Kari Lake is the queen of bizarre conspiracy theories but this latest one really leaps out at me. A lot of the time I think she’s just desperately trying to hang on to relevancy and because she’s possibly insane, she may not understand just how crazy she sounds. However, she does this so much that I think a lot of people have learned to ignore her.

Now, however, she’s promoting a conspiracy theory by suggesting Hillary Clinton plans to assass*nate her. Lake commented about this on the day before she lost her attempt to have the Supreme Court consider her lawsuit about electronic voting machines, which of course, some folks also believe is fueled by another conspiracy theory, according to The New Civil Rights Movement.

“Lake, who filed the lawsuit during her failed campaign for governor in 2022, challenged whether the state’s electronic voting machines assured ‘a fair and accurate vote.’ two lowever courts dismissed the suit,finding that lake and former republican state lawmaker mark finchem had not been harmed in a way that allowed them to sue,” CNN reported earlier monday.

So the Supreme Court blew Lake’s ridiculous lawsuit off.

And according to Law&Crime, when Lake filed the lawsuit, a spokesperson from Dominion Voting Systems “rejected Lake’s cybersecurity claim, telling Law&Crime it was ‘implausible and conspiratorial.'” This led Democracy Docket’s founder Marc Elias, a top-flight Democratic elections attorney to call it “the end of the road for a conspiratorial lawsuit. He also called Lake and Fincham, “election deniers.”

Well, he’s not wrong. That’s what these two are.

But remember, Lake can’t get through the day without spouting at least one conspiracy theory. In some ways, she almost makes Marjorie “Jewish Space Lasers” seem rational by comparison.

Earlier this year, Lake dredged up another cuckoo for cocoa puffs conspiracy theory telling people that “they unleashed COVID-19 in order to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected, according to AZCentral’s Laurie Roberts.

“Naturally, she never revealed who “they” are, she added.

“the jews? the chinese? maricopa county recorder stephen richer? lizard people? heck, maybe they’re all in on it.”

Lake, who has never conceded that she lost the 2020 election, is only too well known for her evidence-free, deeply exaggerated claims.

Sunday, Lake appeared on Newsmax to tout an old, widely debunked conspiracy theory regarding Hillary Clinton, convoluting it to make it appear as if her life was in danger from the former U.S. Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential nominee, MediasTouchNetwork reports.

Lake was asked to comment on Hillary Clinton’s recent podcast appearance with Marc Elias. The former first lady said that Trump admires Russian President Vladimir Putin because he wants to be an autocrat who can rule the U.S. with an iron fist just as Putin does with Russia.

“his bromance with putin — it was actually called that by the former pm of australia who said he saw trump with putin and trump was gaga over putin. because putin does what he would like to do — kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists and others into exile, rule without any check or balance,” Clinton said. “that’s what trump really wants.”

Lake, of course, couldn’t respond without tossing in one widely debunked conspiracy theory. If she didn’t you’d have to check her forehead to see if she’s running a fever. As usual, her response was evidence-free.

“that’s really rich coming from a woman like hillary clinton, Lake responded. “how many of her friends have mysteriously died or committed suicide?”

Then she claimed that George Soros and Marc Elias are conspiring to defeat her in Arizona. Because of course. It couldn’t be due to the fact that she’s a lousy candidate, along with being nuttier than a Payday bar.

“they know they can’t win on their policies … they know they can’t win on that so they have to try every other measure to try to control the government. It’s comical that hillary is talking about Trump wanting to kill his opponents? i just want to say, as i’m speaking about this topic i want everyone out there to know that the brakes on my car have recently been checked and they work. i’m not suicidal. hillary, i don’t mean any harm to you, please don’t send your henchmen out to me. we understand what you’re about.”

There’s never been any evidence that this is the sort of thing Hillary Clinton does, and in the unlikely event that Lake somehow has a point, she’s really too low on the political totem pole. But, as MeidasTouchNetwork notes, this isn’t even the first time she’s accused Hillary of this ridiculousness. Lake pulled the same stunt in 2022, during her failed bid for Arizona governor.

I fully believe the only reason this fool is even bringing this up is that she wants to stay relevant as she continues her run for the Arizona Senate, where, as of April 11, Democrat Ruben Gallego maintained a five-point lead over her, according to an ABC News/FiveThirtyEight poll. The Senate Race primary in Arizona is scheduled for July 20, 2024, while the general election is scheduled for November November 5, 2024.

Sure Lake’s remarks are cockamamie, but isn’t this what we’ve become used to from this woman?

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