I don’t know if there is no joy in Trumpville these days, but it’s for damn sure that there is no unified policy as to what flies and what doesn’t. Donald Trump gave his latest rally in North Carolina tonight.

It went pretty much according to form. Trump’s enemies were blasted, Trump did the same tired old jokes. He seems to love to mock transgender athletes, so that old saw was dusted off and performed once again.

And then the newest addition to the act, the QAnon salute, one-fingered salute, whatever you wish to call that gesture, started to happen and management shut it down. This is a very short clip. Look sharp, because only a few fingers start to go up and then it’s over.

And this.

The Nazi salute is now a constitutional right. Sigh. The fact that anybody would even want to do it is evidence of how far down we’ve come since the 1940’s when so much blood was shed to safeguard the democratic way of life.

I like this one a lot. This tee shirt speaks to me.

A trip down yet another strange road on the political landscape. Do we allow the Nazi salute in this country — but but but it’s not really the Nazi salute if one finger goes up and maybe the angle of the salute has something to do with whether it’s actually Nazi or something else?

Point being, the fact that the conversation has even turned in this direction, when is a one-armed salute fascist or not, is alarming enough.

As to the salute in Trump world, clearly there are two schools of thought. It was wide spread in Ohio and it’s obvious that somebody in management at the North Carolina venue had thoughts about it.

Trump himself is oblivious and truthfully, in his shoes, I would be, too. He’s got much bigger fish than this to fry. Nevertheless, the fact remains that he could chime in and chill things out if he wanted to and so far that hasn’t taken place. So we’ll assume he likes the fascist salute, in the absence of a statement to the contrary.

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  1. For what it’s worth, one DOES have a Constitutional right to give the Nazi salute (or the old-fashioned “one-finger salute” with the middle finger extended from a closed fist or any other “salute”), no matter how despicable it may seem or how provocative it may be. In 1978, the American Nazi Party got the right to hold a parade through the heavily Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois. And, of course, the Supreme Court upheld the right to burn the American flag in protest.

    What the right does NOT entail is some sort of “protection” from others who do not share your sensibilities about the particular right in question. Just like a white supremacist is free to say the “n-word” to his heart’s content–using his “free speech” rights–it doesn’t mean the guy won’t get his ass kicked if he says it in the middle of a Black Lives Matter rally.

    Now, in the particulars of this rally, if it had been held in a Trump property, then security (or whatever it was) probably would’ve been allowed to let it go on unimpaired. But, I’m guessing the venue is technically “private property” and the site sets rules for the venue’s security. Trump’s people should’ve let the “fans” know that certain actions would not be allowed but, that’s assuming Trump actually had any “people” to manage the crowds.

  2. Given the fact the nazis & klan murdered people in broad daylight in Greensboro in November 1979, with the police aware the protesters were unarmed, & then shared the information with the killers, well…maybe the tolerance for his bullshit is a wee bit less than naziland Florida. Tillis would have lost the election if the democrats had vetted their goddamn candidate & realized he was having an affair. Funny how a nazi loving sexual predator, caught on tape bragging about pussy grabbing is OK to get the vote for president, but a Democrat having an affair is important. America…thy twin towers of ignorance & hypocrisy stand tall.

    • Really??? Since when is anyone having an affair is anyone’s business other than the couple it affects. Live your life, don’t live through others.

      • I agree with your take with an exception. IF someone holds themself out as some paragon of virtue/family values type or is touted by others as being so yet engages (and worse has a history of repeatedly doing so) in extra-marital affairs the rules change. That’s particularly true of those who seek positions of power (and therefore trust) and even more so for those who wish to hold elected office. If one wants to moralize to others while living a “do as I say, not as I do” life then their hypocrisy is relevant, again all the more so for people in high leadership positions. And forgiving Trump for fucking around on all three of his trophy wives (lord knows how many times we don’t know about – and as sure as I’m writing this he’s paid for multiple abortions along with a tidy sum for an NDA!), I mean literally FUCKING while being aghast at Bill Clinton for engaging in what back when I was young (I’m mid sixties) would have been heavy duty “petting” while somewhere secluded engaged in what was known as “parking” is rank hypocrisy.

  3. I echo that reference to the ISIS salute (they have apparently named). The intention of the gesture is absolutist. The shared use is note-worthy


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