The Leopards Eating Peoples’ Faces Party has just now decided to eat Lauren Boebert’s face. If that meme is unfamiliar to you, it “refers to a parody of regretful voters who vote for cruel and unjust policies (and politicians) and are then surprised when their own lives become worse as a result. It has been commonly used to parody regretful Brexit and Trump voters,” according to Know Your Meme. The corollary is any entitled person finding out that s/he is not so entitled after all and is going to face consequences for their actions. Which brings us to our least favorite congresswoman (and yes, she’s eclipsing Ms. Jewish Space Lasers right now) Lauren Boebert.

Boebert was asked just last Tuesday, a day after the Buell Theatre story broke, to speak on the same Texas Youth Summit dais with the likes of right-wing luminaries Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle. Then the security camera video from 9 News broke and now Boebert has been canceled and scrubbed from the website. Here’s what was there.

And this.

A simple translation of this decision is that the MAGAs in charge of the Youth Summit believe that Boebert is too toxic for 12 year olds and up. That’s the immediate picture. But the bigger picture is that even last night the handwriting was on the wall that Bobo was done in right-wing circles. Did you see Dan Ball’s mocking wink in another story here?

That was the kiss of death. If Ball really believed the story he was cuing Boebert to cosign on, he would have copped the usual attitude of faux outrage and pretended great sympathy for how she had been wronged. That didn’t happen. He hung her out to dry. When you’re hung out to dry on OAN, you’re done in MAGA world.

This is a one two punch. The excommunication of Boebert started Sunday night on OAN and the cancelation of Boebert’s appearance in Texas was step two. I believe it’s safe to say that we can expect more of this to happen.

Or, maybe Bobo’s besties, Don Jr. and Kimberly and Bryon Donalds, all the folks who are still appearing at the Youth Summit will rally to her side. Don’t hold your breath. MAGA is beleaguered enough, without having the dead weight of Boebert to haul around.

This is truly gratifying. She hung herself. You give a dummy enough rope and she will hang herself. Bend over and kiss your congressional seat goodbye, Bobo. It won’t be long now. Adam for Colorado. Donate. It’s always gratifying to pick up a seat, but oh, the joy in picking up this one. Flip CO-3 blue. And flip Lauren Boebert off for good.

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  1. I find it hilarious that she is punished and yet the magat turd emperor, who has done much worse, is still worshiped.

    Let’s hope this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for her re-election chances and Mr. Frisch gets this seat.

  2. I’m sure Ken Paxton will be happy to step in, AND that these budding Nazi hypocrites will be happy to have him do so. They’ve got Don Jr. & Kymberly who’ve been “living in sin” for what, a couple of years now? Oh, let’s not forget HER documented set of sexual misconduct with folks including subordinates. As an adulterer so publicly outed Paxton should fit right in.

  3. It does take a certain genius to know how to pivot to a new career when you know your current one is at an end. That video of her ‘capabilities’ is going to be great help in her new career as a sex worker, ‘advertising gold’ as they say.

    She won’t even have to have a street corner.


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