We are rapidly approaching a crossroads in American politics — unless we have already reached the destination and this is the new subnormal and we’re stuck here. Either Americans are sick and tired of our institutions being belittled and disgraced by small minded, ignorant buffoons who are thoroughly unqualified to do the jobs they were elected to do, or, this is how it is going to be, that the normal affairs of governance will be interrupted and besmirched by the worst elements amongst us.

You well recall Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene heckling President Biden during the State of the Union address. Today, Greene had to jump right in and interrupt Jamie Raskin, while he was making a point about January 6.

That’s Greene’s job in Congress, the only one she knows how to do, is disrupt. She trashes the proceedings at hand, just as she herself is trash. Raskin, as always, handled it like a pro. Greene’s outburst came right before this clip, and that consisted of Greene shouting, “What about Ashli Babbitt?” when Raskin was discussing approving contempt of Congress charges against Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino. She followed the Babbitt question by then yelling, “What about Russian collusion?” Off point, incendiary and stupid, just another day with MT Greene.

Hopefully this midterm election will tell us a great deal about where we are in this country an who we are. If the extremist hacks are reelected, Boebert, Greene, Cawthorn, Gaetz, Gosar — strike Gosar, his district is so gerrymandered he probably is bulletproof — but if the rest of them are, then perhaps they do in fact represent a certain portion of America. Maybe their districts are populated by low lifes with no respect for democracy or our institutions and perhaps they represent them admirably, if that’s the case.

Or, maybe the freak show mentality is wearing a bit thin. We saw evidence of that last week in North Carolina, when both incumbent GOP senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis made it clear that they wanted nothing further to do with Madison Cawthorn. Maybe that is the bellwether sign we’ve all waited for.

It has been said about Greene that she was “elected in a landslide” — and yeah, that’s easy to do when you run unopposed. Is her district in Georgia populated by people so vile that they really want to see more of this from her in Congress?

As to Boebert, unless Colorado has dramatically changed in the past 45 years since I lived there, and maybe it has, my instinct was that she was elected as a freak show. People just wanted to see what would happen when the hottie with the gun on her thigh went to Congress. Now that they’ve seen, I assume that cooler heads will prevail and she won’t be reelected.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Adam Kinzinger made the comment yesterday about all the “children” doing jobs in Congress, and how unserious they are, and maybe these unserious chlidren do represent their constituents. If so, may God help us all.

Politics is not a realm for TV or performative jackassery, as Ben Sasse termed it. It certainly became that in the era of Trump. But is this where we want to stay? Is this really who we are?

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  1. 45 years? t would appear that you left Colorado the same year theat “Focus on the Family” was founded in Southern Cal. In 1991 it came to Colorado Springs, which was the beginning of an influx of “conservative” “Christian” groups to the area.

    Not that it’s just Colorado Springs Durango, when I moved here about 46 years ago, had a reputation of being dominated by the “Blue Army (similar to Opus Dei.) Durango is in Boebert’s district (as is Tina Peters.0 Colorado also has a lot of land which is rural, and rural areas here are much like rural areas
    anywhere in the US, demogaphically.

    Yes, blue s iprevailing overall – now – but it certainly has not always been so, and even today, one needs to wtch what part of the state one is in.

    • You forgot Cruz on that list of misfits? How many more years before his constituents get to send him permanently to Cancun? And will they?

  2. My thoughts, somewhat simple in nature, are that the GOP has already gone bust … some of the clowns have absolutely NO intelligence, demonstrated every time they speak, others speak as if they really know things, but in reality, are just speaking from GOP approved scripts on pre-printed notes or, at the highest level, teleprompter files …

    These hoot and holler losers, like Gym Jordan, as an example, occasionally get stumped by our friend, JAMIE RASKIN who has, time and again, caused a red faced, (and neck), problem for the blue shirted devil, who, as usual, starts out at full speed, talking over other people, spewing tons of BS, trying to bury others in a barrage of questions with little to no facts, showing off his character as the low information person he is …

    I take pride in the RASKIN control of the one-sided idiot’s display of ignorance … it’s comforting to know he works for US, not these JERK-OFFS in the GOP …



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