look with more cooperative witnesses (like, say, Mike Pence’s staff, for instance). This continuing lust for a big muscular (and likely stupid and counterproductive) response is sickening to me…because it makes a mockery of any claim to “rule of law”. Behind it is a full-fledged desire for personal revenge with zero thought on what we might wreck in the process. But since so FEW people have thought of such things since 9/11, why start now?


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