Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone

All of the attention lately is in the insidious GOP gerrymandering intended to ensure them if retaking the House in 2022, all is not lost. Because when it all comes down to it, it us still a total of 55-70 competitive or highly competitive districts listed in the Cook Political Report. And if they’re smart, the Democrats will have a secret weapon.

And that weapon is the GOP itself. Those districts are competitive for a reason. And that reason is that, despite the GOP’s best efforts, they contain a high propensity of GOP suburban women voters. And even after 5 years, they still hate Trump and Trumpism. So use it against them.

Trump turned flat out, full on racism and xenophobia into an art form for the GOP. And the GOP’s steadfast refusal to jettison Trump after his second straight popular vote defeat, they are now officially the Racist Trump Party.

Which means that the GOP now truly has a Murderers Row, a rogues gallery if characters like Inglorious MTG, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Bobert, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, and Paul Gosar. Every one if them indefensible.

So make the GOP defend them! One if two things will happen in these swing districts in 2022. Either far right Trombies will win primaries, and be in the ballot in November, or moderate, electable GOP conservatives will make the cut. It doesn’t make any difference.

Treat ’em all the same. Run ads in swing districts playing the Trombie’s Greatest shits,  forcing Trombie candidates to support their brethren, which will cost them the white suburban women’s vote, or for moderate Republicans to refute the radicals, costing them the base Trombie vote. Win/win.

The GOP is in an untenable position. They can’t win without both wings of the party, but the two sides are totally opposed to each ither. Time to show that divide.

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  1. Those suburban white women are still racist as shit. There will be ads featuring bobert and green etc, but they will also see even more racist ads/content against AOC and the squad on every fox program. you are more optimistic than I, the white women vote against trump in texas went against him. they flipped back to their bad bitches republicans down the ballot.

  2. It’s a good analogy. What is a petard? It was a medieval weapon designed to breach walls. You looked for what you assumes was a weak point, and you braced what was essentially a bomb inside a metal shell up against an enemy wall. When the explosive went off, either the force broke through the wall and pushed forward…or it failed to, and all the force of the explosion came right back at your face. What a stupid weapon.

    But a very adept analogy for many of the elements in the modern GOP. Paul Gosar posting a dumb video that gets him censured and kicked off his committees? That’s being metaphorically hoisted on your own petard. And it’s also literally paying the consequences of being an immoral moron.


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