You remember Trump’s panic attack yesterday and how we speculated that he must have gotten terrible news from his lawyers. That has been confirmed. The Associated Press just broke a story.

The essence is that Judge Arthur Engoron, whom Trump loathes, ruled on a Motion for Summary Judgment. Trump’s lawyers opposed it, that’s the standard procedure, but if their opposition stank and they knew they would lose, they probably broke that to Trump yesterday, rather than risk giving him a stroke today when the actual ruling came down. That’s why he went nuts on Truth Social yesterday in all-caps. This is damning. Let’s see how the RNC justifies their standard bearer remaining on the ballot. This, like so many things Trumpian, is a first.

Judge Arthur Engoron, ruling Tuesday in a civil lawsuit brought by New York’s attorney general, found that the former president and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.

The decision, days before the start of a non-jury trial in Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit, is the strongest repudiation yet of Trump’s carefully coiffed image as a wealthy and shrewd real estate mogul turned political powerhouse.

Beyond mere bragging about his riches, Trump, his company and key executives repeatedly lied about them on his annual financial statements, reaping rewards such as favorable loan terms and lower insurance premiums, Engoron found.

Hit the link and read 35 pages of pleadings if you want to. I notice that the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust is also a defendant in this action. Follow the money as they say. And so is Junior and Eric. Ivanka managed to wiggle out of this.

Engoron is slated to hold a non-jury trial starting Oct. 2 before deciding on those claims and any punishments he may impose. James is seeking $250 million in penalties and a ban on Trump doing business in New York, his home state. The trial could last into December, Engoron has said.

Trump’s lawyers had asked the judge to throw out the case, which he denied. They contend that James wasn’t legally allowed to file the lawsuit because there isn’t any evidence that the public was harmed by Trump’s actions. They also argued that many of the allegations in the lawsuit were barred by the statute of limitations.

This is so comical. Trump’s lawyers are behaving like rookies who just passed the bar and are cobbling together pleadings. If you’ve got a lousy case or no case at all, you always invoke the doctrine of laches — which is what they’re saying here, Trump’s claiming that some time frame to bring suit, statute of limitations, has passed. As if Leticia James wouldn’t have spotted that in the first five minutes of looking at the facts and she needs these dummies to cure the defects in her analysis. Oh, puh-leeze.

Trump’s guilty as hell, he knows it, everybody knows it, and there’s a mountain of evidence against him. His lawyers are jumping through all the procedural hoops because that’s how the wealthy and the crooked do things. They drag it all out as long as possible.

I hope the trial does go until December. Maybe it would conclude on December 24, and Trumpty Dumpty can have a big lump of coal and a yuuuge judgment in his stocking for fukking Creeesmuss. Poor ketchup bottles. So many will give their lives today; unless the staff at Bedminster has had the common sense to buy plastic.

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    • He was quite the character. He also inspired another character, a guy who looked incredibly like Hendrix and would skateboard on the Venice Boardwalk and play guitar, to honor his memory, I was told. That was in the late 70’s, I saw that. I think Hendrix died in the early 70’s, circa Jim Morrison (whom I adored. Ohhhh, for ME that was the day the music died, when Morrison left.)

  1. Loved the Doors! I was in Philly with a group of 30 something folks and mentioned Jim and the Doors. They didn’t know anything about them. They never heard Light My Fire or LA Woman. One of the problems is our cultural history has been erased. One of my favorite stories about Jim was when they went on the top entertainment show of the 60s…The Ed Sullivan Show. This was after Light My Fire was the number 1 song. Ed told Jim he couldn’t say baby we couldn’t get much HIGHER, Ed feeling it was about smoking pot. Of course being live he couldn’t stop Jim, who didn’t change a thing. Ed was incensed and came backstage yelling saying you’ll never play the Ed Sullivan Show again!!!! Jim replied ” man…we just DID the Ed Sullivan Show!!!” There was a time when this country had WARRIORS!!! Jim was one. R.I.P. to the lizard king!

  2. Ursula, jimi died in sept. 1970 at age 27. Morrison died the following summer in 1971 at age 27. I graduated from H.S. in May 1971. There’s a slew of rock/pop stars that died at age 27. Weird.


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