This is a breaking story, and we don’t have the “why” of it yet, but the Washington Post reports that Judge Amy Berman Jackson has expanded the gag order on Roger Stone, barring the Trump confidant from posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. As to Twitter, Stone got barred from that platform earlier this year when he was drunk and tweeting abuse, but he has maintained a presence on the two Zuckerberg sites.

A gag order limiting Stone’s public comments about his case or any participants in it already had been in place as U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said, to try to limit pre-trial publicity that could prejudice his case. He is now barred from posting anything to the social networks. Stone has pleaded not guilty to charges of lying about his efforts to gather information about Democratic Party emails hacked and leaked by Russian operatives in 2016.
This is a developing story. It will be updated.

Two things this will accomplish: 1) Keep Stone from maligning the entire judicial process and making himself a political martyr; 2) Give Alex Jones, what’s left of him, some red meat to gnaw on.

Stone’s latest and largest conspiracy theory is that LBJ murdered JFK, a theme which the ring wing media immediately co-opted and churned into YouTube videos. He’s a piece of work.


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    • Stone is toxic. He and Alex Jones in concert are simply awful. I’m glad to see these developments with respect to both of them fading out of the spotlight.

  1. The Rolling Stones: “But you’ll never break, never break, never break…this heart of Stone.”

    Judge Berman: “Watch me.”

  2. I probably should wait for more info but given what he’d done before I think the judge had grounds to lock his ass up a long time ago for contempt.

    • Agree. The image of the judge in the crosshairs that Stone put up a few months ago should have gotten him cited for contempt right there.


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