This couldn’t happen to a more deserving schmuck than John Eastman. His disbarment hearing before the State Bar of California may be live streamed. He, of course, is trying to couch himself as a victim and that is simply not working at all.

I like how this judge thinks. Whether the State Bar will do it, I have no idea.

Eastman, more than anybody, did more damage to this republic than any one person. It was his brainstorm to have the “alternate” slate of electors, who like “alternative facts” had no business being involved in the vote counting process. It was total fraud and a clever scheme to pull off a coup d’etat. The man is not a lawyer. He doesn’t have the ethics to continue to practice law.

And frankly, I hope that Jack Smith gets around to indicting him.

Maybe Eastman didn’t literally defecate in the Capitol, but he certainly defecated on the integrity of our elections process and on ideals that we hold dear.

If anybody deserves to be disbarred, it’s this guy.


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  1. The scheduled hearings/trial (Tuesday and Wednesday) are on the pdf of the STATE BAR COURT OF CALIFORNIA PUBLIC EVENTS CALENDAR JUNE 19, 2023 – JUNE 23, 2023. There are ZOOM links and phone numbers.
    The State Bar Court of California also has a YouTube site, but am not aware if they post hearings there.

  2. Hmm. You’re a “tenured law professor” and you prepare a legal brief that BREAKS THE LAW, you deserve to be fired (or “lose your job”). If you want to offer that as a hypothetical case for your law students to consider as an exercise, that’s one thing. But to go out and do it in the real world?

    • Break the law… or write up how to do it… just disbarment??? Nah a little prison time seems warranted. But if he wanted to write a torture-like excuse and judicial memo (all legal and nice!!!! Hahahaha) then he should have been an attorney general or deputy ag.

      • Patience Grasshopper. If, as he should be Eastman is disbarred, or at least suspended for a year or two it will make prosecuting and convicting him more likely.

  3. Disbarment. lost cushy job. All good. How about death by high caliber firing squad next? I am convinced that Republicans are traitors to US democracy and that we must remove them soon or lose our democracy.


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