I used those quotation marks for a reason. That title isn’t me talking, it’s a gentleman by the name of Brad Moss. Who is Brad Moss? Brad Moss is one of the premier criminal national defense attorneys in the country. If you’re a defense contractor who happens upon documents you’re not cleared to see, and get caught, Brad Moss will be there. If you’re a whistleblower revealing national security secrets, call Brad. If you take sensitive documents home to work on them from there, and get caught. Brad is your man.

The title of the article is actually Mr. Moss’s title on the opinion piece he posted on The Daily Beast today, that’s why I used it. Moss contends that at this point, there is little that the DOJ neds to do but to perp walk Traitor Tot out of whatever schlock palace he’s staying in at the moment, put him in front of a judge, and get the criminal ball rolling. His logic is simple and convincing;

  • Trump was in unauthorized possession of National Defense documents, namely documents properly stamped with the correct classifications on each page
  • The US government officially notified him that he was not permitted to keep or store those documents at Mar-A-Lago
  • He continued to possess the documents, and even allegedly undertook to conceal them in other places to make them harder to find and obtain

In the words of Brad Moss in the article, That’s the ball game folks. And remember, this is a guy who makes a living trying to find cracks and crannies in the National Security code for his clients to slither through. And he thinks this case is a slam dunk!

So, what do you charge Traitor tot with? Take your pick. The lowest hanging fruit is Obstruction. That one is a no brainer. Trump had unauthorized possession of National Security documents. Trump was officially advised to return those documents, most riki-tik. Not only didn’t he do so, he undertook to hide those documents, part of an active criminal investigation from the government if they came to look for them. Tic-Tac-Toe.

And then there’s violations of The Espionage Act. And I really like this one, for the simple reason. The classification of the documents don’t mean shit. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you possess the nuclear launch codes, or a copy of the Defense Department cafeteria menu, if the document falls under the National Defense umbrella, and you’re not authorized to possess it, welcome to Chateau Bow-Wow.

Knowing a troglodyte like Trump, I’m sure that there are more charges that could follow. But the Holy Grail of criminal prosecution is to start with the low hanging fruit, and work your way up from there. Once you get the miscreant into the federal system, you can always add superseding indictments later on. This is by far and away the most authoritative analysis I’ve heard from someone who makes his living defending people accused of these kinds of crimes. Don’t touch that dial.


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    • I’ll maybe believe that if and when we see Trump escorted into a federal courthouse, and later that day hear the audio (no cameras in federal court) of his being arraigned. I’m sure he won’t surrender himself, and will even order his Secret Service detail not to allow other federal agents to make an arrest. Which will be funny because the head of the Secret Service can simply issue a direct order to them to allow Trump to be taken into custody and accompany him to court. If they refuse a direct order they can immediately be suspended from duty pending dismissal. And with a new Secret Service detail on hand in the even of things going down that way they will get him to court. IF a warrant is issued. We’ll see but it’s hard to see how the AG can do anything else but file charges. This is Trump after all and he will employ every delaying tactic in the book and who knows how many new crimes he’ll commit obstructing justice? But once charges are filed and he’s in the system a lot of folks who’ve been standing by him will have their “Oh SHIT!” moments and beat-feet as far away from him as they can get.

    • Yup, Christmas is about right! 😁💥👍! Anything sooner might work in favor of the gopigs at the midterms 😡. Dotard will be at full throat screaming obsceneties!

  1. As the saying goes, “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine.” I can’t wait to see the “Mango Mussolini” in silver bracelets doing the Perp Walk. I hope they “LOCK HIM UP” and throw away the keys!

  2. Just read a D.K. article R.O.C. wrote. In it he states this: ‘I intend to call my good friend Ronnie,’ meaning Reagan, ‘to make me a plenipotentiary ambassador for the United States with Gorbachev.’ Supposedly that is what former guy said to Bernard Lown in ’86. I have a problem with Mr.Lown’s “recollection” and it is this: former guy not only has never known what “plenipotentiary” means, I would be VERY surprised if he were able to even pronounce it. He might have been trying to get a cush ambassador job out of Ronnie but he damned sure did not use those words to get one. In fact, I seriously doubt he even tried to do that. In ’86 he was still a party-boy “businessman” thinking he could buy and sell NYC. We know now he was incapable of selling water to someone having just made a desert crossing. I’m just not buying what Lown is peddling.

    Now, could former guy have given up CIA assets to foreign governments? Of course he could have and likely did. But saying he was someone interested in becoming something he did not know existed and wouldn’t have the ability to voice even if he did, is asinine. Let’s not give Donnie anymore credit than he deserves and that is he could steal docs and blab about things he damned sure shouldn’t, especially if he could earn a buck, but he is NOT some secret agent plant or anything even close. If he were capable of even pronouncing “plenipotentiary”, he would be a lot more dangerous than he is-let’s thank whatever deity relevant that he is a clown.

    I do however kind of wish he were if only because it would guarantee him three hots and a cot in the federal penal system for a very, very, long time.

  3. It seems that as of these last few days, Trump’s rhetoric is collapsing and the result will be a constant whine in the air at Mar-O-Golf, Gym Jordan, everyone’s favorite, “Fun Time”, wrestling coach, has been laying down a barrage of calls against Democrats, as the root of, “all Poor Trump’s”, problems and any other things he can stir up to distract from the main flow of data against Trump, the DOJ, the FBI and all the incoming data being collected by the Jan06 committee …

    The Devin Nunes, we can’t wait to hear his BS, dumber than that proverbial rock, has been shaken out of his latest dream of young naked girls, is already trying to move stuff around, so HE won’t get caught in the turmoil of Trump’s defeated attempt to avoid responsibility for ALL his crimes …

  4. From the moment this thing slithered out of its momma it has been on a downward spiral! It has taken way to many lives and way to many years for KARMA to catch up to this filthy stinking pig but it appears it may have finally found its way to him? This thing has done more to destroy America than anything else has ever done! There is no way to return America to what it was pre this evil POS touching it


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