Oh boy, I’m in deep sh*t now. I was outed today by the far right in connection with the Francis Scott Key bridge tragedy. Apparently I’ve been sending sensitive government information subliminally through my articles to Pyongyang, And Kim sent secret instructions to Singapore to launch the attack. And the kicker is that I got the sensitive information from my cat Samwise, who is secretly shacking up with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s tabby, Cuddles.

I’m kidding of course. Bur I’m kidding in order to make a very serious point. We have reached a state of mental decline in this country where as many as 35-40% of the population voluntarily are now incapable of differentiating reality from sick, twisted pathological fantasy. And they do it for one simple reason. Because it gives them an easy, mental out for being sick, pathetic f*ck ups in their real daily lives.

And n o, I’m noit talking about legitimate mental illness. decades ago Robert DeNiiro starred in Taxi Driver, where a psychotic cabbie killed to protect a young teen hooker played by Jodi Foster. And years later a sick f*ck named John Hinkley shot and killed Beatle John Lennon to impress Jodi Foster. We’ve had these people around forever, and they deserve pity and treatment.

These wankers don’t qualify for that category. The incredible rise in the popularity of Q-Anon can be traced to a single event. Covid-19. Suddenly millions of people who were disgruntled and miserable in their jobs and personal lives had way too much on their hands. These weren’t low level losers, they have jobs and SUV’s, kids and a 401k program. But work was the only thing that got them out of the house, and away from the spouse and kids, and suddenly that was gone, and they were presented full face with their misery and unhappiness. And so they used all that miserable spare time to get hooked on Q-Anon.

Because nothing abdicates personal responsibility like a good conspiracy theory. The blacks are screwing me over with diversity rules! The Mexicans are taking away all the high paying jobs I should get, and using diversity to screw my kids at school! My boss is holding me back because he’s a closet member of the Tri-Lateral Commission, and I don ‘t have a secret decoder ring! And what does that get us? A mental midget sh*t for brains storming into a suburban Virginia pizza joint with an AR-15 to break up a Hillary Clinton run child sex trafficking ring run out of the basement of a building without a basement!

But believe it or not, I don’t blame Q-Anon. That’s just another Trump style online dcam preying on the gullible and lower educated, until the better educated joined the herd to excuse their own pathetic lives and choices.

Actually I blame the Master Sh*head Puppeteer of the willfully mentally deficient. Donald John Trump. From the day he farted his way down that schlock gilt escalator in Trump Tower, with Melania demurely waving her hand back and forth at her waist level, he ran on three basic platforms, racism, sexism, white grievance, and otherism. Three years before Covid, Trump gave outright permission to his nitwit howler monkeys to blame anybody but themselves for their personal deficiencies and fuck ups. After all, traitor Tot was a wildly successful multi billionaire, and even he had to spend his entire life fighting against being screwed by anybody who opposed him.

Trump gave his ragtag mob of lazy, self indulgent losers a blank check to blame somebody else for all of their personal failures and f*ck ups. And they jumped on that opportunity to exonerate themselves for every personal failing or bad decision they had ever made like a hound pouncing on a pork chop bone.

But now they’re carrying the bullsh*t even further. They’re starting to create, promulgate, and even attempt to mainstream bullsh*t conspiracy theories that don’t even impact them! And the tragedy od the purely adccidental super freighter accident at the Francis Scott Key bridge is a perfect example.

There is an insane conspiracy theory out there right now purporting that the accident was engineered simply because Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg is gay! What does Buttigieg being gay have to do with a bridge collision in Baltimore? And what does it matter to the sh*theads promulgating it? Another current favorite of the mental underclass is that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. Yesterday the Maryland Governor lauded the crew of the freighter for sounding a MAYDAY, makin g it possible for the police to shut down the bridge, minimizing what could have been a much greater tragedy. Did ISIS give an advance alert before attacking the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris? Did they give an advance alert before the slaughter at the Balaclava theater in Brussels?

The true casualties of this obscene form of self absolution aren’t the narcissistic *ssholes self absolving their sins, it’s the victims and their family members who suffer from the aspersions made against their loved ones. They’re the ones who pay the ultimate cost for this nonsense.

And that’s what we have to find a way to stop. And there’s a way to do it. The human Port-O-San Alex Jones spent years putting the parents and family members of the Sandy Hook tragedy through a living hell. And now Jones is stuck in his own personal hell, filing bankruptcy to try to minimize a multi billion civil judgement against him. And while we may not be able to stop these mental troglodytes from spreading their vile filth, there has to be a way to hold the site operators liable for the malicious content on their sites. After all, E Jean Carroll just skinned Trump for some $9 million for his defamation. And the Sandy Hook parents got theirs from Alex Jones, or eventually will. It’s time to start hilding these sites civilly liable for the filth they peddle.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I agree Murf, but passing laws to allow any false bullshit to air 24/7, making the owners rich doesn’t help. Allowing presidents Nixon, Regan, the Bushes, and trump to steal the most powerful job on earth and rewarding them for it doesn’t help. Allowing 147 insurrectionists to draw 174k per year while ignoring their job to make viable laws for the common good doesn’t help. Allowing the law to detain us average folks on laws put in place by a criminal for political reasons doesn’t help. Promoting a tv culture of fake reality doesn’t help. I could continue listing many more reasons, but it doesn’t help either, because people aren’t usually interested in the truth. They would, as you point out, rather make up or believe in a lie that makes them feel better, than to live with either an uncomfortable truth or simply a mystery that provides no certainty. Our culture is ok with daily carnage on TV at all times of day, floods the streets with guns, bullshits people that everyone can get rich, and happiness lies in money, power, muscles, boobs, and material possessions. It’s really not hard to see why there are millions of gullible unhappy people in America. The bigger question is are there enough sane, balanced people to right the ship in November, or are we going to become North Korea over the next few decades? Hard to predict.

  2. Um, Murf? Maybe you shouldn’t be criticizing that group “incapable of distinguishing reality from . . . fantasy” when you conflate John Hinckley with Mark David Chapman. Hinckley attempted to kill Reagan to “impress” Jodie Foster because of “Taxi Driver.” Chapman murdered John Lennon (allegedly because of Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”).
    I’m sure it was an unintentional slip but misinformation is misinformation regardless and misinformation helps to play into the mindset of those who don’t or won’t accept reality as it is


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