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I’m sorry guys, I just don’t get it. I mean, you all know I’m pretty good at this political shit. Even if an event or statement seems kind of stupid, or off the wall, I can usually just twist it around like a Rubik’s Cube, and get the colors to match up. But this time, all I can do is scratch my head.

Machine Gun Marjie Taylor Greene is ready to spread her wings, prove she’s not just some skirt in the congress, and show off her leadership skills. Apparently she’s going to lead a House GOP delegation on a field trip to visit federal prisoners awaiting trial on criminal charges stemming from the Capitol riot. And I don’t get it. Any of it.

I’m sure it will happen if House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy wants it to, but that doesn’t make it sensible or understandable. I mean, I can see it. I can literally see Machine Gun Marjie strutting into the federal lockup on those signature 3″ heels, clad in that overstuffed white mink jacket that makes her look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, swinging her head around violently to throw her hair back over her shoulders, and arrogantly demanding I’m Congresswoman Taylor Green and I need to see the head turnkey right now! from the first uniformed person she spots. I can see all of it.

But what I can’t see is why?! I mean, politics is kind of like playing chess. True, sometimes it’s like chess being played by imbeciles, but normally a move made is supposed to be a step for a further goal to the player’s advantage. And in this GOP dick move, I don’t see how anybody comes out of it with an advantage of any kind.

For starters, it’s obvious why Greene is doing this. She’s doing it to show solidarity with the seditionist traitors who betrayed this country. But how does she do it? I mean, after all, Greene may be a congresswoman with a right to tour the facility and talk to the inmates, but that doesn’t mean that the federal prison system is going to allow media cameras to follow her while she wanders around like Leona Helmsley at a soup kitchen. She’s not going to get F*cker Carlson style video out of this.

And who is she trying to impress or convince of anything? Especially if she can’t come up with propaganda footage for FUX News to share to the sheeple. I can’t think of a single person she can convince of anything with this stunt.

  • For instance, those of us on the outside who see these people as seditious criminals are not going to care if the protein loaf tastes like shit, and if there’s no X-Box in the cells or common room. Stay on the right side of the law, and you can eat and play with the rest of us, morons
  • And there is nobody in either the lockup administration or the guard force who is going to give a shit if Greene doesn’t think that the prisoners are being treated according to the Marquis de Queensbury rules. And the administrators are not going to be overly concerned if the odor offends Ms. Greene’s delicate olfactory senses
  • And it’s not like she’s going to have any kind of revivalist uplifting effect on the prisoners. They don’t need some airhead in a mink jacket that cost more than they see in a year to tell them how shitty their conditions are. They already know that! What they want to know is if she’s going to change that, and the short answer is no
  • One more. From the time that McCarthy humiliated himself into the Speakership, the Freedom caucus agenda has been driven by one thing. Holding as many faux committee hearings and investigations as necessary to show that Trump was as blameless on January 6th as The Infant of Prague. But how does Greene pull that off here? After all, it isn’t like there’s going to be a FUX News camera there to record her patting the hand of a traitor while whispering, Stay strong. The Big Man knows you’re faithful. When he gets back in in 2025, not only will he pardon you, he’ll give you ten minutes in a locked room with the floor warden

Nothing makes sense. I can only think of one option. Machine Gun Marjie will come back from her hegira to The Real World, and immediately demand that the House hold hearings into the deplorable conditions under which these patriots find themselves in. Just one problem. The GOP House is already chock-a-block full of bullshit investigations. She’ll have to wait in line. And if Gym Bag Jordan can’t get his shit together, if Jesse Waters turns thumbs down, you won’t even get coverage on FUX news.

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  1. That white coat MTG wore, how ridiculous she looked and how ridiculous she actually is made me remember a movie from fifteen years or so ago called Epic Movie. It was a spoof blending elements of Narnia, Harry Potter, Wlly Wonka and others that was mocked by critics but still made a little money. A central character was the evil ruler of the not so magical world the four main characters found themselves in. Jennifer Coolidge played “The White Bitch” and if you saw the movie I’ll bet you agree MTG is a real life version of the character – a combination of evil and stupid clumsiness.

  2. She tried this once before and was denied entry because jails have rules and you can’t just show up and expect them to open the door for you because you think you’re “somebody.” Also to visit a particular inmate, the inmate has to want to meet w/ you. While there may be some puddin’ head J6 inmates that are up for this, you’re right Murfster, the only cameras recording these encounters will be the jail’s CCTV. Also, these type field trips require planning and permission from the jail. If anything, MTraitorG has not shown any ability to coordinate anything. Almost all of her viral moments have been spur of the moment grandstanding. As Obama famously once said, “Please proceed.”

    • That’s why she’s following provedure this time…I can’t see any way they can block her if sheo does the BUMF paperwork…

  3. Most of the J6 defendants are not in the DC jail now. But it’s closer to the TV cameras than the ones they’re really in.

  4. What I have trouble with is that it may compromise the trial. Is the ruse really to get testimony from the prisoners, go public, thereby forcing the charges to be dropped on a techicality? Some of these defendants are there for seditious conspiracy, which is pretty heavy duty stuff. What many of us would rather see is Madge joining them.

  5. She’s planning ahead. Checking out the accommodations so she’ll be prepared, and can tell her orange messiah what HE can expect.

  6. Murf, you’re using logic when it comes to anything Republicans do. All they do is LIE.

    MTG goes to a prison, then comes out and wails: “THEY wouldn’t let me in to see the political prisoners they’re holding. The conditions must be so horrible that the Deep State Democrat jailers MUST be hiding something!!! OMG, those poor prisoners!”

    Remember that Alternate Fact lady?

    This is ALL grandstanding. It’s all they got.

    What they all seem to be missing is that every time they bring J6 up, they remind everyone with half a brain of just how bad that day really was. Their sheeple will never have their minds changed. Reminding the rest of the sane world about J6, over & over again, could be among their stupider moves. Remember, the world has the “real version,” not Tucker Carlson’s version, on tape.

    Aye, “Please Proceed.”

  7. MTG is not qualified to be in the position she’s in . She is a uneducated red neck from Georgia that should have never been elected for anything . She’s embarrassing .


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