What do you do with a governor who is in every state but his own — and this includes while there’s a natural disaster going on? If you have the answer, please tell the people of Florida, they really need to know. Regal Ron doesn’t want to get wet, apparently, because he’s off signing books and speaking to “Christians” at Liberty University.

He has no time for the fact that historic rains are taking place in southern Florida right now.

And why should he be bothered with that? DeSantis is too busy with plans to visit Japan, Israel other locales, which have nothing whatsoever to do with governing the State of Florida but which might give him a leg up as he runs for president. Florida, honey, you’re just a place holder. You’re Tuesday’s date, until Ron lands the gal he really wants, and that’s the GOP nomination to run for POTUS. See who is comically reaming him out on this one.

Maybe those boots are made for walking but I wouldn’t be caught dead in them, personally. They bring back memories of the 60’s and go-go boots and somehow that doesn’t wash with natural disaster. Plus, Ron’s a bit chunky to be up in a go-go cage gyrating, doncha think? Ergo, there’s no reason for those ridiculous foot coverings.

But let’s get back to Junior. He is having a bit of a nasal day and I do love the utterly blank, deer in the headlights expression, don’t you? It fits him so well.

But nothing will top Junior at the Republican National Convention when his eyes were like cherry tomatoes, narrow red ovals that they were, and Rick Wilson remarked, “He is legit ramped out of his goddamn mind.” And this was before Kimberly got on stage, in a similar condition, and arms spread wide, screamed to the heavens, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”

Say, I wonder what’s in the trunk of Junior’s car that he’s so worried about it dissolving in the brutal rain? Let’s just say, what’s in the car might be worth more than the car and also might be difficult to explain the loss of to an insurance company.

Next time you could put it in a condom and swallow it, Junior, but “next time” may be a long ways off. It usually is too long off, in most of these cases. Sigh.




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  1. Not long ago there was a clip of one of Jr’s rants and I remarked that something on the shelf behind him looked like a dildo. I was in a smoke shop the other day and it was full of those things. realized that thing was a bong. A phallic bong.

  2. Destinkus was a prison camp guard.
    Just like Sgt. Schultz. But Shultz didn’t wear gogo boots and speak with an girly voice….
    Who ya gonna call?


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