Lives Robbed is an organization created by the parents of children slaughtered in The Robb Elementary shooting in Uvalde, Texas in May of 2022. Their mission is to lobby lawmakers to enact legislation to curb gun violence.

Today they brought pins fashioned to represent the Greene Converse sneakers 10 year old Maite Rodriguez wore to her last day of school to the halls of Congress to give to Congress Persons… asking for their support.

Class act Lauren Boebert promptly threw hers into the trash:


“New video shows Republican Representative Lauren Boebert throwing a pin commemorating a victim in last year’s Uvalde school shooting in the trash.

The pin featured green Converse shoes in honor of Maite Rodriguez, one of the 19 child victims killed in May 2022 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas—the deadliest school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012…

… Boebert never replies to the individual, only taking a piece of paper with the pin attached and proceeding to throw it in a trash can before the video concludes.

The camera then pans to the trash can, showing the photo and pin where Boebert tossed them.

“The video of Representative Boebert throwing out the pin of Maite’s shoes is disgusting and beyond insulting,” a spokesperson for Lives Robbed told Newsweek via email. “We will not be resharing the video.”

Kudos to the grieving parents of Lives Robbed for showing a level of restraint and class that Boebert is clearly incapable of…

The easy and decent thing for Boebert to do in this situation would be to thank the young man who gave her the pin, put it into her purse, and walk away.

But she had to show all of her a$$.

Twitter use Victor Shi has no compunctions against showing what a jerk Boebert is…

And his followers followed suit:


Not in this lifetime, UnderDog.

I am ashamed to be a member of the same species as her.

Unfortunately there were also far to many replies such as this:

Elon will sell a blue check to anyone 🙄…

I sincerely hope Adam Frisch uses this video in his campaign next year and boots her heartless a$$ out of Congress.

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  1. ‘No Congresswoman should be doing this.’ I think Bobo has proven beyond a doubt with her words and deeds that she is no Congresswoman. She’s barely pond scum.

  2. She’s playing the wrong game, for the wrong reasons. It’ll all come back to bite her in some undignified way. She has a use-bye date, for sure.

  3. I well remember the horror of that day and the fact that the young victim was identified by her green shoes because the AR-15 had ripped her body up so badly that “normal” identification was rendered difficult if not impossible. It was quite the image.

    And this is also quite the image, Boebert not respecting the agony those parents (and the survivors of that shooting) went through and will continue to go through.

    Adam Frisch is amassing quite the war chest and anything we can do here to help him along we will. He’s a fine candidate and frankly, a potted plant would be a better public servant than Boebert.

    • Well, let’s not forget that Lauren reportedly also called 911 to disregard her son’s earlier call on his dad over the alleged abusive treatment. If she’s that callous with her own spawn (especially one that’s gonna make her a granny), why should we expect any less when it comes to someone else’s child?

      It is amazing, though, Lauren and the other ammosexuals don’t seem to regard that “sanctity of life” when it comes to actual living, breathing, post-vaginal children that they demand for the little mass of cells that haven’t even developed into anything close to resembling a human being.

      (Oh–and, I’ve gone six-for-six on the “No ‘Read more’ overlays” front this evening.)

  4. Bobo the Clown is jealous. She will never be honored, revered, or anything approaching such things. She will never be quoted for wise things coming out of her pie hole. She will never be known as intelligent ever. She will be known as just one more dumb-ass republican amongst SO many other dumb-ass republicans. Bobo will be the butt of jokes for the rest of her life. Of course she belittles this. It is likely she could barely read the letter that came with the pin but even if she could, she knows the young girl already did more with her short life than Bobo will do if she lives to be 100.

  5. Every time some GOPer a$$hat tells a camera “thoughts & prayers” THIS should be what’s shoved in their goddamned heartless, soulless faces. This little video clip which should be cued up on journalist’s cell phones. Because THIS action by Boebert is what they really think which is they don’t give a sh*t about the victims of mass shootings. Not even schoolkids!

    Sometime before they go on the annual August recess Hakeem Jeffries needs to take to the well of the House on a day when lots of people will be on the floor and talk about THIS. Call those GOPers out – tell them to stand up and shout “SHAME ON YOU BOEBERT!” Which they of course won’t do. Now that would make for some serious attack ads next year.

  6. We sent tens of thousands of boys to Normandy to shoot nazis like her. Brad Pitt, playing Aldo the Apache in Inglorious Basterds, gave a great soliloquy. In addressing his new recruits he said: I didn’t come down from the Smokey mountains, cross thousands of miles of ocean, fight my way across Sicily, and jump out of a goddamn plane to teach the nazis humanity. Nazis ain’t got no humanity. They are the foot soliders of a Jew hating maniacal mass murderer. They must be destroyed. Sound harsh? I ask you…how’s it more harsh than pi$$ing on the memory of a ten year old little girl chewed up by a military weapon? If it were my little girl, I’m not sure I wouldn’t be hunting a soulless demon posing as a congresswoman. These phuckers believe they are invincible. The only thing protecting them is the decency of folks who endure their evil. Decency didn’t defeat the nazis. WARRIORS DID. A bullet never lies. Republicans do.

  7. If there are two ways of handling a,delicate situation and one involves empathy, respect and decency and the other heaps insult upon injury and behaving like the trailer trash float offspring of a hehehe and a rabid minks, Goldberg will.inevitably choose the latter.
    She is nothing if not consistent.


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