Meidas Touch is breaking this story. John Eastman, author of the infamous memo that gave Mike Pence directions on how to overthrow the government in 2020 will hold his law license for another 72 hours and then no more. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving shyster.

Eastman testified in his own defense at the disbarment hearing and was cross examined extensively on his lack of investigation into his claims of voter fraud, the fact that he was aware of evidence that the election was secure and ignored it, and ignored court rulings that directly contradicted the position he was taking with Trump and Pence.

Eastman has already been fired from his jobs as a law professor at Chapman University and the University of Colorado. He is also under a criminal RICO indictment in Georgia.

Eastman was also a Visiting Scholar of Conservative Thought at the University of Colorado in 2020 and 2021.

In August, 2020, nearly 800 people affiliated with the university signed a letter calling on the center to denounce Eastman based on his leadership of a group that opposes same sex marriage and an op-ed he published questioning Kamala Harris’ ability to serve as vice president because her parents are immigrants.

While Eastman had advised Trump on a variety of issues over his time in office, the New York Times reported that his first post-election meeting with Trump’s aides came while attending an academic conference in Philadelphia. He went on to write a key memo outlining a strategy for Vice President Mike Pence to certify Trump as the winner of the presidential election on January 6th.

The proposal hinged on having lawmakers in states that voted for Biden certify alternate slates of electors who would cast their votes for Trump. Eastman’s efforts to set up such a slate in Georgia are the basis of some of the charges he now faces there. He is also accused of filing a court document in a challenge to the Georgia election result that makes false claims about voter fraud.

Eastman also spoke at the rally that preceded the storming of the U.S. Capitol during the vote certification, leading CU officials to swiftly repudiate him.

Maybe there’s a MAGA underbelly at CU Boulder, my old alma mater. I can’t see a guy like this being hired into what used to be an uber liberal campus. And granted, I went to college there during Watergate, so “conservative” didn’t mean MAGA back in those days but it did mean crooked.

This is good that Eastman lost his license. I wonder what he’ll do now? Maybe Trump can give him a job as his golf caddy or something, wouldn’t you think? He owes him that much.

Watch for Jeffrey Clark to go down in flames next. Wow, there’s going to be a lot of people available to caddy for Trump. And I’ve frankly lost track of where Rudy Giuliani is still trying to defend his right to practice. Last I knew he was losing his apartment in New York and desperately trying to hold onto his Florida condo.

Everything Trump Touches Dies.

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  1. Maybe we’ll see Federal criminal charges next? There IS plenty of evidence. (Other than the Georgia charges.)

    What about it Mr Garland? Or are former clerks of Clarence Thomas exempt from inquiry, (like his wife is.) Or is it that former chairman of the Federalist Society’s practice group on federalism and separation of powers are exempt as well? This disbarment shows clearly his knowledge in his supposedly specialist area is more than just lacking.

    What does the Federalist Society have to say about the lack of morals and untrustworthiness of one of their leading members?

    No, I’m not holding my breath for any sort of response from these traitors to the US and it’s law and order as they continue their subversion from within.

    • Jack Smith actually has other Trump co-conspirators teed up for indictments and trial in DC. He simply slimmed down the case to Trump alone to get it to trial well before the election, a strategy that was working until that effing “Presidential Immunity” appeal got traction. I’m not a lawyer, much less a prosecutor but in my own little layman’s opinion while judge Chutkan’s handling of the case has otherwise been solid, staying proceedings (pre-trial motions and so on) while the appeal played out was an error on her part. If there was going to be a stay she should have forced those at the appellate level to issue it which might have lit a fire under their asses.

      SCOTUS has some who will likely be able to delay their issuing a ruling until well into June, and maybe not until the end of the month and the deadline for doing so. That in turn would create all manner of practical problems in getting a trial started before fall. So, if SCOTUS gives Trump what he wants (well, he wants the charges dismissed but he’ll settle for a delay until after the election) and Trump loses guess what? Smith might go ahead and just before the 60 day DOJ guideline for “going dark” issue a new batch of indictments. Those people he set aside to get Trump to trial quickly.

      Given this DOJ and Smith’s propensity for “speaking indictments” that lay out much of the case it will give pundits all manner of stuff to talk about as the election approaches – ALL of which will be damaging to Trump. Smith could either go ahead (assuming Biden wins) put Trump on trial by himself as soon as possible or give him company at the defense table. That second option however would delay a trial by another six months. I for one don’t think Smith should wait. He needs to get things moving again as soon as the election is called. If Trump is no longer a candidate then judge Chutkan should tell him to get his fat ass to court for jury selection starting before Thanksgiving.

  2. Everything Trump Touches Dies…except, unfortunately, him. When are we going to be rid of this pimple on the ass-hole of humanity? It is rare to say without it being hyperbole that someone is without worth, has no worth whatsoever. In trump’s case it is not an exaggeration–he has no worth. He would not even make a decent doorstop. It is not just that he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s dumber than a bag of hammers f.f.s. He serves no useful purpose and if fact the world would be a richer place without him walking upon it’s surface.

    I am delighted to see these “attorneys” lose their licenses to practice. This gives me hope. The fact that trump will not live forever, or likely much longer given his unhealthy lifestyle, also gives me hope. Once we are done with these traitors we need to turn our sights on the fed. soc. — that is a viper’s nest full of traitors and must be dealt with harshly.

    • Might have to argue a couple of points here.

      I can’t agree with “pimple of the asshole of humanity”. Canker sore? Syphilis sore? A pimple is inconvenient. Canker and syphilis is a lot more damaging.

      And Trump HAS served a useful purpose: with all of his lawyers that are leaving by the request of their bar or by the law itself, there is no longer the over surplus of lawyers in the country.

      What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?
      Lucky that they weren’t Trump lawyers.


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