Well, at least we know Donald Trump didn’t arrive at this idiotic conclusion all by himself. John Eastman is likely to be remembered in the same category as Benedict Arnold. Here’s a tape, the third released in 24 hours, where Eastman recommends primary challenges to any election officials who won’t play along with the Big Lie agenda. If this isn’t engineering a coup d’etat, it will certainly do until the real thing comes along.

Listen to both clips, Eastman’s comments and Adam Schiff’s rejoinder.

It’s something to be watching democracy become infected and die in real time. But it’s not surprising. Democracy is contingent upon having two functioning political parties to balance each other out. We don’t have that now. We have one rotted husk of a political party that has become nothing but an obstructionist force in government. The Democrats can’t keep democracy going on their own.

Maybe this is what Liz Cheney and other old school conservatives who are demanding accountability for January 6 realize. There are precious few Republicans who stand for the right things these days. Look at the likes of Josh Mandel and J.D. Vance, who seek the senate. There is nothing that they offer but cynicism and conspiracy theory.

America is in trouble.



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  1. When I think back on the list (yes, a list) of incidents that should have ended my life I can honestly say nothing has frightened me more than a (very) late night conversation with my dad (we’d both arrived home late after bars had closed) where we stood outside talking. He correctly predicted that Carter would lose re-election and the GOP would emerge stronger than before Nixon and that it would lead to a see-saw of political swings ever more extreme on the GOP side – and that I would live out my life in my later years under a different form of government. It was a long talk and he explained his reasoning with the precision of his engineer’s mind. It would take reams to explain how hearing someone like my dad talking like this made his case and conclusion so frightening.

    That night, and that feeling has always been in the back of my mind, but with each passing year from the time it became apparent Trump would become the GOP nominee I’ve become more afraid. The fact he actually made it into the WH and has so thoroughly infected our body politic has me terrified over what it will take to prevent his prediction from coming true.

  2. I respect and admire Liz Cheney for her participation on the committee and stand against the insurrection on Jan. 6 but lets not forget that she’s still voting with the GQP against something as fundamentally important to democracy as voting rights not to mention anything put forth by Dems. She’s still in there obeying McConnell in obstructing everything that would make life better for the average citizen while handing our country over to corporations and the 1%.

  3. She voted with the nazi 93% of the time. If she gains more power, look the phucking out! She’s much much smarter than rump, & more focused. She knows how the levers of power work. Hell, her daddy lied to start a war. Got rich off private contractors & NEVER PAID FOR HIS TREASON. By the way, Carter, like Johnson, was done in by backroom deals Nixon & Reagan made with our enemies. Sounds familiar huh?

      • True but he made billions off the war. Bruce said it best in a song, Badlands, ” all men wanna be rich. Rich man wants to be king. The king ain’t satisfied until he rules everything.”


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