This is not surprising. This fits right in with Jewish space lasers starting forest fires and appearing at the podium with Neo-Nazis. Marge wishes to challenge a basic precept of reality, namely that the earth is round. She is of the school of thought that that’s only a “theory.” And she finds the alternate theory of the flat earth compelling, apparently. Even Mitch McConnell called Greene’s ideas “loony” I wonder what he’ll make of this?

Can’t even pronounce Pythagoras. I wonder what she’ll do with Copernicus or Galileo? Somebody else listen to her and let me know. I don’t want to pop a vessel.

This is true. The Theory of Relativity is not just somebody’s idea, it’s actually the cutting edge science that we know and will be until somebody else makes a discovery that augments or supersedes it. But it won’t be these two, on that you may depend. These two are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and neither is Marge, so it does make a kind of poetic sense that she would listen to them and sign off on this nonsense.

Marge lives in a complete bubble. She lives in an incredibly deep red district. If she’s only talking to people in her R+34 district, she’s not talking to “America.” She’s talking to her deep red neighbors and they do not represent the ideas of not only the rest of the State of Georgia, but the rest of the United States. Even Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, has no patience with Marge.

Marge’s ideas are not winning ones even with other Georgia Republicans. It will be interesting to see if she remains in her congressional seat, which is unfortunately very likely, and if she stays in her bubble. Also likely. She’s a freak show but she doesn’t know it. However the Saga of Marge ends, it won’t be well. That much is already clear.



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  1. With that level of ‘knowledge’ and ‘expertise’, it’s somewhat surprising that she’s not the republican spokesperson on NASA.

    Maybe if they get back in, they’ll make her head of it?

  2. Interesting, Repubs are insisting it is ok to go back and use antiquated laws on the books for creating hell in the lives of raped or attacked by a family member young girls that SHOULD NOT be required to spend 9 months of horror, with every thought clouded by that fact of her condition was caused by a freaky strong arm criminal situation, a simple fact it was NOT HER FAULT and that flood of memory back to the most invasive thing a man could do to her would mark her soul forever …

    It is obscene to think that this is OK in any way …

    What would happen if these cruel legislator’s granddaughter was raped, after being drug into a slimy back alley somewhere, or worst of all, gang raped, left for dead and eventually found to be pregnant ?

    I’m sure big money people are not worried, THEY will take care of the problem … However, where the heck is the money coming from to support this beautiful young life for 9 months with full doctor/clinic support and any medications or surgeries plus food, water and her own medications …? Her living conditions, schooling or any other things not supported by her invisible employment, so clothing, ongoing support for the new baby, like diapers, proper food and clinic visits … How could these vermin think it IS OK to force a young girl to have an unwanted baby to full term … THEN WHAT?

    Sorry for my rant, but the Republicans have NOT laid out the ongoing care needed to carry a child full term without an adult victim, but rather, a middle school young girl …

    MTG has no mind of her own, shooting blanks at Biden and his son has, and continues to be evidence of mental challenge, her grandiose opinions of herself reflect the same tendencies that Trump has as HE IS THE KING and we better NOT forget his importance … Seems to me his freedom is sitting on a short fuse, the shock wave may hit this coming week, between filling his pants and crying real tears, with poor me whines, the truth of his ways will settle on him like the dust of an active volcano …

    Now that there is a shortage of bridges for him to burn, he will struggle with the things we all fear like shortness of breath and Death Valley thirst …

  3. So, apparently none of these peoples have seen the photos from the International Space Station or others of the earth? Or they believe they are somehow faked and hoaxes.

    • They make all kind of freakish excuses and always have an inane explanation for their rampant stupidity. Logic, math, science, hell even basic observation have no impact on these fools.

      Just like history will never have this: and the great lauren bobert said…
      It will also never have this: and the great marjorie green said….

      I doubt either will have any footnotes in a history book unless it is examples of just how bad the republican body politic became before its demise.


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