Right now, Traitor Tot is absolutely furious. And I mean furious! Word on the street is that Trumpenstein hasn’t been this apoplectic since the last time his Wendy’s Double Baconator combo meal came up 3 fries short. Now that’s royally pissed!

And that is Trump so pissed about? Whatever his verbal utterances in public, it is clear that he is closely watching the J6 hearings, and he’s getting his fat ass handed to him. And because he’s still the Idi Amin of social media, he has no way to get his own talking points out. Which is why he angrily demanded equal time from the networks, which he isn’t entitled to.

But since Trump must be as innocent as a newborn babe, he needs a fall guy. Ands when you take a look around the GOP caucus, who is the weakest, wimpiest, most sniveling Trump toady around? House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, stand up and take a bow fool!

But the funny part is, if Trump wanted to banish McCarthy into the wilderness, he had the perfect opportunity in January of 2021, when McCarthy took to the floor of the House, and directly implicated Trump for responsibility in the Capitol riot. Problem was, Trump needed McCarthy as Minority Leader, so he could roll over and play dead while the Trump caucus ran roughshod. So Trump let McCarthy kiss his ass, and gave him a pass. But this time is different.

Trump is feral about McCarthy because McCarthy tried to do exactly what Trump wanted him to do. There are no loyal Trump members on the J6 committee. And Trump wanted bomb throwing nihilists like Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan on the panel to turn the whole thing into a 3 Stooges pie fight.

And McCarthy tried to do that! Pelosi offered him 5 seats on the J6 committee along with 7 Democratic seats. And McCarthy tried to be the good soldier, and follow orders. He nominated Trump Godzillas Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs to serve on the committee. Unfortunately for Trump and McCarthy, Pelosi sniffed that ploy out, and bojo’d the two of them from the panel. Which left McCarthy a man on an island, with no good options left.

You have to remember, Pelosi actually approved 3 of McCarthy’s choices. But those were moderate throw ins because all he needed was Jordan and Biggs to much the whole thing up. But if he kept nominating kamikaze pilots, Pelosi would lose patience and shut him down. And if he nominated 2 more moderate Republicans, Trump wouldn’t have the destructive force he was looking for.

And so Kreepy Kevin took the only logical option he felt he still had left open to him. He took his ball and went home. He counted on Trump , himself, and the rest of the GOP being able to trumpet to the faithful that the whole thing was a Purely partisan hit job, with Pelosi refusing to seat Republicans, even though she had already agreed to 3 of them. And it failed.

It failed because Nancy Pelosi did an end run around him, She managed to find two reputable and honorable GOP House members, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who were willing to risk their careers to honor their oath and seek the facts. It’s already cost Kinzinger his career, he isn’t running again. Trump and the GOP tried to paint them as RINO’s, but it isn’t working. Cheney already roasted Trump on a spit, and Kinzinger gets his turn in the batters box tomorrow.

Life lesson learned, Kevin? No man can serve two masters. You can’t honor your oath to the constitution, and also serve a maniacal authoritarian at the same time. And here’s another one for ya, pal. No good deed goes unpunished. I can only repeat, Kevin McCarthy. Stand up and take a bow, fool!


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  1. McCarthy is microcosm of what WILL happen to the RepubliKKKan Nazi Party.
    If you LIE constantly and engage in HATE MONGERING, your ability to pursue and complete your fascist agenda, will NEVER succeed.


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