Isn’t there an old expression about people who live in glass houses being advised not to throw stones?

Kimberly Guilfoyle is somebody whose own fall from grace is so public (Fox News paying off millions of dollars in a sexual harassment suit? Like that happens every day?) that you would think that she would be circumspect with her wisecracks. Apparently not.

Guilfoyle took a cheap shot at Nancy Pelosi and that brings another expression to mind: “When you point the finger, there’s three pointing back at you.” Except on Twitter. Then the number increases exponentially.

It was not long before photos of Kimberly, pre and post Junior hit the internet.

The internet has a long memory and it is unrelenting.

Nothing wrong with getting liposuctioned this and augmented that. It’s being holier than thou about it that will get the stones flying through the air.

And this is appropriate here.

There’s a freshness that is totally gone in Guilfoyle. It’s been replaced by hardness.

And what kind of a life is it being a right-wing shill? Granted, the money is good. She purportedly got $60K for a minute and a half introduction of Trump on January 6. That’s some good cash. But the other stuff? The steak commercials? This stint on Newsmax? This is some kind of a life, for somebody with education and work history like she has? Hanging out with Junior in the Hamptons or Miami and doing this?

Whatever. To each her own.

Another quote comes to mind: “A bitter old woman is one of the Devil’s crowning achievements.” I don’t think that quote applies to Pelosi at all, but it looks like it already applies to Guilfoyle. Or will in days shortly to come.

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  1. Yeah, when you don’t have a well-functioning brain go after another’s looks. Of course, Ms. Kim’s aren’t looking like they used to when she was 30 (40?) years younger. She’s going to find out, soon, looks don’t last. Given the degradation of her mind this early in life, that’s not going to last either.

    • As people age, our character is what shows through most of all. If you can talk to people, make them laugh, you’ll have a kind of glow about you and be accepted. It’s not all physical beauty at some point, it’s much more what’s in your mind and heart.

      This is what I observed in older people growing up and now I see it for myself in my own generation.

  2. I was thinking that, compared to Caitlyn Jenner, Guilfoyle looks the more masculine. I used Jenner because she’s pretty well-known to most Americans.

    Looking at Guilfoyle, though, there’s actually a better comparison: Pete Burns, the former lead singer of the British dance-pop band, Dead or Alive. When the group first came to US attention (with the song, “You Spin Me Round”), Burns definitely presented as male, albeit in a Boy George fashion (makeup and big hair and somewhat oversized, ill-fitting clothes) but over the next couple of decades (1986-2006), he started having LOADS of cosmetic surgery, much of it leading to health problems which would contribute to his death in 2016. (Images of Burns from a few months before his death and at other points in his career appear in a Daily Mirror article: .)

  3. She’s the only person I know who goes into a plastic surgeons office and says “make me look like the Joker from the Batman movies.

    • I’d imagine the conversation went like this: Kim – “I want you to make me look like my last name.” Plastic Surgeon – “I’m not sure I understand. What is a Guilfoyle? I know it’s a name, but is there an actual being in art or literature known as a Guilfoyle?” Kim G – “Actually, someone in my family screwed up a long, long time ago. They didn’t know how to spell GARGOYLE and the family name wound up becoming Guilfoyle!”

      • Only a guy as astute as your self, would follow that play on a word … nice touch …

        Is it not special that words don’t always hurt those spoken about as those that chose to speak them in the first place?

        This elite idiot has everything in her life laying in public domain, punch up her name on any electronic go-back web viewer and her antics are just waiting to get even when the masses of displaced flesh decide for her it’s time to relax from the hidden stitches … so sad …

  4. When I first read about this my reaction was “Nah. She’s batshit insane but even hopped up on PCP laced crystal meth with some of Don Jr’s cocaine as a chaser this gasbag wouldn’t go “there.” Now? I don’t worry about Speaker Pelosi who has a beauty (both inner and on the surface) that leaves Kim in the dust. I worry about IRONY. Irony must be in the corner of a dark cellar hiding under a pile of blankets today saying “Fuck it. I give up.”

  5. The lack of intelligence amongst liberal shill posters like yourself never surprises me. Is it the poor upbringing? Government didn’t provide enough for you? Why dont you libs shut your broke traps, collect your gov checks and stop the vicious jealousy and hate mongering.

    • Gee. I’m so put in my place. A right-winger comes out of nowhere and does absolutely NOTHING that actually refutes a single comment. All the little snowflake does is whine about “liberal shill posters” even though the majority of us have been reading and commenting on the site since it first appeared. No, dude (or should that be “dud?”), if there are any “shill posters” here, well, just look in your nearest mirror (providing it doesn’t break from your trollish appearance).

    • Bpl your comments just go to show how absolutely insane you are to hold to the idea that if you just keep pretending you can see a hero where the rest of the world sees a total and complete SCOUNDREL, eventually the left will come around and start pretending to see it too. Aint gonna happen! You’ll have a better chance of converting us if you hold your breath until we come trotting over like little lambs to the slaughter? We’ll be there before you turn blue. If we’re not there in time just keep holding your breath……….. Did you vote yet? DUH!

    • Actually, it’s not the government checks we collect (although, God knows, those are huge) it’s the ones from George Soros.

      Always nice to hear from a real, hardworking American such as yourself. :))

  6. oh how the tables turn. we was calling trump orange man and that was all fun and jokes. oh but don’t say anything about Pelosi messed up face, who by the way would’ve made the new Halloween movie a hit if Michael would’ve used it to hide his instead of his mask. all liberals are hypocrites. they all make me sick. well they will all be broke liberals. jobless at home an suppressed and still support the evil in office.


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