Stop me if you’ve heard this before. We have an election coming up. It is not the job 0f the Senate to decide who should be President, that should be up to the people of the United States in November. Sound familiar? That was of course GOP Senate Minority Leader Ditch McConnell on the floor of the US Senate, explaining why he wouldn’t vote to convict Trump in impeachment for his infamous perfect phone call to then newly sworn in Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelenskyy.

How bout this one? Make no mistake about it. President Trump was morally and legally responsible for the Capitol riot. But that is not a reason to impeach him. He’s lost, and he will be out of office on January 20th. Impeachment is not the answer. But make no mistake. There are still civil and criminal cases that can be brought once he’s no longer in power. President Trump hasn’t gotten away with anything, yet. Any guesses? Yeah, Bitch McConnell again, explaining from the well of the Senate why he wouldn’t start Trump’s Capitol riot impeachment trial until after January 20th.

Notice the common thread here? It’s rather simple. No matter what criminal activity a sitting President of the United States engages in, impeachment is never the answer! That is up to the voters to decide in the next election, when they decide whether or not to reelect him. And if he loses, and still is in office, impeachment still isn’t the answer, because that’s what the civil and criminal courts are for. Totally consistent, until you notice that Trump acolyte James Comer, the GOP Chair of the Oversight committee, is ready to vote tomorrow to impeach President Joe Biden, even if he can’t find an impeachable offense.

But somebody needs to make sure that the GOP Senate gets the memo. Traitor Tot. Isn’t. President. Anymore! because as Trump’s legal problems continue to pile up around him, four separate indictments now, two federal, and two from other separate state venues, the GOP is still sticking to the same old tired bullsh*t. Only it doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Here’s another one for you, hot off of the presses. This is outrageous! President Trump is going to be the GOP nominee for President in 2024. And the far left liberal Biden GOP, along with far left states are persecuting President Trump because he’ll beat Joe Biden in November. This isn’t about criminal charges, this is about rigging an election. Let the people decide next November whether or not that want President Trump to get back into office.

Doesn’t sound familiar? It was alleged lawyer and GOP South Carolina Senator Leningrad Lindsey Graham spouting off earlier today on, where else, FUX News. And the sad part is that Graham is the only one spewing out this sh*t. In short order both Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton went on the air to spout the same lame bullsh*t. There’s just one small problem.

They’re mixing apples and oranges. In the Manhattan DA case, Trump is accused of crimes he committed before he became President. In the DC federal case and the Fulton county DA case, he’s charged wit crimes committed while he was President. And in the Mar-A-Lago case, Trump is charged with unlawful possession of classified documents after he left office, and obstruction of justice in trying to keep them once ordered to return them. But here’s the thing. What they’re doing is to spread the old octopus ink bag to muddy the water while the octopus escapes.

Let’s look at this logically with a hypothetical, shall we? Let’s just say that I’m a GOP candidate running for President. I also just happen to be a virulent drunk. And in the space of four months, I’m arrested and arraigned on four separate counts of vehicular homicide while DUI. This should be immediately disqualifying for any run for office, local, state or federal. The problem is that my popularity in the primaries is at 54%, and I’m running against a perceived soft opponent in the general election.

And so GOP Senate slaves like Cruz, Cotton and Lindsey dump the bag of ink trying to muddy the waters. The simple fact of the matter is that the two have nothing to do with each other! I’m not President, and neither is Traitor Tot anymore. But by their twisted, convoluted logic, local, state, and federal crimes are inconsequential if I’m running for public office. It’s the voters who should decide whether or not I’m qualified for office, and if they say no, then f*ck justice for the innocent victims I put in the ground in a drunken spree.

I cannot tell you how much this pisses me off! By the logic of a handful of power drunk, cowardly political sycophants, if a brazen criminal like Traitor Tot has a chance to return to the White House, and return them to power, then the lives and miseries of the people he trashed are nothing more than collateral damage. What the F*CK?!

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  1. Murf, looking at things logically when those things are or involve the gop, is not being logical. You cannot be logical when writing about or dealing with ‘pubes in the house, senate, or state legislatures. When they are not outright idiots (and quite frankly I think saying you’re a republican means you’re a VERY dim bulb) they are dishonest hucksters lining their pockets or the pockets of the people who own them. Using logic is a waste of a couple of good brain cells that can be better used to solve problems that might have solutions–the climate crisis comes immediately to mind although the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything needs a better answer than 42.

    • “Very dim bulb.”
      Or calculating bastid gobshite intent on enriching himself and using power to control others. It is likely.60-50 in the Senate for the basis segment,,and the reverse for the House, because thevdim.bulbs never posture for the cameras and shy away from the press and their voters are mostly uneducated, uninformed and pretty bloody dim themselves.

  2. Ladie Lindsee, Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton – what a menagerie, and so believable. I agree with the lack of logic and how galling this whole reprehensible bit of “thought” may be, but I maintain that this is slowly wearing through even to the dotards and deplorables. Think of it like water dripping on a rock: it’s not like water dripping on a sugar cube, the rock takes longer. And I think we all agree that never in a gazillion years will all of them see the light. But I’ll betcha some, even if only few, Thanksgiving family dinners may be a little bit better this year.

  3. Harassing Tillis and Burr’s office when they continued to violate their oaths of office time and again, not to mention Burr’s insider trading, prompted them to have the capital police call me. Of course, all I said was they were public servants and the public could follow their actions. After a nice conversation with the officer, I asked him what law had I violated or what threat had I specifically made. After 30 seconds of silence, he concluded none. I told him the next time these traitors to their oaths call him, he should consider that they want to do their crimes without consequences. That was before the very same gop members supported the beating and killing of the capital police in a violent effort to overthrow our democracy. Now those very same nazis support the criminal getting people killed who are trying to follow the law and prosecute this murderous traitor. The gop is the new nazi party. Instead of brownshirts and swastikas, they were Italian suits and AR-15 pins. Either we smarten up or we’re just as phucked as the 9 million murdered in the camps. It will be only a matter of time and the nature of the means to kill anyone who stands in their way. Trump and these phuckers have already SHOWN us they are willing to kill innocent people and then hold prayer breakfasts. We have a shot Nov 24th to really stop them. If we don’t, and they gain the three branches of government, Hell will follow. Count on it.

  4. From the GOP point of view, no Republican should ever be tried for anything, before, during or after office. He could rape a woman at gunpoint with her fighting and screaming for help while cameras,roll with 5 eyewitnesses–he can do this to ten women under the same sort of circumstances, and still, he shouldn’t be tried. Doesn’t matter that the victim.was 15 and he was 59. Doesn’t matter that he kidnapped the minor. Doesn’t matter that the minor victim immediately called the police, was photographed at the hospital with bruises all over her body and vaginal tears and bruises, and the DNA test proves the identity of the rapist. Nope not good enough. And if person is Trump and the rape of the teen in the main window of Tiffany’s and he shot her at the end, he shouldn’t be prosecuted.

    But if a Democrat had a glass of sherry and had consensual sex with a,woman other than his wife and he is unmarried, throw the book at him.

    There is no crime evil.enough to ever put a GOP.official.on trial, and a speeding ticket for added is reason enough to.impeach


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