After more than seven years of blathering bullsh*t by brainless Trump sycophants and shills, we all know hot tough Traitor Tot is. He’s immovable, nerves of steel, and not only can he take a punch, but he’ll wait years, even decades to punch back three times as hard. Right? Right?

Nah. Just messing with ya. On Tuesday Trump’s arraignment in federal court took a much longer than usual 50 minutes. And during that time Trump never said a word himself, and never looked any way other than straight forward, or down at the table to work on his daily Huked on Foniks lesson.

For a good reason. Because directly behind Trump in the second row sat Special Counsel Jack Smith. And for the entire 50 minutes Smith did nothing but sit there, arms crossed, and stare holes in the back of El Pendejo Presidente’s head. Trump never indulged himself in turning to get into a staring contest with his greatest nemesis. In fact, when the hearing was over, Trump had his howler monkeys lead him out the side door normally reserved for incarcerated defendants and convicts, rather than have to turn down the main aisle, have have to look directly at Smith. What a chickensh*t.

Jack Smith is already living rent free in Trump’s head, and he’s not the only one. From the day of his announcement, former GOP New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has made it crystal clear that he is a Trump seeking missile, his only goal being to cause Trump as much damage as possible before exploding himself and falling into the sea. It’s working. While Trump already has the nickname and insult mill in full gear, he has also already announced that he has no intention of taking part in at least the first two GOP primary debates, feeling them illegitimate and a waste of his time. Horsesh*t. FrankenTrump has no intention of sharing a stage with Christie and having to go toe-to-toe on live national television.

And for the last two days, only starting to get worse for His Lowness. Because for the last two days, more and more mainstream Republicans are starting to come out publicly against Trump on the documents case. Yeah, I know, who cares about moderate Republicans, they won’t move the Trombie needle an inch. Bit these judases are all former Trump advisors and cabinet officials. They may be traitors, but they’re all former Trump men, they have gravitas. And worst of all, they’re appearing on FUX News.

This is bad news for The Tiny Thumbs Diktator. Because these are not strangers to the mushy-middle GOP viewers of FUX. These are names that have trusted by viewers for years and years to be unfailingly favorable and fawning for Trump. And now they’re all trashing him.

We’re talking about Trump GOP mainstays like John Bolton, Mark Esper, Tubby the Ewok, and even former Trump SoS Mike Pimpeo. Even Trump’s former, and longest serving Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, gave a public statemen t turning the shiv, saying that Trump was scared shitless of Jack Smith and his team.

Here’s why this poses a potentially serious threat to FrankenTrump if it continues. Trump’s entire persona is based on The Big Lie, and constant repetition on a propaganda format like FUX News. But that gate swings both ways. These are all known and accepted FUX frequent guests, and FUX can’t just pull them without regular viewers will wonder why they disappeared. And Trump is no longer omnipresent on FUX, especially when Rupert Murdoch had to write a second $787 million check, since his tears obliterated his signature on the first one.

And worst for The Mango Messiah, these former aides and confidants aren’t hitting Trump personally like Christie. Instead they are hammering The Cheeto Prophet on the facts in the documents case. They’re using words like selfish, dangerous, self centered and careless. They are explaining pointedly that Trump’s actions, if proven in court, placed the lives of US service members, human assets, and our own national security at great risk. And in similar form, they’re all basically in lock step on the same messages. Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson came out today and said that if Trump were found guilty, he would find it impossible for support a federal convict for President.

I can’t impress this strongly enough. These moderates aren’t going after the rock solid 30% base. Instead they’re going after the mushy-middle Trump voters who, while they may like Trump’s policies, are still sick of the bullsh*t and ready to possibly draw the line at Treason and national security.

And it’s not like The Trumpster Fire has unfettered access to FUX News hosts and programs anymore, even on a call-in basis. It’s funny how having to cut a $787 million check has a way of focusing your mind. As proof I submit this. It isn’t just Il Douche that FUX is starting to sour on. it’s the entire MAGA klown kar circus. More and more now you’re starting to see FUX personalities like Bret Bair, Jesse Watters, Steve Ducey, and even Sean Manatee openly bitching at MAGA House chairs about the pathetic failure of their stupid sham investigative committees. Even MAGA Senators are not immune from getting their feet held to the fire by FUX hosts. These ass clowns cost these hosts the respect and trust of their viewers, and they want payback.

This drumbeat isn’t going to be constant, but it will be consistent. Every time there’s news in this case, at least some of these guests are going to be regulars. And they’re going to keep up the same drumbeat. Trump doesn’t need these voters for the primaries, but he’s going to need every last one of them in the general election. And how many times can they hear buzzwords like dangerous, National Security, life threatening, and convicted before they start to sink in, an they either vote for someone else, or just stay home. Especially when Trump can no longer control and smother the FUX News message. Strap in, we’re just getting started.

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    • Sonny Liston? I doubt any of the elite boxers of his era were truly unnerved by his stare. You don’t get to that level without knowing about gamesmanship. On the other hand damned hear all of know a certain stare, or look that even before you’re old enough to know the actual word or the full meaning evokes the feeling of “Oh sh*t! I’m about to die!” The MOM look. I had pi$$ed off coaches who, when they tried that look and we knew we’d be running windsprints until we were falling down and struggling to get up for the next one didn’t scare me or anyone else as much. The only person I knew that could match it, evoke that sheer terror was my Senior Drill Instructor. A tiny in stature man who when he’d give us that look was scarier than a real like Incredible Hulk only several time larger and angrier. (His build was wiry and the Corps had to jump through hoops to get him a height waiver because he was so short but it was during Vietnam and they needed grunts) but I don’t think Trump ever had an adult in his life that could, even if they’d tried been able to master that look. But he’s seen others give it to other people and knowing Jack Smith was there in court FEARED finally, for once in his life being on the receiving end himself.

      If only as in NYC they’d allowed still cameras for a few minutes before court was gaveled into session. I for one would LOVE to have seen some shots of Smith looking at Trump, from an angle with Trump in between Smith and the photographer. It would have been PRICELESS!

  1. Your “… for the last two days, more and more mainstream Republicans are starting to come out publicly against Trump … these judases are all former Trump advisors and cabinet officials … all former Trump men, they have gravitas.” … but in a recent LAWFARE article, it says “… Donald Trump’s guilt has not been pre-established by a political process. Trump will not go to prison merely because a politician wants him to. This is not to say that there is a shortage of politicians who would very much like Trump to be found guilty. Many surely would!…”. See:

    • Thanks for the link, that is an excellent article.
      However, I don’t think Murph or anyone else here meant to confuse the legal with the political. Rather, the point was about signs of diminishing Republican political support for Trump, who, after all, is running for president. Basically, Trump’s legal woes are so serious and so indefensible that it gives Republicans who don’t like him (maybe they used to, maybe they never did, but they supported him anyway) an opening to distance themselves from him, which up until recently would have been politically suicidal given the absolute power of Trump and Trumpists over the GOP.

  2. I suspect the reason the mango moron did not look at Smith was because he likely would have pissed himself. Trump is terrified of Smith.

  3. WHAT IS THIS supposed to say…. already fixed 6 errors but this I cannot fathom.
    Former Arkansas Governor #AsaHutchinson came out today and said that if Trump were found guilty, he would find it impossible for support a federal convict for President.


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