After carefully reviewing all of last night’s explosive testimony from the J6 Committee with her reasoned journalist’s eye – testimony revealing, among other things, that Congressional staffers and Secret Service agents called their families to say goodbye as Trump’s mob closed in on them terrified for their lives, that two young, dedicated Trump Whitehouse officers resigned in disgust the evening of January 6th after Trump’s despicable afternoontweet painting an X on his Vice-presidents back, Ivanka coaching her shitbag father through a damage control speech he absolutely didn’t want to make on January 7th,…

… what was perennial New York Times Trump/Kushner apologist Maggie Haberman’s big takeaway from the proceedings?


Maggie is referring to a short clip of Kushner, disappointingly and yet thankfully not stripped down and lathered up, testifying that he’d just gotten off a plane and was getting ready to spritz when he got a call from then House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy begging him to intercede with his idiot father-in-law before his bloodthirsty mob burned the fucking Capitol down with him in it.

Yeah, that was the “shower clip”.

Needless to say, Twitter was not happy with Mag’s reportage…

I’ll say👇👇👇


This tweeter cuts to the chase-

The following takes the blue ribbon, tho, pointing out that Maggie was born out of time, how she could have really been useful to some honest to God Nazis.

The times should relegate Haberman to their society page where she could gush about Javanka’s doings at much less cost to democracy.

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  1. Maggie Haberman is to TFG as Judith Miller was to Dick Cheney. Both “journalists” at the New York Times. Which begs the question – Do all rethug admins get a “stooge stenographer” embedded at the NYT?

  2. I didn’t think there was anything weird in what he said … I did think his face looked puffy. But there isn’t any obvious condition which would produce that – the closest to what he looked like would be Cushing’s syndrome, which “happens when your adrenal glands make too much of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol for too long.” God knows he had reason to be stressed … but I have seen no other evience that he ever was. Also, Cushing’s in humans is extremely rare.


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