In case like me you were wondering how The Lincoln Project would respond to a recent Trump ad your wait is over. I’ll show it here in a minute. But first I want to say if you thought Rick Wilson and the Lincoln Project have dished out some hard punches on Trump, well you ain’t seen nothin yet.

Trump as you know has soaked up the adoration of the religious nuts in MAGA world who have deified him. Put him above Jesus even. (I suppose they’ve decided they like Saviors that didn’t get themselves crucified) For a bunch of people who want to shove the Ten Commandments down our throats these folks sure don’t want to follow them including that stuff about God being God and not placing anyone before him or engaging in idol worship. Hypocrisy is a trait that said bye-bye to these folks long ago.

Trump loves this and is using it, including producing a video/ad (it’s claiming God’s mantle to convince the already convinced he’s sent by God to lead them, the U.S. and the world. If you haven’t seen it you should, but do so on an empty stomach.  If you don’t want to subject yourself to it Salon has a terrific article about it which includes the text which is bad enough. In fact I urge you to read it (or at least the text which is blocked out in the Salon article) before watching LP’s brilliant, epic and brutal response. Just to understand the context and to wonder what Trump’s reaction to this will be. Take a look:

Wow. If I were a ketchup bottle and Trump was in the room I’d be shaking so hard I’d shatter before he ever had a chance to throw me against the wall when he learns about this. Since it will be airing down Trump’s way he’s not going to be able to avoid this. As you might expect it’s already getting significant reaction and LP’s Rick Wilson isn’t shying away from adding his thoughts to how it’s being received:

At the Lincoln Project, we don’t pretest focus group and massage our ads to fit the least common denominator. No one is served by squeezing bold ideas into some kind of easily digestible paste. We assert from a position of belief and strength, and the understanding that normalcy bias across American society is the worst enemy. A reporter told me earlier the ad was “shocking.”

I responded, “Thank you.” I want it to shock you. I want it to shock America. After nine long years of this fight, Trump and his allies rely on the shrug of “Oh, it’s just Trump’s locker room talk again.”

It’s not. The unholy marriage of a dictator and a religious movement is more dangerous, and more pendant, than anyone wants to believe.

This ad will be airing in Mar-A-Lago next week, and I’m certain Trump will be thrilled. I hope you’ll share it widely.

Of course “thrilled” is the last thing Trump will be but Wilson was being ironic, something the average MAGA including their leader Trump doesn’t get. Wilson knows damn well Trump will be ENRAGED when he sees this. And he will. Just like some gawker who just has to try and look at bodies on the road next to a bad car wreck.  Please, let’s all of us do what Wilson suggests and do our best to share this far and wide. And fast. Hell, bookmark it and keep sending it out in the months to come!


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    • I loved how Obama would respond to crowds at times when there was a negative reaction to something he was talking about a Republican saying – “Don’t Boo. VOTE!” Perfect response.

  1. people need to know that the onslaught of maga is fueled by
    hardcore xtian fanatics, softcore religous, low IQ people who
    walked around in a stupor until dumpf pointed to them
    and said, “There’s my base.”

    before maga they were citizens and probably some decent among them
    but they have done the equivalent of selling one’s soul to the devil.
    It’s fun, it’s spiritual and it’s how they roll now…

  2. I like the ad but you’re not going to reach the trump cult with anything. Try to understand their mentality but you can’t. They are high on the dopamine their body produces when they reach a hateful fervor. They are addicted to it and as long as we have Trump, Hannity, Fox News, Newsmax and others to work them up and support their despicable views, we will never be free of it.

  3. G_d might just have sent us a warning-stranger things have happened. I do think however that G_d does not need to get so involved with one country, a country that is NOT Israel BTW (remember the angels and G_d casting lots)-a country which actually CAN provide accurate information for voters to make intelligent choices in the voting booth. That our nation’s media outlets do NOT provide accurate information for voters is a problem our country needs to solve and is capable of solving. Of course this requires the voters/citizens to get off their asses and demand accurate news instead of some dumb-ass “reality” (and no, they’re not–they are scripted) show.

    We’re in the muddle we are in because the media lost sight of their job but that is not the only problem: we’re in these dangerous times because the citizens of this nation demanded to be spoon-fed programs that are less valuable than pablum. News is not for entertainment purposes. Pity editorial decisions are made by people thinking it is.

  4. I would not be surprised if MAGA and the media didn’t love this ad. They both love anything that gets normal people upset. Racist and Capitalist love dictators and love terror and destruction.


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