If you are a Republican in an (R+) 5-10 district anywhere in the country you just felt a Jayhawk walk across your political grave tonight…

2 to 1? You don’t say…

Hell to the yeah!!!



Preach, Louise!




Book ‘em, Dan-O



Every. Last. Single. One.


There ain’t nothing wrong with Kansas tonight!!!

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    • It is also a sign that the GOPers are cutting their own throats with the overturn of Roe. They are freaking out of touch, like these tweets are saying. Clarence Thomas is a fossil and an idiot and his wife is worse. And I wish I could be a fly on Alito’s wall when he hears this! :))

  1. More importantly, there’s a point that isn’t mentioned in this bit of feel-good news. Kansas’ GOP legislature DELIBERATELY chose to put this amendment on the PRIMARY ballot, hoping for an easy win; the GOP figured the primary would be a “low-vote” deal with only the die-hard usual primary voters. From the CNN figures (~8:10 am CDT), the GOP and Democratic governor’s primary took a combined 727,636 votes; the abortion amendment pulled in a total of 908,747 votes.

    Looks like more people were interested in the abortion measure than any of the other races.

    • Adds sweetner to the news when you think on it, Joseph. Even among Republicans was that measure a loser by a wide margin. So much for using THAT as an issue in November.


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