I love Jason Kander. I should have written him years ago to tell him so. If the name isn’t ringing a bell, Kander was the Democratic candidate in Missouri opposite the reprehensible Republican incumbent Senator Roy Blunt back in 2016.

Kander had an incredible campaign ad out that year. I mean, one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. He assembles an AR-15 blindfolded, in 30 seconds no less, and the punchline is, “Roy Blunt has never done this.” Roy Blunt has never done anything, he seldom showed up to vote, even, but that’s beside the point.

Today, Kander has cobbled together a piece for Meidas Touch which is certainly along the same lines as his 2016 opus. Kander speaks in response to Tucker Carlson’s depiction of the insurrectionists at the Capitol on January 6 as harmless sightseers. Kander has seen this show before and he correctly identifies exactly who and what the MAGAs who stormed the Capitol that day were.

Kander knows whereof he speaks. He served in Afghanistan. Blunt served himself. Blunt opposed raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $7.25. Can’t be letting people get too rich, now. This is what they reelect in Missouri, why, it is beyond me.

I was so hoping that Kander was going to prevail over Blunt in 2016 but alas, that was not our year. Kander did lead Blunt marginally after this ad was broadcast. I was so hopeful he would win. But then I was a different person prior to November 8, 2016.

Kander stepped back from public life shortly after the election. He shared that he suffered from PTSD.

It’s good to see him again and I hope that he is BACK!


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  1. Missouri hasn’t been right since the Missouri compromise when it was admitted as a slave state expanding slavery into new territory. They need to elect this young fellow to SOMETHING!
    “Right or wrong, what’s done is done…” The Eagles

    • Kander has so much ability. I weep when I see somebody like him lose to somebody like Blunt. It’s like watching J.D. Vance beat Tim Ryan, or Lauren Boebert prevail over Adam Frisch (although that tune is going to change in 2024. Mr. Frisch is running against Boebert again.)

      I could go on. Marcus Flowers loses to Marge Greene. Maybe I better stop, actually, I may talk myself into a clinical depression.

  2. When the Senator you replaced and who backed you says wishes he could withdraw that support, as happened to Josh Hawley, you know the state is in deep!kimchee.

    • At least Roy Blunt ran the right direction, away from public life. But then look at what came next — Josh Hawley, who does a fascist fist pump and then runs, trying to save his a$$ from the very same lunatics he just egged on.

  3. Oh, they have a new candidate in the senate race against Josh Hawley. His name escapes me at the moment. You might have seen his commercials. He’s got josh Hawley running down a deserted road. It’s awesome. One of the military guys that Meidastouch has interviewed him. It’s about a half hour but it’s worth watching. This guys down to earth and he did 13 years in the marines mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s a leader all over the way. Check it out.

    • The gentleman’s name is Lucas Kunce and I love him like I love Jason Kander. These guys are great, both of them. This is the caliber of Democratic talent we have in Missouri. Kunce needs to win, please God and then if Jason Kander can get back in public life, I will start to have some hope for Missouri.

      These deep red states, deep red seats are so hard. I just want to bash my head against the floor.


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