Nothing like hitting a wingnut nerve and getting a dirge of illiterate drivel back in return. That happens every day to anti-Trumpers, but I must say, this is a classic.

The last sentence is “the black sites your ass and nobody will ever hear from you again! I look forward to seeing your missing person posters!”

Yeah, maybe Meidas Touch will end up on the side of milk cartoons, who knows?

I’m going to assume it was the LoserPalooza banner flying over the rally that incurred this wingnut’s wrath.

Beyond that, it’s so interesting how the MAGAs embrace authoritarianism. They want Trump to execute masses of people and make dissenters of all stripes vanish. That is not democracy. That is fascism and that’s why they love Trump. And this is why the world sleeps with one eye open these days wondering if Trump was an anomaly or if America has gone mad and can’t be trusted as an ally in the long haul.

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  1. This rage speak serves two purposes 1) amplifies the stupidity of the Trump fiasco + all those that maintain a sad ill-informed fondness for the biggest loser in the world …
    2) Provides a zero dot target for the laser-smart US intelligence units – riding a close eye on all these trolling morans … threats to ANY US citizen of this nature will draw their attention like fies to rotten meat …

    The next tap on the door of this cretin could be working FOR us and not this gutter stench …

  2. Is it not odd how time and again this crowd embraces self-immolation as though it were a birthright? At this point, it’s strictly academic what will get them first: COVID-19, various heatwaves in the country, the penal system if they’re dumb enough to openly pull crimes or the crippling pain of social ostracism consigning to pariah status.

  3. Please never forget that no matter they are idiots of the highest degree and stupid, entitled white people for the most part, they are armed and dangerous.


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