Marjorie Taylor Greene has made a statement that black folk should feel pride when confronted with an existent Confederate Monument because such an assault on their senses would provide an golden opportunity to demonstrate to their children what great strides they have made as a people within a nation that continues to allow their display.


But at least she is consistent and kinda sorta understands whom the instigators of the American Civil War compare with in world history, as she has argued in the past that hypothetical statues of Hitler and Satan himself should be allowed to stand as, I suppose a reminder, as if one is needed, of how truly despicable human and mythical figures can be:

The The Independent

“A resurfaced video from 2020 shows Marjorie Taylor Greene opposing the removal of Confederate monuments by suggesting that those statues – or hypothetical statutes of Adolf Hitler or Satan – should remain in place “to teach others about who these people are and what they did.”

The video published by Punchbowl News on Monday – as the Georgia congresswoman continues to defend her remarks comparing coronavirus mask guidance and Covid-19 vaccine policies to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews during the Holocaust – shows then-candidate Green appearing before a city council hearing in Dalton, Georgia on 15 June.

“We’re seeing situations where Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln – all kinds of statues are being attacked, and it seems to be just an effort to take down history,” she says in the video.

“And whether I see a statue that may be something that I would fully disagree with, like Adolph Hitler, maybe a statue of Satan himself, I would not want to say, ‘Take it down,’ but again, it’s so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are, what they did and what they may be about.”

Here’s the promised video, though unless you distrust The Independent’s reporting or if you feel an overwhelming desire to see Marge in her summer casual shorts, I can’t really recommend it…

And, courtesy of PatriotTakes, Marge’s more recent remarks re: disreputable figures… and replies:



Who would object to that?

🙌 🙌 🙌


You know MTG, someone once said something or other about opening your mouth and removing all doubt…

What the heck was that?

Oh, never mind, just please shut the hell up.

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  1. In England, when citizens decided to tear down statues of men who had profited from the slave trade, a local paper editorialized that it would be better to leave the statue in place, but attach a plaque saying: “This man got very rich by owning ships which transported enslaved humans to America in inhumane conditions, many of whom perished en route. He gave a lot of money to this town and that’s why there’s a statue of him here.” Their point was that instead of denying an unpleasant or uncomfortable history, it’s better to inform people of it and let them judge it for themselves.

    • Right. Because so many people are actually going to stand there and read the inscription on that plaque which would typically be about a foot square or so.

      Maybe, instead, you’d replace the statue with a large plaque (say 6-feet square) inscribed with “Upon this site once stood a statue of [fill in name of offender] who got very rich by owning ships which transported enslaved humans to America in inhumane conditions, many of whom perished en route. He gave a lot of money to this town and that’s why there was a statue of him here. Right-thinking people grew incensed at this blight on humanity being represented in perpetuity by a hunk of stone/metal and removed it, to replace it with this plaque.”

  2. ALL KINDS OF STATUES ARE BEING ATTACKED, AND IT SEEMS TO BE JUST AN EFFORT TO TAKE DOWN HISTORY,” SHE SAYS–As opposed to actually taking down history by banning/removing/rewriting books that teach it, by banning/removing classes that teach it. Has her cake, wants to eat it too.

  3. I can sort of understand why Columbus is derided (he didn’t know ehere he was going, didn’t know where he was when he git there and did it all on somebody else’s money. (We’ll skip the genocide and enslavement of the locals for the nonce). There’s also the fact that he never so much as placed a toe on America (he hung about in Cuba and never visited the mainland (if he even knew it WAS a mainland)

    Statues of Washington and Lincoln bing attacked???? She HAS to be joking


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