I swear to God, this is what happens when you let Larry the Cable Guy try practicing brain surgery. It seldom goes well, especially for the patient.

A quick recap. Trump got his schlock McMansion searched. After 3 weeks of fleecing the sheeple online, somebody finally got it through Trump’s concrete skull that letting the DOJ be the ultimate arbiter of what documents were OK to look at was a bad idea.

What Trump needed was a Special Master. But in order to get one of those, first he needed a judge. His motion should have gone before the judge that issued the search warrant, it was his active matter. And highly unlikely that Trump would get the relief he craved there.

The next most logical site would have been a DC federal court, since the White House, the DOJ, and the National Archives are all located there. But DC district court judges were all busy locking away Trump’s street thugs for desecrating the Capitol and mauling cops. Not much mercy there either.

So Trump finally settles on the Walmart choice, a totally unqualified, 41 y.o. freakin’ federal magistrate that he appointed in the last months of his term. And true to form, she accepted jurisdiction over a motion that she was pathetically unqualified to litigate.

And federal magistrate Aileen Cannon came through in the clutch. She ruled today not only that Traitor Tot was entitled to a Special Master, but that the Special Master could rule on matters of executive privilege regarding the papers. Then she shot the moon and ordered the DOJ to stop investigating Trump while the Special Master was working.

Congratulations, magistrate Cannon. That watery whooshing sound you hear is your career advancement opportunities getting flushed down the toilet. Even if you stay on the bench for another 30 years, you will be derisively known in the legal profession, and history, as Trump’s lap poodle judge. And it won’t take long to cement that reputation either. I guarantee you that the next time Trump opens his big, fat, New York mouth, he’s going to crow to an audience somewhere about how his judge did the right thing.

Which creates a huge problem for Chief Justice John Roberts. The DOJ has no choice but to appeal the decision. If Cannon had showed the common sense that God gave a piss ant, and ruled a Special Master could look at documents pertaining to attorney-client privilege, Garland could care less. There are only a handful of those. But the DOJ can’t afford to let a lowly magistrate start making rulings on executive privilege, especially since the SCOTUS has already ruled against Trump twice on the issue.

This case is headed to the Supreme Court. But first it will likely make a pity stop at the conservative 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The best that Roberts could hope for is that the 11th Circuit overturn’s the ruling of their new resident imbecile. Because if they do, that allows the Roberts court to decline to hear the case on appeal, leaving the 11th Circuit ruling as the final word.

But if the 11th Circuit plays GOP political games, and upholds Cannon’s senseless argle-bargle ruling, then it’s off to SCOTUS we go. And an untenable situation for Roberts. Trump has already taken great glee in referring to it as My Supreme Court, in honor of his turning a 5-4 swing court into a far right runaway train. A bad decision here would mar Roberts for all history for running Trump’s far right Supreme Court. Not the legacy he was planning.

But Roberts has one wild card in his deck going for him. Trump has taken great pride in boasting about his Supreme Court. But Supreme Court justices are not lowly federal magistrates. They value highly at least the illusion of their independence. And Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett have all taken turns slapping down Trump’s dick in decisions, especially where executive privilege is concerned.

This is going to be fun watching itself play out. And one more thing to watch for. When the DOJ appeals the ruling, watch for them to ask for a temporary stay blocking the judge’s ruling from taking effect. Because while a judge can enjoin the prosecution from continuing to examine and investigate documents under review, no federal magistrate has the power to order the DOJ to stop investigating a suspect. That was nothing more than craven, cowardly chickenshit nonsense. Don’t touch that dial.


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    • What are you talking about? The judge was so out of line and biased that the verdict was laughable & wrong its pathetic. Linda, sounds like you are still waiting for trump to grab you by the pussy.

      • Rich, not very nice. Comments like yours make it fun to watch hate filled pos, just like you, exsanguinating on a curb. Time to go change your tampon now, princess. You’re stinking up the country.

        • Going to take shower, cause after reading that trash I feel dirty and stinky.
          Can anyone please tell the author of this ..hmmm…politicized JUNK to keep his day time job, of course if IT has it.
          ( it only because I don’t know how it identifies otself!!!🤣)

        • I see we have the magats present. You obviously do not know what this site is about. Figures since, judging by your responses, you seem to know very little at all.

          The nitwit judge issued a ruling that she pulled out of her ass with no tether to reality or more importantly to U.S. law. WTF do you expect anyone capable of cogent thought to say?

    • Amen Linda. So much for unbiased reporting and about giving the facts from both sides equal opportunity. Typical biased liberal media, only this time it really stood out! By the way, I see nothing wrong with having a neutral party examine documents in an effort to eliminate political bias on both sides. This country needs to wake up and stop throwing rocks at each other, learn to negotiate in good faith and maybe we’ll get something done for a change.

      • This article is not meant to be “reporting”. It is an opinion piece or Op-Ed. If you can’t understand that difference, how can you determine whether the news outlet you watch is news or opinion???

      • “neutral party” – what a joke!!! Nothing Trump has his hand in is neutral in ANY way. He’s literally a con-artist who tried to destroy American democracy with a cult of know-nothing followers maintaining his supposed wealth with their bailout donations!

    • Dear Linda:
      Go back to Truth Social where you belong. Or maybe the Saint Joseph Home for the Terminally Bewildered and Utterly Victimized. You have been had just as thoroughly as this judge was bought and paid for. Most of the people who post or write here are intelligent, well dedicated and familiar with the difference between a credible source and Faux Noise.

      For instance,,I have two graduate degrees, was a,reference librarian for two.large city systems and a public school.librarian, have paralegal.training, and have taught college English. I was,also a,Navy Wife with a husband who worked the flight deck of a carrier for 5 cruises (the guys who duck down and let the wing of the plane pass over their head; go watch Top.Gun:Maverick), went into Iraq with Marines,,and was in combat twice.
      You are sadly misinformed on, well, everything.

      You want to hear real.”language”? My retired CPO (23 years in) can give you a,taste of the real.thing.

      Go back to.man who boasted about grabbing women’s crotches and has been accused by 20+accomplished and credible women of sexual.harassment, assault and flatout rape. Who refused to show his taxes which every president since at least Nixon during Watergate has revealed. Being investigated by NY state over unpaid taxes, by the Manhattan D.A. for crimes as yet unspecified, sued by a woman he raped for defamation. Honestly? If he quoted Nixon’s “I am not a crook” line, the stage would likely catch fire because it is such a flaming lie. I.lived in NY during his heyday in the 80s. We all.knew him.for a con artist who used substandard materials in his scrappy condos and used illegal Polish builders to construct them.

      Maybe if you spent some time with your head out if your arsenal and enrolled in community college at least long enough to.learn what a,reputable source us, you might not be smarter, but at least you would be better equipped to.separate truth from.agar Donor’s lies. He lost because millions more Americans were smarter than and voted him.out.

      Or you could just go fuck yourself. Your choice.

        • Ahhh…poor Sebastian…a woman says something honest, correct and smart… And the come back…? A pathetic insult that’s as low as you can go.

        • I was sitting here reading your all of your filthy low life responses and started thinking I just wonder how many of you the ages you are making your mother’s the proudest mother’s there could ever be with the gutter rat language you throw out there like you know these people. None of you have a life to amount to much in fact NOTHING. So cuss me whatever but just keep on making your mom’s proud with those low life mouths

    • Are you truly that much of a moron? Other than the language, the article is spot on. ….. Oh you’re one of those. Good luck with your irrelevance.

      • You’re stupid enough to actually believe it. But hey, that’s why your nothing more then a sheep waiting on the slaughter. Soon princess.. soon!

  1. Last week I slept well, since all the legal pundits were assuring me that NO ONE with a law degree could even read Trump’s pitiful excuse for a motion without falling on the floor in a paroxysm of helpless laughter. I guess it just goes to show that there’s nothing a Trumpista legal whiz won’t do for Big Brother. Please, Oh gods of jurisprudence, don’t put me through the same ordeal with SCOTUS!

    • That was always the wrong way to look at it…but not for the reasons you just said. You should have kept the other side of the coin in mind. To wit, in the event that she DID go with this, there would be consequences for her, Trump and the rest that such a ruling would unleash.

      Recall what happened when SCOTUS flushed Roe. Recall that this is far from the only case the DOJ has against Trump. Once you have done these things, BREATHE. As Bill Palmer likes to say, this DOJ is no damsel in distress and likely knew this could happen. That’s why they’re in this job and we’re not.

      • Yes..when abortions were given back to where they belonged, there were protests by whores who use abortion as birth control. SCOTUS ruling also showed the world what racist pos you all are.. and that the legal system works for whomever agrees with their political agenda. Consequences we all knew about, but you all were hoping to keep hidden. You do understand that the Federal Govt never should have had anything to do with abortions, right? Or do you not understand Enumerated Rights? Of course you don’t. You all have been saying the same crap for 6 years now. “Trump will be arrested. Trump is under investigation for killing Jesus Christ.” Yet, it’s never happened. If it did, I’d love to see how the Secret Service is going to be housed in the same cell as Trump. So..how’s that Fauchi ouchie working for all of you? Fucking idiots.

        • Enumerated Rights? Really? THAT is your case? Because it’s EXACTLY why many didn’t want there to be a Bill of Rights at all. Believing as you once again have proven that there would be assholes who would point to it and go “See? SEE? THAT isn’t spelled out in the Bill of Rights so it doesn’t exist!”

          But you dipshit a compromised was reached, which you oh so conveniently ignore. It’s even in the Bill of Rights! Amendment 9 to be exact. Since you’re capable of reading here’s the text: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” You showed what you are with your “whores” comment – a misogynistic piece of Trump “hamberder” turd who wishes he could get away with grabbing pussies and sexually assaulting women. Who looks at them as nothing more than fucktoys for you and your ilk, and incubators for your Deliverance mountain men offspring. One final thought. Estimates from people who know stuff indicate that at least thirty percent of fertilized eggs (many estimates run closer to forty percent and a few even higher) never implant in the uterine wall. They just pass right on out of a woman’s body, and more dislodge because she has one last “period” before all the hormones for pregancy kick in and stop it. So if God is omnipotent and all is “God’s Will” then GOD IS THE BIGGEST/MOST PROLIFIC ABORTIONIST OF ALL! Take your shit and go away.

          • Cut and paste moron is back. Do you always make up your own facts or is it a recent thing? I’d bet big money your mom wished she swallowed! You are the poster child for abortion. Make up some more of your “facts”. Your delusions are funny. Time for you to go back and rape your daughter Pedo!

          • Now we see it – like your ersatz hero Trump and so many MAGAts your projection of bullshit accusations against me says what and who YOU are. Cut and paste? Unlike you I provided links to actual factual stuff. You know, like credible outlets that cite actual statues from the U>s Federal Code, or the actual Constitution (Article 9 – are you saying I’m lying about that?)

            You know what, I was in fact foolish to engage in a battle of wits with a WILFULLY unarmed person. Or maybe not unarmed with knowledge, but a fucking liar. I’m done trying to reason with you and even provide actual laws to cite. You should start planning your attempts to arrange conjugal visits to Trump once he’s in prison. Like saving up for an Ivanka costume and wig.

          • So no, you don’t know shit about enumerated rights. You could have said it with one line instead of your never ending novella’s you give as answers.

        • A million people died from Covid in the US alone, and if Fauci hadn’t been at the NIH during that time it would have been 5 million.

  2. So this is what passes as journalism? You wonder why the people have no faith in anything the media has to say? All. Not just some. All media. You all have an agenda. Yours just happens to be an agenda filled with hate. Your pos in the White House declared half the country to be terrorists. Reading bs like this shows that this hate-filled waste of a human, heard Joe, and has adopted his declaration. Good luck with that. It’s never turned out well for people or media outlets that have openly called “terrorists” names and decided to vilify their very existence. It’s a sad time in this country. And you can’t blame Trump for it this time. This is your own hate.

    • Glad to see someone on this feed has some sense. Just mention something about Trump and people so easily get sidetracked from the real issues this administration caused. Crisis like the out of control boarder, crime, drugs, inflation, a once energy dominate US now begging advisaries for oil…. can go on and on. People need to goucusvonnyhese bad policies destroying America not a past president!

      • Said the idiot who enjoys the status of my Country right now. No worries. Enjoy it while you can. Not much time left for you and those of a similar ilk.

        • Um, I was born here. If you don’t like being here you can move please

          Trump can run every 4 years and any dem would always clean that losers clock 😀 Trump LOST 4 million jobs in 4 years.
          Biden CREATED 10 million jobs in less than 2 years!
          VOTE BLUE!

          • Make no mistake about it, this is not your country. Anything you could hate as much as you do, anything you could care less about like you do, is not and never will be yours. One of us will leave. I guarantee that hate loses. And I can also guarantee that you are not going to like where you will be relocating too. Every pos that has embraced the ideology that if you disagree with someone and their politics, you are a terrorist, will be treated as nothing more then a cur. A dreg of society that will receive the karma they deserve. You’re not an American. You are just a visitor who’s visa is up.

        • My cousin try too, dipshit. And I have practically nothing in Social.Security because no one hires educated military wives. I have 2 grad degrees. Yes,,I sacrificed my own financial.gain for him.

          What have YOU sacrificed? For that matter, what has Donnie Donuts sacrificed? He made money off his hotel while president.

        • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you repubs crack me up!

    • No,Biden did not declare half the country try terrorists. That was YOUR giy, who called everyone who didn’t vote for him, criticized him, believes he is a rapist and generally is better educated than him.(Dad bought b him that degree) a terrorist.
      I loathe Trump. I loathe him.because unlike you,I can read and think critically. Biden made a clear distinction between most of the GOP and deluded, poorly educated, incapable of telling a reputable source from a poor one, MAGAts. You know, like the ones,who called for Lenders execution, beat Capitol.Police, pepper sprayed them, defecated in the Capitol, stole laptops, and tried to hunt down Dems like AOC and others with the intent of killing them ,on 1/6. I wanted Fat Donnie voted out, never killed. And you call.these people patriots.

      You know who is a REAL patriot? My husband, who despises Cadet Bonespurs, and served in the Navy for 23_years,,worked a flightdeck, went into Iraq with Marines. How many years did YOU serve?

    • Nothing wrong? You are not looking at the issue. I bet you were all about the Clinton emails. This shit STOLE, mis handled and obstructed. Probably sold out American security putting all at risk. It’s political every time ‘IT” gets favorable treatment.

  3. tRump will continue to do what he really does well until his feet are held to the fire of laws. His armor of lies must be pierced to end his modus operandi. Is this our world today. Is this the new norm. God help us. We can’t seem to help ourselves.

  4. This is one of the worst, most biased, least realistic articles I’ve ever seen claimed to be news..
    Judge Aileen Cannon is a federal district court judge, appointed by the president and confirmed by the US Senate. Magistrates are essentially administrative assistants to district judges and are not confirmed by the Senate. For something as important as this case, it’s a reasonable position to expect a fully appointed and confirmed district judge to preside.
    The issue of executive privilege should rightly be reviewed by the presiding judge, as well as the issue of whether the US president, while in office, has the absolute sole discretion to declassify any and all documents and information they choose.
    The US judicial system is a filthy disgusting mess and this goes for every inch of it. Anyone who insists that one side is virtuous and the other side is treacherous is living in a perpendicular universe. The two sides involved are the inside and the outside. And this is what got Trump in so much trouble to begin with. Trump would not be nearly so hated as he is, if he had not challenged the lawyer cartel. They are so powerful, including the FBI, that they can impose a mass hypnosis on society.

    • You want to get into fine, technical points? Okay. For the record (and on the plus side) this judge went to Duke for undergrad and University of Michican for law school. Some might say Michigan isn’t some fancy pants Ivy or equivalent law school but it is in fact top tier even though UM is a public university. Unless I’m mistaken she also clerked for a federal judge, although not one in a jurisdiction that saw much key action, but it’s at least something. Now for the flip side. She’s not quite forty years old and had no experience in a federal courtroom. But what I think really matters is she signed on with The Federalist Society out of the gate for grooming (indoctrination isn’t needed – lawyers get involved because they already want to be activists) and you can deny and/or protest all you want but they were formed PRECISELY to use the law and the courts (especially someday SCOTUS) to do what they knew they’d never be able to do via elected legistlatures – impose their back to Articles of Confederation style control by the few of the many with no federal ability to make them part of an actual country.

      Not all such appoinitees have fully gone along with the program (so to speak) once granted their lifetime appointments. Funny thing about federal judges – some, even those who it was widely believed would be lapdogs decide the law and the Constitution outrank ideology. At least some of the time. And more than one President has been upset over a SCOTUS pick not doing what they wanted, with the most famous I think being David Souter who was NOTHING like Bush 41 had anticipated. (The elder Bush said Souter was his biggest mistake!) And Trump has in fact had some of his own appointees follow the law and rule against him.

      But NOT in this case.

      It’s established law and precedent that Executive Privilege is vested in the SITTING Chief Executive (President) and not a former holder of the Office. So, right on the face of it since the current President has kept his mitts out of this (as he should) Trump has NO Executive Privilege to invoke. Second, as first established in U.S. v Nixon there can be no such claim when potential criminal matters are under investigation. Even the current SCOTUS hasn’t fucked with this concept. Trump has NO EP to hide behind. Zero. Zip. NADA. So on that point, law and precedent mean Judge Cannon has crawled out on a thin, shaky limb and handed a saw to those who believe in the rule of law. Including her superiors up at SCOTUS which is where this will almost certainly wind up. She knows it. Everyone knows it. It’s simply another example of Trump trying to delay and run out the clock.

      Second, even attorney-client privilege doesn’t exist in certain situations. Look up attorney-client privilege and the crime/fraud exception. Hell, just ask former Trumpkin Michael Cohen about it!

      Third, the documents Trump took from the WH were NEVER his. Not even notes from other leaders like his asshole buddy from NK! They belong to the people of the United States and there is a law, The Presidential Records Act that says so, along with how such documents are to be preserved (NOT by ripping them up to pieces as Trump is known to have done – staff at the WH had to assign someone to tape that shit back together before filing it so it would be forwarded to the Archives eventually! Even in Presidential Libraries, ALL those documents do NOT belong to or are under the control of the former Presidents or their descendants. Those documents/records belong to the people of the United States, and permanent staff from the National Archives manage/control them!

      Finally, and most importantly NOTHING allows for Trump to have either as President or as a former President haul off classified information (some of it not just Top Secret/SCI but Top Secret/SAP – the latter designation being especially important because it involves ongoing and highly senstive active operations and sources in danger if exposed) off to their fucking golf club. Or even the upstairs office at the WH. Every President before Trump would review such stuff in the presence of a National Security aide with the proper clearance who would (or was supposed to according to law and procedures) return it to secure storage when the President was done looking at it! You obviously don’t know the fist fucking thing about classified information, but you know what. I’ll bet dollars to donuts you are ANGRY that Reality Winner, who stole a single classified (and nowhere near the level Trump go caught red-handed with) document isn’t in prison for the rest of her life!

      YOU I’ll bet would beg for a chance to wipe the “hamberder”/burnt steak shit off Trump’s ass to be in his presence to hear him rant about “Hillary’s emails.” Which in case you didn’t know had attachments with a paragraph here or there marked (c) at the beginning indicating Confidential. It’s doubtful she ever read enough to know that shit was in about a half-dozen of those emails which got bounced around making it seem like she was spreading stuff far and wide. She got all kinds of stuff and like most of us had time to read the actual first paragraph of an email and didn’t dig through all the stuff that came with it. AND that stuff had been downgraded anyway. AND her server was secure, much more so than the private email systems her predecessors used! She took security seriously enough to set up a full-on encrypted server with all the bells and whistles and try as he might Comey couldn’t find one of his tech people who could tell him it had ever been accessed!

      But we KNOW Trump was careless with highly classified information all along. In his fucking dining room at Mar A Lago he’d have classified documents and photos out while discussing them with foreign leaders he like while people, just average rich assholes who wanted to be part of his club would walk by! How many were actually foreign agents or making some money reporting on what they saw/heard? And assholes like you, and worse GOP elected officials didn’t howl at the moon or even raise a fuss! If you’re going to sit there and tell me that if Obama, or Biden had done anything like that, or stole hundreds of highly classified documents on the way out the door you wouldn’t be calling for another mob to storm wherever they were and haul them out to be drawn and quartered and have their heads put on pikes the YOU are a GODDMANED liar!

      But this judge is way the fuck out over he skis. There is nothing in the law or precedent for her to hang her hat on. She knows it and so does every conservative in Congress and in the courts. Trump wanted to buy time – for a guilty person delay is almost as good as an acquittal and he has spent a lifetime using delay. But THIS time, he’s facing a force that won’t be denied. He didn’t just break the law with the Presidential Records Act, he’s committed what are felonies under federal law against our National Security and it’s not just the classified documents themselves that are relevant. It’s clear they were mixed in rather haphazardly with all sorts of other stuff and it follows that the FBI would want to, and in fact NEED to talk with people connected to that other stuff to see why stuff they discussed with Trump was mixed in with National Security documents!

      But this judge has decided to be loyal to Trump instead of the Constitution (as she swore to do), the law/precedent and even our NATIONAL SECURITY. So go fuck yourself!

      • Dear God, so long and you said absolutely nothing. You must love yourself, think you’re smart…you’re not. Just a moron who enjoys the cut and paste idiocy of someone who steals someone else’s writings and claim they are your own. You made zero truthful or honest points. Just more bs you were fed on your favorite news show. You apparently got your law degree from YouTube because everything you sited is complete drivel. I don’t think I’ve read a more uneducated, unintelligent, unrealistic group of paragraphs like the ones you just cut and pasted for all to lose iq points and brain cells. It’s idiots like you that have got to remember to tighten up your helmets before running into anymore walls. To say you’re on the spectrum would be the understatement of the century. Tighten your helmet, and please stop eating the paint chips Rainman.

        • What, specifically/exactly did I lie about? Judge Cannon went to Duke for her undergrad degree and Michigan for her law degree. Both are highly regarded institutions and I acknowledged those facts. Her clerkship was for a judge in a circuit that doesn’t see much in the way of cases that “make noise” in the appeals process. She never did actual courtroom work/pleadings. She’s a littly shy of forty and not all that experienced. Can you dispute ANY of that? Either the complimentary stuff or the “ho hum” stuff? No, because every bit is accurate and easily verfified.

          She has been a Federalist Society adherent from early on. Hell, sometimes they don’t even wait for people to even start law school to accept them into the fold. And their name notwithstanding (the original Federalists who were the driving force to have a Constitutional Convention to replace the Articles of Confederation were staunch PROPONENTS of a strong central/federal government!) the goals of that organization are now known. Some of them have in fact developed/displayed a level of independence and respect for precedent despite their Federalist Society roots but many have not and Judge Cannon has shown herself to be in the latter group.

          Executive Privilege lies with the existing Chief Executive. Once a President is out of Office they have nothing to say about it. Courts up to and including SCOTUS have granted deference in disputes with Congress on Separation of Powers issues, but in criminal matters Presidents are shit outta luck when it comes to using it as a shield. U.S. v Nixon might be the biggest slap in the face but it wasn’t the first. Jefferson was I believe the first President to get slapped down by SCOTUS when he tried to use it to shield his VP (Aaron Burr) from prosecution. So just what have I lied about?

          Let’s talk Presidential Records. The Presidential Records Act is in fact a federal law, and has been updated since first passed (prompted by Nixon’s antics) well over forty years ago. Please, I beg you tell me what I lied about when I indicated Presidential documents/records are the people’s property and that Presidents (and their staffs) have a legal responsibility to preserve and protect them and turn them over to the National Archives who will forever after (at least unless/until the law is changed) be responsible for them no matter where they reside or are stored.

          Let’s talk national security and classified information. There’s of course The Espionage Act which applies since there’s ample evidence Trump shared classified information with not just foreign leaders not entitled to it but foreign leaders who everyone but he and his enablers know to be enemies of the U.S. and the free world. That’s just for starters though. There are other laws and directives pertaining to control of, access to and properly securing classified information and criminal penalties are consequences of failing to do so. From my own time in the Service I know this to be a FACT, as on multiple occasions while standing duty in the Pentagon while on asssigned “sweeps” of secure spaces we’d sometimes find unsecured classified documents. And yes, not only were clearances revoked first thing in the morning by the higher ups, charges were brought (Courts Martial for military folks, criminal charges “in town” for civilians) and convictions obtained that led to fines and/or incarceration. Usually over a single fucking document! So don’t sit there and tell me that I lied about this stuff. Look at the law. Look at the orders/procedures used by everyone BUT Trump because he’s god or Jeebus to people like you. And again I say if you sit there and say if it was ANY Democratic President you wouldn’t be calling for summary execution! Because once again I’ll call you a goddamned liar!

          Yes, I wrote a lot. And if you read it you must be suffering third degree burns from the truth of what I said. I can back up my statements as being true. You can call me a liar but that doesn’t make it so. Because you don’t have and facts or law other than “Trump sez” to back you up. I’d say it must suck for you, but clearly you will just chug more invermectic and bleached laces orange Kool-Aid to dull you from the pain of the truth that your fucked up excuse for a hero is a con-man who should have been in jail long before he ever became President. And he deserves to DIE in jail.

          • Again with the cut and paste vomit from one of your mind-altering news shows. I can’t even be bothered to read your trash. You apparently have no clue about law, no clue about precedent, and no clue about case law. I can’t waste my time reading nothing more then the ramblings of an autistic idiot who is busy counting matchsticks while waiting for Wopner to come on. As I said, tighten up your helmet and for Gods sake stop eating the paint chips. There are medications you can take that will curb your delusions and replace your hate with ambivalence. Get the help you need. Quickly!

        • Wow, could you be more rude? And you wonder why people hate you and your cult. When is the last time you left your mom’s basement? For a klan meeting with other entitled mayonnaise goblins? Go find someplace else to play, you are not welcome here.

    • He is hated for all sorts of reasons but mostly for his lack of respect for Democratic norms. Close second is his ineptitude at everything other than conning people, he’s especially good at it.

      • Hey idiot, we are not, never we’re, and never will be a democracy. We are now and have always been a Constitutional Republic. Go research the difference Cupcake.

  5. If Trump can keep braking the law then everyone should be excused for braking the law. I can think of a lot of thing peoples is locked up for less then this. And putting our peoples and country in jeopardy. Remember America is a milk shake with all kinds in it.So some of our Enemies are already here❗️Trump sold us out‼️💯❤️

    • We have this wild thing in the law. I think it might be new, but it’s called Due Process. What that means is that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If the concept gives you problems, talk to one of the liberal morons above who will tell you that it really doesn’t exist for conservatives.‼️💯 ❤️

  6. I do not see anything literally anything from seb wolf proving anything that was stated as wrong. Only name calling and say those people are wrong… come on wolf let’s get some facts as to why he is innocent

  7. Never argue with a fool…those watching may not be able to tell the difference. To paraphrase Mark Twain. Cult members have plenty of propaganda to turn to to support their delusions & LIES. A wolf in a red hat is still a cult member. Drink up your grape juice for Jesus/trump/next con man, so on & so on.

    • So due process is propaganda, delusional and a lie. You raped your daughter, didn’t you.. only an inbred uneducated dumbfuck would say that about due process. More cannon fodder!

      • Don’t expose your personal history like that. I recommend your daughter seek an abortion since you are the daddy. No use perpetuating nazi morons in the world. Thanks for the heads up! How’s the weather in Moscow?

        • So you do believe due process is propaganda.. Ok. Good to know exactly who believes in disparaging and taking away someone’s Constitutional Rights. And who’s the Nazi? You look official in that brown shirt. Way to go!

          • Such drivel from a mental midget, shows your lack of communication skills, using slang and a damning lack of common sense that puts you in a special class … A twitt that should be reminded that these people you so like to blast with your list of scummy comments, come from a background of military service and educational excellence, something you obviously know nothing about … simple minded fools like you, soon run out of gas, something that should be recognized in Trump, who repeats his endless lies, until now, as he is beginning to feel the real heat of discovery and the punishment that waits for him, as from every side at once, he has lost support from most Republicans, seems they don’t want his criminal records to interfere with their futures.

            Since Trump is blowing away any chance for deliverance from the chaos he created, continues to spread, and his huge ignorance of the laws and actual responsibilities to the Nation and the Citizens of these United States, blinded by his Malignant and complete Narcissism’s, not giving one shit about you and your language quirks, you have nothing to offer him, other than your stupidity, that allows him to control your mind, what there is of it …

            Good Luck Wolf, the thin ice surrounding Trump is starting to crack, you will be so proud, I’m sure, to follow Trump into that hell he surely deserves …


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