Say what you will about Kandiss Taylor, she is a Saturday Night Live skit come to life. We’ve gotten to such a goofy place in our politics that in the course of any given day you need to pause and ask yourself, about any number of stories, “is this real or parody?” Seriously, that happens all the time. Earlier I did a piece on Don Junior going to Ecuador to hunt giant turtles and Hand to God, I fact checked it to make sure it was parody. That’s the kind of world we live in.

This next clip showing Kandiss Taylor knee deep in her election denialism is like that. You wonder if she’s real and yes, unfortunately, she is real. She’s also a GOP District Chair in Georgia, the same state that brought you Herschel Walker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and now Lin Wood is fighting to retain the privilege to practice law there.

Quite the cavalcade of clowns.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a child growing up in a MAGA household in Georgia and listening to this. When I was a kid I believed that the sitting president was in fact the person who won the previous election and not some actor, or hologram, or clone, or God alone knows what.

Seriously, I wonder how you cope in life when you’re listening to this kind of madness as a kid? I have known the children of a few Fox News watchers and conspiracy theorists and I can tell you “not well” is what I have seen.


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  1. Does she think Trump is President now? Let’s go with that…,he can’t run in 2024 as he will term out. Problem solved, shuffle trump & his brain dead minions off to the asylum in which they belong.

  2. I’d like to apologize on behalf of all sane Georgians for this cartoon Republican. Honestly, how does she tie her shoes in the morning?

    • She doesn’t. She either wears slip on shoes, or ones like most of my clients (Developmentally Disabled Adults) I worked with before being forced into early retirement on disability myself. Shoes that didn’t have laces, but two or three flaps that were secured with Velcro.


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