Marjorie Taylor Greene is on quite a roll these days. When the gun-toting crazy isn’t busy harassing the likes of David Hogg for having had the cruel misfortunate to be present when his classmates were being murdered in front of his eyes, she’s ragging on Black Lives Matter, calling them a “radical Marxist group” and “domestic terrorists.” Her timing is impeccable, February is Black History Month, what a great way to kick it off, ne c’est pas?  And to top it all off, she went on OAN and told the world how she’s been talking on the phone with Donald Trump and she supports him and he supports her and ain’t it all grand? New Civil Rights Movement:

On Monday Rep. Greene, an adherent to the QAnon cult, announced she is co-sponsoring legislation that would prevent flags representing the social justice movement Black Lives Matter – which she called “hate America flags” – from flying over U.S. embassies.  Although not mentioned, the bill would also ban the LGBTQ Pride flag.

“In the past, rogue members of the State Department flew the flag of the radical Marxist group, Black Lives Matter,” her press releases states. “The domestic terrorists represented by the flag have burned down our cities with the mission of defunding our police.” […]

Greene, who is widely-considered to be racist, goes on to call BLM a “a group that wants to erase our history and bring mass destruction to our country through Communism,” which is a lie.

The shades of Jim Crow and John Birch are out dancing in the moonlight, I’ll warrant that. This is bringing them back to life, no question. And just in time for gerrymandering ahead of the 2022 midterms. Let’s not lose sight of that.

If you missed it, Greene spoke to Trump on the phone and they apparently pledged their mutual fealty to one another. And if you’re wondering if Kevin McCarthy has had “a conversation” with her, as promised, so are the rest of us. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

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  1. But I’m sure she’s quite okay with the Confederate flag being carried into the Capitol building, and the 6MWNE sweatshirt, And the Auscwitz staff sweatshirt. Freedom of expression is only acceptable to her if it’s expressing HER warped opinions. Otherwise she thinks all expressions SHE doesn’t agree with should be BANNED. I want to rip that “censored” mask off her hypocritical face!

    • I don’t see anything about her denouncing her domestic terrorist pals who actually ATTACKED the Capitol striking the American flag and running up a Trump flag over OUR United States Capitol Building! Let me hear her denounce THAT, and while she’s at it admit the Confederacy was wrong to start and drag out the Civil War just so rich southerners could have slaves, that they LOST and that that racist rag the LOSERS who never got over losing the Civil War like to parade around, and while she’s at it the Nazi flag her (and Trump’s) supporters so often carry too. Then and ONLY THEN I’ll refrain from telling her to shove that assault rifle up where the sun don’t shine. Sideways!

  2. “The only flag that should fly over embassies is the American flag.”

    What about the U.S. Embassy Flag, you dolt? Lol.

    Honestly I’m not sure if we should mock,her or ignore her, but I’m pretty,sure she’s going to be the most tiresome member of Congress until she’s gone. Which is saying a lot considering Gohmert and Jordan.

    • Like tRump, she blurts whatever spew she thinks will garner her the most attention. I say ignore most of her nonsense. She’s getting way too much attention. Media will chase after her like they did with media whore tRump. Since he’s been stifled on Twitter/FB, she seems to be the new outlet. How long before she gets kicked off the platforms? Not soon enough.

  3. She seems to think that Only White Cis-Het People have rights.
    I wish her family is people that are LGBTQA and have non-white partners.

  4. We’re going to get very tired of her, if not already. Don’t know why I’m amazed at how they project onto others what they are thinking. BLM wants to “erase history and bring mass destruction to our country through Communism.” Huh? White supremacists want to erase history or go back to it (slavery) and bring mass destruction to our country through violence. Then……have an autocracy run by whites only.

  5. Guessing it’s been awhile since your French classes but “ne c’est pas?” should be “n’est-ce pas?”

    Minor nitpick but it’s like a stray eyelash. If you don’t take care of it, it can just drive you utterly crazy.

  6. I know that BLM is a diverse movement and no-one owns it, but claims of it being ‘radical Marxist’ are around – in UK the major right-wing (but anti-Trump) magazine The Spectator had an article ( based on a “BLM UK” crowdfunding effort and Facebook page. The trouble is with everyone trying to claim *they* represent “Black Lives Matter” ?‍♂️.
    Similar strands would exist in America, indeed the NY Post has pointed to it’s origins (


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