Law is like every other profession, there are some great jobs, there are some that one wishes they didn’t have to go to at all. Law is also a lot like the porn industry, There’s a lot of whoring going on. But selling your body or selling your law license, everybody has limits. I venture to say that Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer hit his own personal professional wall today. I would be very surprised indeed if the man didn’t go home, pour himself a scotch and examine what he was doing with his life.

The first clip is the lawyer talking to the judge. The judge is being a perfect gentlemen, pointing out the obvious to the lawyer. I have personally witnessed situations where a judge was not so nice and ripped a lawyer to shreds for far less than this. But this judge, I believe it’s Scott McAfee, is known for being a good guy. He’s 34-years-old, quite a young age to be at the center of one of the most insane cases to come before the bar in the history of the State of Georgia.

I did enjoy both of these clips, and for the same reason. They both illustrate the clash between simple real world facts and the fantasy that right-wing media would like to sell the MAGA cult. Rudy Giuliani is full of it. He’s been full of it for some time. And he is going to end up flat broke and quite conceivably behind bars. And nobody is going to pardon him. He’s past all that.

As stated, the judge is being a perfect gentleman. He’s stating the obvious and he’s stating it to a man who looks to be old enough to be his father. That’s another irony in all this, is that Judge McAfee was elevated to the bench a mere six months or so before he ended up with this circus act of a case showing up in front of him.

But I give the man all credit, he’s handled it all professionally. What is that old saying, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them?” Judge McAfee has had something thrust upon him, in the guise of the Georgia election racketeering case. When all is said and done I don’t know if “greatness” will be what it is remembered for. But it will be remembered for pathetic moments just like this one and for the abject stupidity and desperation by malefactors such as Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, just go down the list of defendants and keep going, who brought all this about.

Meanwhile, Rudy is talking about suing Cassidy Hutchinson and OMG, what a joke that is! Look at the caliber of legal counsel he’s already got engaged.

I wonder how Rudy looks in orange. And I wonder if he knows what happens to former prosecutors like himself who end up in the joint with the other cons. Maybe Rudy will luck out and get sent to a minimum security white collar crime prison. That is his only hope.

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  1. Will he have the time or the money to sue anyone? His former legal assistant, Noelle Dunphy, is suing him for $10 million for abuse she allegedly suffered on the job. A Guardian story says he allegedly,

    “often demanded oral sex while he took phone calls on speaker phone from high-profile friends and clients, including then-President Trump.”

    That kind of creepy testimony isn’t going to help Giuliani in his lawsuit, and it might even encourage Hutchinson to launch one of her own.

  2. He should have died when the towers fell. Now it’s death by a thousand cuts, most by his own hand. Who ever thought Greek tragedies continued this late in history?

    • America’s Mayor only went without a hazmat respirator when speaking to the press. He was a,sham. And he used NYPD to.chauffeur his mistress around. His wife learned he was divorcing here when he announced it in a press conference. She was utterly blindsided.

      When someone shows you who they are, believe then, said Maya Angelou. The biggest clue is how he treats his farnily, because he will do the same thing to constituents.Rudy was and is a racist, a bully and a braggart and a serial adulterer. I think he may be in early stage dementia.


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