“Let me tell you of the story of a man named Mike, crack head pillow maker, just as stupid as a spike, one fine day he was trying to earn some loot, along comes Uncle Sam, says I’m giving you the boot. Tax evasion. Boy are you phucked!” — The Ballad Of Mike Lindell

Maybe we should start making book on how much longer Mike Lindell can stay in business. 2023 has not been his year. And like all things connected to Donald Trump, it only gets worse. Lindell went on Steve Bannon’s show and complained that the IRS is auditing him. Seems there’s a problem with employees working remotely. He didn’t give enough details but federal law dictates that remote workers have the same rights as in office workers with respect to minimum wage, breaks, overtime, record keeping, other things. If Lindell’s had three audits in three years it stands to reason that somebody is at the very least not filing the right paperwork. Click into the tweet below and watch the video. It’s amusing.

You heard the comment about “all the wins.” Yep, that must be it. The IRS is jealous. Even though they’re the ultimate winner, usually, just ask Al Capone.

This Pushmi Pullyou posture is head spinning. Now let me see if I have it right: Mike needs us desperately to buy his stock, because he’s got no more cash or credit and he’s had to sell off equipment, or, he’s on top of the world winning one battle after the next? In which case why would the purchase of a pair of slippers mean bupkis? Confused, am I. Splitting, my head is.

Having an IRS audit three years in a row is a massive red flag, particularly if all that is out of order here is the filing of requisite paperwork. But maybe Lindell doesn’t have anybody competent running his day to day business affairs.

Or, alternatively, maybe he’s sending up smoke signals to the IRS that look like money laundering or something else illegal. Filing tax forms is not rocket science. The IRS wants thoroughness, especially in the case of an audit. If he can’t comply with simple audit procedures, something fishy may be afoot.

We can only speculate because he didn’t give Bannon any details. He also made reference to a subpoena but didn’t specify with respect to what. He was subpoenaed last year with respect to a Colorado election security breach. You recall his pal Tina Peters who had charges brought against her in connection with a scheme that allegedly allowed an unauthorized person to access voting machines.

And then the FBI seized his phone while he was going through a Hardee’s drive-thru. That’s not a good sign when they seize the electronics. Go ask Rudy Giuliani, he’ll explain it.

So Halloween month dawns. We’re one week into Fall of 2023 and for the rest of us, things are getting cool but for Mike Lindell the heat is on.



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  1. He seems to be about as loony as anyone could be. Then, he’s gone all in on stollen election insanity, doesn’t say much for his judgment. His business is in trouble, but it’s all someone else’s fault. The IRS, that’s the ticket. Just looks like a complete mess to me.

    • I live in Canada, so perhaps this is an American thing….or just a Trump thing that’s taken hold…..but why do you keep using the word “stollen” (which is a German fruit and nut loaf) when what you’re really trying to say is “stolen” (which is to take another person’t property or right…”. Just sayin’

  2. He needs mental help. He has an addict’s obsessive personality.
    I’ve seen this with people who kick alcohol or drug addiction.
    They simply transfer the addiction to something else.
    Probably why AA pushes them toward religion, far less self-destructive (physically anyway0


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