What you’re about to listen to is the kind of voter that Ron DeSantis seeks to win away from Donald Trump and over to his side. The speaker here would seem to be in a bar. I make that deduction from the ratty, tinny piano playing in the background and from the fact that you can see bright sunlight through the windows in the distance.

In all events, the atmosphere is dark, both physically and spiritually. There’s something to be said about the kind of a person who would seek a windowless cave environment to hang out in on an early afternoon of a lovely summer’s day. But just wait for this guy to open his mouth and you will see that the physical darkness is the least of it.


There are windows up high in the background. A hotel lobby, maybe? I guess this is where the alpha males hang out. He looks to be too young to be retired so what does he do for gainful employment? Anybody want to guess?

That’s it. He’s one of Tony’s boys. Just waiting for the Boss to call. Florida, in particular, is going to be pretty wild until Trump and DeSantis get things sorted out and it’s decided which one of them is the nominee.

Maybe it’s time for Eric to go find his religious psychic friend to predict the future, ya think?


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  1. You state that he’s too young to be retired. A large number of magas are on disability. They saw Dr Winteroff/Dr Summeroff and a good disability lawyer and they’re living on welfare basically. Disability, food stamps, the works, while working for cash under the table. And they have a bunch of kids on welfare as well, with one or more girlfriends. I know many in this situation. And in my small circle of acquaintances, if I know of at least 25% who are on permanent disability, you know there are soooo many more nation wide. The gqp wants to take all that away from everyone. Problem is, magas think that’ll only apply to non-magas, non-whites. No one ever said they are bright lol. But my money says this guy is living off the state. Just my opinion.

    • Abuse of disability by able bodied poor/working class white people is only one area in which there’s a massive misperception. “Welfare”, other forms of government assistance are used and abused primarily by the same group! Reagan coined the term “Welfare Queen four decades ago as code to whites that it was “lazy, shiftless” black people sucking up undeserved assistance – at the expense of whites. That trope was and always has been a myth but it cemented a belief among a massive group of voters about another group, now known as “the other” meaning non-white folks. It’s why despite reality so many poor and working class whites, especially in small town/rural American vote against their own interests and elect GOPers election after election. It’s easy enough for people to look around their communities and see the truth of things, but they talk themselves into believing their little slice of America is the only place where it’s going on. When they hear GOPers talk about “fixing” things, but gutting these programs that (barely) keep them, their friends and acquaintances afloat they don’t believe the cutbacks will actually affect THEM, but only “those” (non-white) people.

      Kentucky is a “southern” state but unlike most of the old Confederate supporting states doesn’t have a significant minority population. It’s actually really, really white and the lion’s share of non-whites are in & around Louisville. Most of Kentucky is as white as can be found in places/states around the country. And POOR. It is worth noting that when Obamacare started being implemented states had the option of creating their own version, if it met criteria required by the AHCA and Kentucky was one of the few states to go that route. And KyNect became quite popular there. It’s still a red state but interestingly somehow has a Democratic Governor. Why? His predecessor actually campaigned on getting rid of KyNext. All things Obama were “bad” and even though KyNext was a Kentucky created program that took the federal money, and didn’t grift those funds but used them as intended and improved access to healthare for so many Kentuckians who’d have been screwed without it even having any connection at all to Obamacare was “intolerable.” And Beshear didn’t try to slip through his intentions. He made it a key element in his platform. Kentuckians were genuinely SHOCKED when he did exactly what he said he’d do! And majorly pi$$ed off. People who wouldn’t even consider voting for a Democrat, not even their Jeebus if he was running as one did the once unthinkable – elected a Democrat to statewide office. It was clear voters knew what Beshear wanted to do with that popular health care program. That as far as he was concerned it was just another program that was giving “undeserved” help to “those people” (again, in Kentucky? As I said most, in the most literal sense had damn near no non-white people. Still, those who did investigative reporting found that people KNEW there wot really “those others”, and said they didn’t believe Beshear would actually follow through on their beloved (and it WAS popular) Kynect. Well, he did! They were shocked! The backlash is pretty much why there’s a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion there.

      Sadly, poor and working class whites still get suckered in Kentucky by the GOP mantra on most things, and so do so many in so many other states.

  2. Twitter removed the piece. Guess it embarrassed Trump or Soon or the algorithm. But I lived in GA for 12 years. It is a guarantee that all the in-laws except my trans nephew and my gay nephew and my Bernie loving nephew.


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