When the runaway train Roberts court overturned Roe v Wade, attention immediately  turned, thanks to far right dotard Clarence Thomas, to the possible revocation of gay rights and same sex marriage. Little wonder since Thomas licked his chops at revisiting the issue.

There’s just one problem. The issue of same sex marriage currently enjoys a 71% public approval rating. Which makes it an issue that the GOP writ large wants to run from like a scalded cat. But the mainstream GOP don’t mean jack shit anymore.

Politico senior reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan put it perfectly on MSNBC tonight when she said, The GOP has a problem. SCOTUS finally overturning Roe v Wade emboldened the far right GOP base. But Thomas wanting to revisit gay rights and same sex marriage has only  even more emboldened the far, far right wing GOP base.

There is a new case, filed in federal court in Texas in March by a conglomerate of far right retards, engineered by the guy who helped to write Texas’s Sue Abortion Providers SB8, is challenging the Affordable Care Act under the worst possible basis for the gop. I’ll let Politico lay it out

A key piece of the Affordable Care Act is on trial Tuesday as a group of Texans challenge the law’s requirement that insurers cover preventive services — everything from STD screenings and HIV prevention drugs to depression checks and flu shots.

Are you getting this? These fucktards are suing the federal government to stop Obamacare from providing preventative STD checks, as well as the availability of drugs designed to prevent the spread of HIV!

And the reason? Oh, this one is a beauty! My simple mind can’t even begin to grasp the actual concept, so I’ll just let Politico describe it

This challenge, filed in March of 2020 by a group of Texas residents and employers and backed by former Trump officials, argues that the ACA’s preventive care mandates violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and that forcing people to pay for plans that cover STD screenings and HIV prevention drugs will “facilitate and encourage homosexual behavior, prostitution, sexual promiscuity, and intravenous drug use.”

You got that? Full rights, US citizens who just happen to be gay should not have the right to preventative STD testing, and drugs designed to prevent the spread of HIV, simply because God wants to Smite them dead for the sin of being gay, and these Jesus wheezing knuckle draggers shouldn’t have to pay for insurance that keeps them alive.

The case is before federal Judge Reed O’Conner, a far right conservative judge notorious for letting anti abortion, anti Obamacare, anti gay bills to pass, before appellate courts throw them out. Most federal judges live in fear of their decisions being overturned in appellate court. O’Connor seems to relish the thought were far right causes are concerned.

The bench trial started today, and MSNBC is already on it, with CNN and the networks soon to follow. Which presents a nightmare scenario for the GOP going into the 2022 midterm elections.

After all, who doesn’t want somebody, gay or otherwise, to have access through their insurance for preventative STD testing, and more importantly, drugs proven to prevent the spread of HIV? As if the GOP didn’t already have enough negative shit to wade their way through on the way to the ballot box. Don’t touch that dial, this is going to explode.


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  1. The biggest catch that I see is, STDs, AIDS, like monkey pox are not gay exclusive. Just like revoking Roe v Wade has unintended consequences, so will this. But of course, the far right wingnuts don’t care.

    • AIDS basically is. It’s practically impossible for a woman to get AIDS from normal PIV sex and it’s even more difficult for a man to get it.

      “You got that? Full rights, US citizens who just happen to be gay should not have the right to preventative STD testing, and drugs designed to prevent the spread of HIV, simply because God wants to Smite them dead for the sin of being gay, and these Jesus wheezing knuckle draggers shouldn’t have to pay for insurance that keeps them alive.”

      Just checking my copy of the Bill of Rights for where it says anything about gay people having a right to force straight people to treat the diseases they get from being gay……

      Hmmm….nope…not seeing it.

      Also,this paragraph is particularly hilarious considering that the government currently forces full US citizens to associate with people that they have no desire to associate with,which violates freedom of assembly (an enumerated right), declares obvious protests “insurrections” when certain segments of the population gather to petition for redress of grievances (2 enumerated rights), and punishes people more harshly for “hate” crimes against so-called “protected classes” (violation of equal protection).

      I think equal treatment just “feels” like oppression when you’re used to being a member of a privileged protected class that gets other people to pay your medical bills for you all the time.

      Also to the guy who wrote this tear-stained whingefest,aren’t you in antifa there,Murfster?

      Kind of a weird position to take,wanting the government to have more power,in this case, life or death power over gays,isn’t it?

      • Where does the bill of rights say I as a male have to pay premiums to support prevention and care if cervical cancer, something I can never get? Can you really be this stupid?

        • Well Magnus, where does the Bill of Rights say women have to pay for prostate cancer screenings, or for testicular cancer biopies if you or you doc find a lump – you know, stuff WOMEN can never get! Oh, and let’s not forget that from the beginning YOU never had to worry about boner pills being covered by health insurance (hope you’ve never needed them but one day you might and I’m damned sure you’d howl in rage if you had to pay out of pocket) but even though birth control pills have long been used to treat women’s conditions unrelated to actual birth control I’ll bet you were yelling “Hell Yeah” at Rush Limbaugh and his slut shaming bullshit.

          So STFU with your misogynistic bullshit – but to SPECIFICALLY address your question there’s this. There was a faction at the Constitutional Convention opposed to the Bill of Rights for the EXACT reason they knew there would be dumbasses like YOU, who would point to lack of a specific thing being spelled out in language a grade schooler could understand and say “See? SEE? The Bill of Rights doesn’t guarantee THAT!!!!!!” So the framers addressed that, even though dipshits like you (and conservative SCOTUS assholes) like to pretend they didn’t. Check out the Ninth Amendment:
          The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

          Does it suck for you being so WRONG? Are you a dumbass by nature or just willfully ignorant? Maybe you should just take your butt-hurt fee fees and whine to your pals on some INCEL website.

      • Ummm women get aids all the time….I suggest you provide a resource to back up your rather racist rant because that’s all it is at this point.

      • Hello dipshit;
        I see you learned to count to 2 and lo and behold you even learned to spell enumerated what and accomplishment, I suggest you leave the topic of rights and constitution alone, since you don’t have on damn clue as to the meaning of right and constitution.

        Constitution doesn’t give rights it only enumerates certain rights which for your shit for brain means it only lists certain rights, doesn’t mean the unlisted rights don’t exist.

        Leave the understanding of constitution and rights to someone who has actually learned how to engage their brains.

        It is better for people like you to keep their mouth shut least by opening it they announce their stupidity to the world.

      • Women certainly can and do get aids from normal heterosexual sex. I have had a couple of patients that got aids from their husbands who had sex with another woman. Your tirade lacks factual basis.

    • True, but they have that “Street rep”with the far right loonies…Therefore the infringement on their religious rights…It’s pure bullshit, but it’s all we’re going to get now that Roberts has let these trogloodytes out of their caves…

  2. And they want to end all vaccines. Let’s go back to the good old 18th century when 1 in 3 children died before the age of 5, from what are now completely preventable diseases.

    • Covid jabs aren’t vaccines. No vaccine in history has ever used MRNA to modify your genetic code to produce pieces of a virus.

      A vaccine is a dead or weakened virus that is injected into you so that your white blood cells can kill it and learn that it is a threat to your body and recognize it in the future.

      • Oh Mickey, you really are an insufferably ignorant POS. Seriously, you’ve shown your ass (where you clearly keep what little brain you have) twice now, and the rest of us are laughing at you for it while simultaneously praying that you DIAF or a mass shooting. We’re good with either.

  3. Just read that doctors just diagnosed the first US polio case in decades in New York. Repeated measles outbreaks, now Polio – DEADLY diseases eradicated by vaccines – now back in the US thanks to anti-vax idiocy.
    Many of these nuts simply have no recollection of dead children, iron lungs, kids in leg braces crippled for life by these & other completely preventable diseases – but if folks like DeSantis & the rest have their way, they – & the rest of Americans – soon will.
    EVERY ONE of these anti-science, anti-education, anti-common sense “officials” deserves to be held accountable for every sick. &/or desd American lost as a result of their anti-vax BS. It’s time for “our” Congress to start ejecting the Insurrectionists & the purveyors of politically motivated Deadly Disinformation – before more long-gone diseases reappear & kill & cripple more Americans!

    • Oddly enough the polio case was from my people-a young Orthodox Jewish man. Even more odd is this: Jewish law prohibits us from refusing things that save our health and lives–like vaccines. That young man and the RWNJ group he belonged to (yes, we have them too), was violating Torah.

      Jews are not anti-science. Are there anomalies? Of course-we’re not a monolithic block of people just like every other grouping of humans. My Chabad rabbi’s father is a rabbi and holds a PhD in Physics. This young man and the group he belongs to is as much of an embarrassment to us as the crazies in any family. And they are not the norm amongst our people.

      My understanding is this young man is suffering from some paralysis-that cannot be cured so his stupidity will have a cost mainly in the suffering he will now have for the rest of his life. Hope it was worth it.

    • “Just read that doctors just diagnosed the first US polio case in decades in New York. Repeated measles outbreaks, now Polio – DEADLY diseases eradicated by vaccines – now back in the US thanks to anti-vax idiocy.”

      Yeah…it’s not due to being against vaccines. If it is,then it’s the tendency of the millions of illegal aliens pouring across the border’s “anti-vax idiocy”. Eradicated diseases don’t just come back on their own. They have to be brought back from people that come from populations where they haven’t been eradicated. That is, people from nowhere in the Anglosphere or Europe,where the entire population is vaccinated against these diseases.

  4. This is why it was always a mistake to focus too hard on SCOTUS. If you can’t get the culture to come along for the ride, any decisions they make won’t stick anyway. This is all but signaling with a flare gun that the Roberts court needs to be regulated by outside parties.

    I see the current setup of SCOTUS ending one of three ways: 1) Thomas is forced to resign or becomes the first Justice to be impeached, depending on how deep into the J6 business he’s involved. He’s a convenient scapegoat for whom all the blame of recent decisions can be hung, 2) SCOTUS is fundamentally changed, either through court expansion or term limits (as seen in the recent House bill). This is the LAST thing Roberts wants, BTW, 3) a couple of Justices, possibly including Thomas, retire or die, leaving open change of the court’s ideological makeup, Biden makes his picks and the whole fuss dies back down. Not an ideal outcome but it does reckon with the laziness of the American public.

  5. Please don’t use “retard” to describe Republicans. There are plenty of other things to call them without offending those with intellectual disabilities.


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