If you’re thinking ho hum another Junior stoned piece, I’ll pass, please stop for a moment and just glance at this. Tonight is different. As loaded as he is, and he is plenty loaded, that’s not what’s different. Tonight, a new message is bleeding through. He has to get stoned to do this kind of “work” but as stoned as he is, you can see and hear the pain. He’s going through the motions, saying the same old things, waving his arms choppily through the air, lost in a drug induced haze, yes. But bleeding through is raw pain masked by drugs.

I’ll tell you how I know this. I have known a lot of druggies and drunks who finally hit bottom. Maybe that’s from working in the studios back in the early ’80’s. And let’s face it, even not working in the studios, the 80’s was a time when cocaine was being done in some of the swankest entertainment law firms in Los Angeles and elsewhere. I was there, too. And I did my share of partying. Believe me, I’m not sitting in judgement on anybody, I’m telling you that I was a part of a hard partying crowd at one point and that’s how I recognize somebody from those days. It’s true, it take one to know one and I’ve known Juniors in my life. And I was drinking and blowing coke right along with them.

Both Junior and Kimberly are loaded tonight. The first clip I’ll play is Kimberly twisting her words around. She’s pretty out there, too. If he’s doing Lost Weekend, the two of them as an ensemble are doing Days Of Wine and Roses. Take a look.

Interesting that she’s wearing glasses with a cocktail dress. Wearing glasses doesn’t hide your eyes, it puts a picture frame around them. Now onto Junior.

I don’t even know if the photo on the right is photoshopped but the photo on the left shows a man not yet ruined by substance abuse. I think you could put that photo next to a current one of Junior when he’s “sober” — a relative term, believe me — and you would see quite a difference.

Now this next clip looks like a great director like Marty Scorcese staged it. But this is real.

We don’t need solar panels or windmills. We just need to find a way to harness junior waving his arms. My Gawd.

And you know what I’m going to say. So I won’t say it. It gets……..

I fact checked that. Yes, the tweeter is right, Bobo was on the bill of fare and then Beetlejuice happened and they canceled her. Now far be it from me to stand up for that birdbrain (she deserves the sobriquet a lot more than Nikki Haley) but in terms of who is less toxic to young people, I sincerely think you would be better with her on stage than Junior in this condition.

Well, where do you go from a prophecy that the Democrats want you to eat bugs?

And let’s not forget our good friends at the Washington Piece. Whut?

This next one is stellar. A free PZ tote to anybody who knows WTH he’s talking about. (Psst…we don’t have totes, but I’ll design one custom made and give it to the first reader who can translate this for me.)

She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…..

There’s more but I’m sure you’ve had enough. That last one was a showstopper, that and the bugs, so we’ll end there. If anybody wants to do a remake of Lost Weekend, have I got a guy for the Ray Milland character, ho boy.

I don’t know how Junior got this way but if I had a father who buried my mother on the golf course for a tax break, I might understand. And I don’t even want to think about where they’re going to bury Donald when that day arrives but they better put him in a concrete crypt because wherever it is, it’s going to be used for a urinal. I’ll warrant that.


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    • I listened to it three times. He must be referencing some right-wing character I haven’t run across yet. I have no idea WTF he’s talking about. But I did enjoy the bugs v. steak. That’s a voting issue if I ever heard one. Yes, Sir. I want to vote for the party that will give me steak. :))

      • I think, somehow, he thought he was referencing the flash mobs in Philadelphia three days ago that ransacked stores, including a Lululemon, because they were hungry? Anyway, Junior sure is good at hand jive. And I’ll bet anything at home they were beyond the days of Wine and roses, and that it’s more like who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf. The only problem is figuring out which of them is Martha.

      • They will give you steak but it’s rolled up in a tube and for some reason you insert it in the other end and shake it vigorously for serving of sauce. I don’t understand but I do know no one is sticking any steak up my other end, I gotta tell you. That is a firm no!

  1. Like comedian Bill Engvall I’ve always been fifteen degrees off “cool.” Hell, usually more than that off. “Hip” is something I’ve never been. For more decades than I can remember I’ve embarrassed myself by not having a clue who some pop culture person others were going on about was and when not being able to take it and bluntly asking having people (including friends) stare at me like I was a pod person from another galaxy. The same holds for designer stuff and “hit” stores where the “beautiful people” shop. Having said all that I THINK, given the part about eating Gucci shoes Junior was trying to reference Lulumon (sp.?) which as I recall became one of those brands/stores where upper crust people (women I believe) shopped. I mostly remember learning a bit about it because of overhyped reporting from DC area news long ago about the “Lulumon Murders” case. So my guess is that Junior was following up on his Democrats will make Junior’s audience eat bugs while we eat steaks with saying they’d also be forced to eat “in” fashion stuff from stores that “only Democrats” shop at. Like GOPers, at least from the country club set and richer don’t look down their noses at people who buy off the rack from regular person brands/stores or (horrors) Wal Mart like the average MAGA goober does!

    Speaking of the steak comment I’m confused. Doesn’t Junior (and those of his ilk) like to make fun of us, talking about how all of us Democrats/liberals are vegetarians or worse VEGANS, wanting to force such a lifestyle on everyone else? I’m as liberal as they come and I’ve always enjoyed a good steak. Love my burgers. Even back when I was able hunted and killed and dressed some of the wild game including deer that made its way onto my plate. I’ve known plenty of other Democrats like me. In fact only a small percentage of my liberal pals in my life have been vegetarians and only a couple were totally Vegan. And I’ve known Republicans who were vegetarian!

    Junior is like so many well-known GOPers full of shit. Well, in his case full of cocaine and lord knows what else but you know what I mean.

    • Well, when Donnie goes hunting you have his guide and the guys that work for his guide that sit around and wait for a signal to turn whatever Donnie is hunting loose so it can wander out into a clearing so the great white hunter can get his shot. Was some trouble on one of his hunts when dufus apparently wounded one of the crew. Took a little money to cover that up. Then there’s been the times he’s shot protected animals. He was somewhere and they wanted his ass. They had to fly someone in somewhere to rescue numbnuts.

  2. Yeah as far as Donnie’s girlfriend. She still has come close to her the best is yet to come. Maybe she had some sort of device somewhere we don’t want to know and her hand slipped and she accidentally turned the device to ten. We know it’s not Donnie because old wife still works for Daddy while Donnie plays with new wife. She did get fired for walking around naked while working. Sometimes forcing her secretary to strip down to. Secratary sued the hell out of fox 🦊 over it. But maybe Donnie’s two wife’s don’t need him. I’m not judging anyone. Fly whatever flag you want. But Donnie’s old wife is a campaign manager. Kinda funny.


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