The Republican party has reached a sad stage indeed when all it can do is react to the current administration and stage performative art in retaliation. That, unfortunately, is exactly where they are, and considering that they have no platform and no policies, that is where they are likely to stay.

The latest dramatic tableau is being staged at the southern border, where else? Greg Abbott has made a “request for help” with illegal border crossings, the upshot of that being that Abbott needs to pretend that Texas is besieged by an invasion at the border and Joe Biden is standing idly by — hey, it makes for great copy on Fox News, right?

To that end, Kristi Noem has pledged to send 50 National Guard troops from South Dakota, over a 1,300 mile trip. And it gets worse — these troops are paid for by private donation. Sound mercenary, much? All we need now is for Erik Prince to send a few troops from his ranch in Wyoming and we’ll really be cooking, a whole wingnuttia strike force at Greg Abbott’s command.

Now the last point made is the one to focus on. The feds have not called out the National Guard. This is a governor in a state, which ironically is much closer to the Canadian border than the Mexican, who has decided to accept a “private donation” from someone and send troops down to help Greg Abbott put on a good show.

The dog whistle in this is very loud. It’s screaming, “Republican governors have to save the country because this lib/woke administration won’t.” And of course Fox News will be there photographing Ted Cruz in the weeds to indicate the hellacious severity of this international crisis.

Greg Abbott may become the Cecil B. DeMille of political theater at this rate, with mercenaries from one state away from the Canadian border being deployed to Texas. Maybe Montana and Idaho will kick in troops, too, ya spose? This is getting epic.

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  1. The Republicans are so stupid, they think that with money, you can buy anything.

    They are the best example possible of Oscar Wilde’s quote,

    “The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

    • So very true, given their completely exposed worthless performances on every level … McConnell has been the biggest turd so far in any attempts to normalize Congress progressions … if it costs and does not share the booty with the lizard Republicans in congress and their big money sponsors, well, good luck getting a damn thing done for our suffering country …

      These new feeble attempts to screw up the Democrats in Congress, show the Republican’s daggers pointing at Biden, with continued attacks on our Vice President as well, and now heavily promoted BS on fox and the usual dumb ass commentators … with totally bogus headlines about the failures of Biden and Harris, always start off with, “BREAKING NEWS”, Biden just fired Harris for non-action on the southern border … but here is the deal in all this BS going on, there is absolutely no sign of intelligence or new REAL plans or platforms for their parties survival … cleaning out desks and handing your badge to the guard at the front door comes to mind …

      The BS is absolutely focused on the weaker minds of the Capitol destruction crew … [strike while Biden sleeps and Harris is in trouble] …

      Extreme persuasion to act like freaks again … very dangerous at the very least …

  2. Many of the TX border counties aren’t even going along with Abbott and his anti-immigrant dog-and-pony show. Some of the counties that are eager for it aren’t even close to the border.

  3. I wonder how many SD Guardsmen will refuse to participate? And the Guard officials who are participating in this show need to be relieved from their commands or removed from their duties.
    And the Governor needs to be impeached for overstepping her authority. (My understanding of the Guard’s actions are strictly within their own states unless the President of the United States activates the Guard for interstate or international duty or if requested by another state’s governor for a LEGITIMATE emergency such as to help fight fires or with hurricane/flood relief operations. I may be mistaken here but I’ve never heard of a governor just sending his/her state’s Guard–even a relatively small contingent–to another state for a bogus action, especially one that is NOT within a state governor’s purview such as an international border. The US borders with Canada and Mexico are the sole responsibility of the FEDERAL government.)

    • You have it there … the border is thousands of miles long, clear around the United States, includes Mexico on the south, Canada on the north … it is totally, as the huge beast it is under the protection of the Federal Government, only Congress and the President can point armed and armored troops to a border assignment, which generates orders for the troops and their leaders, a structured process that leaves the Governor sucking lemons generating a state-for-state armed troop that has absolutely NO authority to do ANYTHING in the name of our country, hence their weapons and yes, even their uniforms, would be the brown shirts of Hitler once again … like when the black shirts showed up slamming peaceful demonstrators around for the orange dumb ass to hold a bible upside down for a photo op … unmarked marshals and law enforcements from Barr? No labels name tags or even US flags or troop ID of any kind … could have been sourced by the survival freaks out west …

      The Republicans own this shit, about time to charge these governors with forming illegal military weapons response teams without proper authorities involved … no mention of who is the ultimate commander in all this crap …

    • It ain’t. The DO J was formed to fight the Klan and that is what it should be used for now. The governor s of Arizona, Texas and North Dakota should be arrested for insurrection and dragged off to Washington for trial. Stealing Federal assets whether it is ballots or troops is a crime regardless of what Federalist (traitor) judges say.

  4. As the Commander in Chief of the S. Dakota NG wouldn’t that make this yahoo subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice???

    • It seems to me, with private funds, no mention of limits or extant info on their true mission, trained, outfitted 50 troops, with no idea what to do for and with persecuted immigrants at the border … will they be instructed to shoot first, questions later?

      Will as their planes arrive, or buses unload, they have a mess hall, medics and regular accommodations?

      Who will be THEIR commander? The current, [Trump’s]. ICE and patrols have been under investigation for mistreatment of children, even trafficking’s in some cases …

      They certainly cannot answer to a Texas idiot Governor, only their own team, otherwise it is exactly a for- hire troop, un-heard of until now and with Trump almost expired, we see the continuing saga of, “above the law”, Republican criminals pushing down the respect and prosperity of the states …

      These Governors are like a beautiful batch of fresh apple cider, 5 minutes into their term, they become a sour vinegar …

  5. I gewt the feeling this is more of an “OK guys. Who wants an expenses paid vacation to Texas?”

    You would think that anyone with even a trace of common humanity would have sent a company of engineers to help out in Florida (but we are talking about inept politicians here)


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