Drop what you’re doing and watch four minutes of perfectly unhinged blather uttered by Donald Trump in just the past two weeks. Only seeing is believing. The man is not in his right mind. And this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the whack a mole things he has said recently, as the walls of legal problems close in, only some of the most notable. He is not playing with a full deck. His “motherf**ker” remark is at 3:36. Look, we use adult language around here, but a presidential candidate using the vocabulary of the gutter at a campaign rally is yet another cultural sub-basement that Trump has dragged us down into.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll tell you what. We have seen the alpha and the omega of the Republican party. We grew up learning the Gettysburg address in school. That piece of pithy eloquence has resounded in our national psyche since the day it was spoken aloud. It defines us. It made us proud, the appeal to the “better angels of our nature.” The man who spoke those words not only led America, he exemplified it. And now this diatribe of lies and vulgarity, from this Republican standard bearer, defines us to.

The GOP has hit bottom. I don’t know what they’ll move on to next, but it won’t be the same GOP. You can’t get lower than Trump. And I say that cautiously because I didn’t think the GOP could sink lower than Dubya but boy was I wrong.

While you’re here, take a look at this POS.

Trump’s an ongoing constitutional crisis. The word “unprecedented” has been used so often since he appeared on the political scene that if you had the copyright on it, even at a dollar per usage, you’d be out on the water in your yacht sailing with the likes of Jeff Bezos — of the Washington Piece, to quote Junior.

The bottom line here is that we have a mentally ill man, who is under siege legally and he’s using propaganda and right-wing media to create unreality. And so many Americans want him back in office because they want to throw democracy away.

I hope this isn’t how democracy dies. The Washington Post says, “Democracy Dies In Darkness.” That’s their corporate motto. Democracy dies when we normalize insanity and excuse unacceptable behavior. Democracy dies when our norms and our institutions mean nothing. Democracy dies when the pursuit of profit trumps all other values. Democracy dies in apathy.

Defeating Donald Trump is the hill we die on. The GOP will do nothing. They are enabling the fall of America. Trump is not only a treasonous POS, so is every single Republican that voted to keep him safe when they should have bounced him out of politics years ago. They all swore an oath to the Constitution and they all broke it. Trump is the “threat, domestic or foreign” that needs to be eliminated, but instead the Republicans enabled him at every turn. Let’s see whether America can withstand this siege or else government of the people by the people and for the people may indeed perish from this earth.


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  1. Is there somebody that could commit Trump and take him off the stage? He is showing signs of dementia and needs to be gone. He shouldn’t be running for President.

    • See this for what it is: Trump is mentally unstable and whatever few drops of dried glue holding him together won’t last much longer. The man is nuts.

    • No. Just no. I want him tried, convicted – then commit him – somewhere. He is NOT insane. There is a difference. He knows exactly what he is doing. Personality disorder and narcissism does not connote insanity. My mother was a covert narcissist and she knew what she was doing. What we see is he is slowly showing dementia. If he goes off script – he goes off. That too is not insanity. I DO NOT WANT AN INSANITY PLEA.

    • He may or may not be plagued with some sort of cognitive issue (s) but short of a serious face-to-face session with a doctor well-versed in such matters we can only speculate. One thing we needn’t speculate about is his complete and utter lack of any kind of intellectual curiosity: the man’s an idiot. That is something everyone can see/hear and requires no one of any special medical ability.

  2. “You can’t get lower than Trump. And I say that cautiously because I didn’t think the GOP could sink lower than Dubya but boy was I wrong.”

    Well, it did take some time. After all, the GOP did manage to nominate John McCain in 2008 and, despite the Teabagger morons largely extorting/hijacking the party in 2010, they did nominate Mitt Romney in 2012. And even in terms of Congress, the party retained some level of sensibility until Trump came along; if all those “never Trumpers” had actually staged their own “revolution” and just accepted the party’s losing Congress and the White House in 2016, then Trump wouldn’t have won and the MAGA movement would’ve died off (since we all know that Trump never really wanted to be President–if someone had come along from network television and offered him a job PLAYING the President, where he’d have all the ceremony with none of the real work, we might’ve avoided his entire campaign*). But, GOPers being the power-hungry idiots they are, they won’t ever accept the idea of a tactical loss and so I’m willing to bet that 95% of the “Never Trumpers” still voted for Trump in the end.

    *I’m guessing that show would’ve been a behind-the-scenes nightmare because Trump would still have to perform the words and actions on the script and I’m not really sure Trump has the actual ability to, you know, act (at least in the sense of TV/movie acting–he does great at playing pretend) or be willing to take direction.

  3. More than once Trump’s antics in front of large crowds, even that awful display at the WH where they held his convention re-acceptance of the nomination (screw the LAW of course) with normally dressed people instead of MAGA goobers at rallies and I’ve flashed to a moment from Star Wars where Palpatine declared himself Emperor:

    Now there’s an ad that someone should make – the fictional Star Wars and then a version where only Natalie Portman’s part is kept and the rest replace by Trump making one of his grand announcements (i.e. I alone can fix it) and instead of the movie Senators cut to scans of screaming MAGAs at a rally or the audience on the WH lawn (or both) when Trump gave his acceptance speech. Or maybe cut in some of his “American Carnage” inaugural speech but the point is to compare fiction we enjoyed with the reality of what is taking place and being attempted right in front of our very eyes.

  4. Even Nixon was smart enough to not curse in public. He saved that for behind the scenes. He was a horrible human being as Watergate proved, but he wasn’t incompetent or stupid.

    Dubya was dumb but not evil. He listened to.Cheney who.actually was evil. He also thought the Texas Swagger was real.and thus had to avenge Saddam’s attempt to take out his father (do.we have proof that that really happened?). Dumb, naive,easily influenced–but not evil.

    Trump is greedy, a liar, a racist,a rapist. Johnny He is also.evil.and stupid, just like those who are still trying to.but n him.back in.the White House because they share his stupidity and his hatefulness.

  5. What bothers me and causes chills, are the screams and yells of approval from each audience when he mentions things about his revenge tactics and taking people “out.” Yes, he’s either a really, really good actor or certifiable. I’m leaning toward the latter.

  6. Well police state has me worried. I could see a massive roundup and cages like they did the Japanese in World War 2. And of course that brings another level to the conversation because apparently since Donald paid people to take his college courses for him he completely missed WW2. I thought it was taught in grade school but probably not in those private schools. Or he was paying people to be him there to. Can you imagine in an auditorium they would say Donald Trump and ten kids would stand up.

    • Cadet Bones Spurs (aka Trump)was born during WWII so he couldn’t dodge that one and Korea he was in grade school. Vietnam however was a different story and his draft dodging for that one set him up for his spot in the Chickenawk Hall of Shame.

    • It was taught in elementary school and junior high…in good schools. You likely wouldn’t have been taught about it even in high school if you went to some religious “school”.


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