NO! NO! NO! Enough is enough! As of the 5:00 PDT briefing from Las Vegas Metro police, there are 3 dead and 1 critically injured in yet another mass shooting on the campus of UNLV. The shooter is also dead, may he or she rot in hell.

But you know what the truly sad part is? When All In with Chris Hayes started at 5 PM PST, he led off with Trump’s fascist and authoritarian tendencies. You might ask yourself Why? Here’s why. Because according to the tracking criteria, today’s slaughter barely qualifies as a mass casualty event! That’s how totally numb and indifferent we’ve become to mass slaughter engineered by the NRA and their GOP sycophants.

I was born and raised in Chicago some 66 years ago, and lived there for 48 years. And to the best of my recollection, Chicagoans have to go all the way back to The St. Valentines Day Massacre of 1929 to find anything like a similar body count. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 20 years how, and I’m mourning my way through my third mass casualty event.

The first was six years ago, the Route 66 Festival Massacre. And I mean massacre. When I sing We are the Champions! I like to think I’m celebrating my Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup. But when you look at the Route 66 Festival Massacre, Las Vegas became the undisputed champions of a single event mass slaughter.

A couple of years later, it was a deranged woman who jumped the curb on Las Vegas Boulevard to drive down the sidewalk knocking over pedestrians like bowling pins, with her 6 year old in his car seat in the middle row in the van. And now we have three young lives senselessly lost on the UNLV campus, with another fighting for life.

The only rap song I ever liked was Eminem’s Not one more soldier, an homage to his competitor Tupac Shakur. I wish he’d go back to the studio and put out a sequel, Not one more baby! I’d buy the whole damn CD for that one cut.

But there are two issues here I want to deal with, because there are two different groups of self serving, duplicitous, two faced *ssholes out there that are literally getting away with murder. And no, I’m not even going to touch on those Thoughts and prayers GOP pendejo jerk-offs. I’ve already dealt with more than they deserve.

The first soulless batch of pond scum I’m referring to is pretty much the entire Republican party. Because these are the soulless ghouls who, in the aftermath of every national mass tragedy, when cries go up for real gun reform, retort with the totally useless There are families grieving right now. They are preparing to bury their family and friends. This is not the time to politicize this tragic event to score points.

Quick question, sh*t for brains. Exactly when is the proper time to politicize this issue and try to get something done. Most certainly not months or years after the event, we already tried that, and you soulless *ssholes just brushed it off as ancient history, and wanted to move on to tax cuts for the filthy rich. Which is exactly what you tried to do while all of those families were grieving. What’s the difference?

In my younger days I spent 4 1/2 years as a paramedic for a private ambulance company in Chicago. Yeah, exciting. I delivered four babies, including one in a freezing stuck elevator in the Robert Taylor Homes on the south side of Chicago, and got my face kissed wet by a 77 year old woman in a hospital room for saving her life with CPR. These are the kind of events that shape us as human beings.

But I was also one of several units that were called up to street duty when the Chicago Fire Department, including the paramedics went on strike. We were literally handling calls that were normally only handled by CFD units, including auto accidents, and yes, even shootings.

And in that time I learned two invaluable lessons. First, I learned what gunshot wounds look like. Fortunately, during my tour, semi-automatic weapons were a little pricy for Chicago street punks, but to my eye, there wasn’t much difference from what a .44 hollow point bullet could do, they just didn’t come in as fast or frequently. And second, I learned firsthand what raw, primal grief looks like, especially from friends and family members on scene.

And if there’s one thing I learned about that grief, it’s that it knows no bounds. It is total and complete, and it is never going to go away! A quick reality check for these soulless GOP f*cks who don’t want us to politicize the death of their family member or friend. Politicize away!

Their pain is intolerable. And if there’s one thing they want more than any other, since they can’t get their loved one back, it’s that no other family should ever suffer the pain they’re feeling. If Congress ever scheduled a public national vote on a semi automatic weapons ban during the wake, they would gladly reschedule the wake to go and vote. So much for your argument, guys.

You know, every time there’s another mass casualty event in this country, one of the things that the mainstream media likes to highlight is that 90% of gun owners actually support measures like mandatory universal background checks. I have one simple question. Where are all of these anonymous gun owning f*ckers?

If there’s one thing we have all learned from bitter experience, it’s that there’s no use in trying to reason with GOP NRA pocket lint politicians. You can always reason with a milk cow too, for all the good it’s going to do you. But we also learned something else. Popular public constituent pressure works! Following the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida, the traumatized students didn’t leave it to the tone deaf d*ckheads in congress to act, they took matters into their own hands. And being socially media savvy, the mobilized the youth of the nation, and in 2018 40% of GOP incumbents with A+ NRA ratings were voted out of office. They even forced Florida, the petri dish for NRA far right gun laws to change state law to 21 as the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon. And it worked again in 2022, when congress voted through the most comprehensive gun reform in 30 years.

So, here’s my question. If we already know that popular public and constituent pressure works, where are these 90% of registered gun owners who support all of these common sense gun reforms? After all, it’s not like mass shootings are a blue state problem. There are literally more guns than human beings in the United States right now. And without evidence to support it, I’m betting that the majority of them are owned in red states.

It’s not like the redneck deep red states have never been affected. The Walmart shooting in El Paso a few years ago killed more than 20 people. A shooting at a church in Texas killed more than 10 people. The now infamous Uvalde school massacre killed more than 20. The Mother Emmanuel AME church massacre killed nine worshippers in South Carolina. A deranged douchebag in Memphis, Tennessee shot up a religiously affiliated school, killing multiple students and staff members.

My question is, where were these 90% of proud gun owners? We already know that public pressure works. There have to be some portion of this 90% who lost friends and family to these maniacs. Where was the outrage? Where was the overwhelming constituent pressure from all of these precious snowflake gun owners, not only with their national congress critters, but with their state congress critters to get their heads out of their asses, and pass laws to stop the slaughter?

So there ya go. The GOP is so full of sh*t they’re drowning. There is nothing more that the families of victims of gun violence would like more than restrictions on weapons of mass destruction. And it doesn’t matter how or when it happens.

And as for that 90% of responsible gun owners that support commonsense gun restrictions. F*ck you! Money talks, and bullshit walks. Put your goddamn money where your mouth is, and start demanding that your state and federal elected officials get their sh*t together and fix this mess! Otherwise, your lazy, good for nothing asses are no better than the GOP Thoughts and prayers mob. Put up, or shut the f*ck up!

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. This is scary stuff. Any of us literally could be dead tomorrow. I was going to go to my local Trader Joe’s just to stock up on wine and margarita mix, that sort of thing, for the holidays and I was so depressed by this news that I stayed home. But the truth is, I can’t stay home forever, none of us can, and why the hell should we?

    I feel so sorry for kids, school kids of any age and college kids of all ages. When I went to school and to college, this crap didn’t exist. And I went to night law school in my 40’s (which was in the 90’s) and we never worried about some lunatic with a gun.

    I’m sure you’re glad your girls are no longer school children so you don’t have to worry about them getting shot at school. What a burden we put on our children and growing up has enough challenges as it is.

  2. We lost approximately 56,000 boys in Vietnam OVER TEN YEARS! Since 2014 there have been over 39,000 gun deaths EACH PHUCKING YEAR! Think we’re not at war? Think again. It would be safer to serve in combat than go to the phucking store in America. Not the guns? HORSESHIT!!!! I saw a news show about an American, living in Japan, who was the only one allowed to own a gun. He unlocked a cabinet showing reams of stuff he had to do to even get considered, and had to do it every year. They have laws that carry mandatory prison sentences even if you’re caught with ammo. This show was just a couple of years ago…and you want to know how many gun deaths they had that year? ONE. ONE PHUCKING PERSON. In a country with about half our population crammed on a few islands. So the next time these demons from hell say it isn’t the guns…now you know it damn well is. I would like to get through this life without blood on my hands, but I do understand the rage that makes you want to shoot one of these nazis. Maybe they should reconsider their blood money before one of us vermin snap and start shooting Republicans instead of elementary kids or college students. Don’t worry you nazi bastard child killers…my thoughts and prayers will follow you as you descend into the eternal darkness of HELL. Bon Voyage

    • Exactly right Scott. See my “Scott-inspired” comment below comparing the NRA to the IDF.
      I would rather live in Gaza than most cities in the US. Now ain’t THAT sad!

  3. Once again Murf, you have clearly stated what most sentient beings feel.
    I would also add that the old argument of “too soon” is complete BS.
    With mass shootings occurring weekly, we will always be within the “too soon” window.
    And the f*ckers know it.

  4. Nothing will get done until.a mass shooting directly affects some Republicans. The utterly devoid of empathy so they are I capable of putting themselves in the place of a parent whose child was killed in a mass shooting,or someone breaks I to their local office and opens fire. It will.have to be *their*child or grandchild, their staffer, their next door neighbor,before they
    And maybe not even then, because they may love power and money more than family and friends.

  5. Just to put the Hamas caused deaths in Gaza into perspective, Hamas is claiming 16,000 dead Palestinians to date. says that there were 20,138 gun homicides in 2022 and so far in 2023 another 40,100 !!!! So let’s be clear, no matter how hard we try to get at the Hamas leaders and FREE GAZA from their REAL enemies, the IDF still can’t compete with Wayne Lapierre and the NRA. Where are all the protesters on campus and in the streets of America bitching about THAT genocide???!!!!!!!
    Here’s a chant they could try out: “From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Americans will be FREE… of guns!!! “

  6. We have learned over time that the GOP will lie and distort even the Constitution for its own ends, without regard to the original intent or the individual protections the founders hoped they had set into place. The tragic part is that they underestimated the abject greed and lust for power that certain factions would press until the true intent was so obscured that they could get away with virtually anything. This is the route history has always shown to be used by those who would sacrifice as many as possible for their own selfish motives. Even now, look at how “experts” parse words and phrases to give interpretation to ideas that are obscure only because people interpret by deliberately ignoring the obvious intents, both historical and moral. No one wants anyone to remember that the second amendment has EVERYTHING to do with the first part of the amendment, rather than the second. Why? because militias and other organized protection was forbidden by the British parliament, leaving the population defenseless against the British army units stationed around the colonies. It has e everything to do with the right to a standing armed force to protect common interests. But NOOOO. And here we are, watching school children and innocent shoppers mowed down by fanatics who hear only what resonates with their personal prejudices. Their examples? the propaganda machine, well organized and well oiled by corporate interests and nothing else.


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