This may be as much as the MAGA crazies intend to do. Proceedings at the 60 Centre Street Courthouse in Manhattan were momentarily halted while the premises were searched for a bomb. It was swiftly determined that the threat was not credible. The call came in just as the judge was ready to gavel in a hearing over Leticia James’ $250 million suit against Donald Trump. Bloomberg:

The building, featured in the opening footage of Law and Order, is where state civil cases are heard. James sued Trump, his company and three of his children in September for allegedly inflating the value of his real estate company’s assets.

The New York Police Department said in a statement it had an increased uniformed presence throughout the city and stressed that “there are currently no credible threats” to New York, but that it remained ready to respond to protests and counterprotests.

Law enforcement is on alert as a state grand jury, in a separate, criminal investigation, examines hush money payments Trump allegedly directed be made to porn star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential run. Trump, who has denied wrongdoing in either matter, predicted on Saturday without evidence that he would be arrested Tuesday. He exhorted his supporters to “protest” and “take our nation back!” […]

New York State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the James litigation, dryly noted: “As if this case wasn’t interesting enough.”

HAHA! Good for the judge! He’s pretty much seen and heard it all, dealing with Donald Trump matters. It’s actually good that this happened, because it illustrates the toothlessness of MAGA threats and shows that Trump’s days of commanding mobs to riot are a one off, thing of the past.

New York is on high alert for any shenanigans and things are proceeding apace. Let’s see if Trump does indeed get indicted/arrested tomorrow night as is predicted.

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  1. Go ahead asshats. Put yourself in the crosshairs of the legal system like your guru. Maybe you’ll get to be cellmates.

  2. Surprised? I’m only surprised it wasn’t a real threat. It’s going to happen due to the asshats that believe the bull shit.

  3. Expect this non-stop through all.his trials. Expect them the prosecutors, judge, bailiff, support staff. The antiabortion crowd would take down the license plate and have a DMV get the owner’s name. I expect Trumped to do something. similar, then follow staff and jury unless sequestered, harass them at home with loud protests all.night long, death threats from burner phones, rocks tossed in a drive by, etc This is just the beginning
    , ,
    ,drives bus tossing bricks through the windoe


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