There are precious few members of the Democratic House caucus that have been more effective, harder working, and deeply intellectual than Jaimie Raskin from Maryland. Life had already dealt Raskin a gut-wrenching blow two years ago when his son committed suicide. A month ago, Raskin learned that he had cancer.

From The Hill:

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) on Wednesday revealed he has been diagnosed with “a serious but curable form of cancer.”

Raskin said in a statement he was diagnosed with a common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that affects white blood cells in the body’s immune system. The 60-year-old lawmaker said he was beginning chemo-immunotherapy at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

“I expect to be able to work through this period but have been cautioned by my doctors to reduce unnecessary exposure to avoid COVID-19, the flu and other viruses,” he said.

You would think that the entire House would support him if he said that he felt most comfortable in a hoodie. What could it possibly matter? But Raskin only wants to wear a hat. Just a hat. But the soulless GOP majority won’t allow it. Why? Because Trump hates Raskin more than anyone (besides Schiff) in the Democratic caucus. I don’t know but I fear that is the answer.


I used this tweet from Punchbowl News yesterday as the source (Punchbowl is a serious site with reporters on Capitol Hill:

This morning, Twitter attached an addendum to the Tweet:

Raskin has explained that he was making a joke. There is no indication that any Republicans have actually asked him to remove his cap in the House. He has already worn the cap on the floor of the House without a problem.

Twitter went friggin’ insane (When they believed that Raskin was telling the truth). Perhaps more of us would have questioned what sounded impossible had it not seemed out of the realm of the possibility from some of the GOP caucus that hates Raskin, Schiff, Swalwell, AOC, etc.

Though I could not have known when published, I am immediately correcting this story to maintain confidence in our readers that we will follow-up on developing news. Twitter’s reaction to the “joke” was also taken as valid and serious.

The following comments were put on Twitter yesterday. I am leaving them up (Despite them being wrong on the premise) to demonstrate that nothing seems “out of bounds” with the GOP and people believed Raskin. It didn’t “sound impossible” indeed I said that I couldn’t imagine them being this inhumane.

And Gaetz’s makeup.


UPDATE: The my final paragraph was based on the belief that this had actually happened. I noted that I didn’t think that they could go this low but it appeared at the time they had. I regret the error and fixed it minutes after seeing the message.

And please believe me. There are hundreds more. You knew that the House Majority would be insane and “inhumane” in dozens of ways but I bet that you didn’t think they could go this low. I would not have thought they would do this, from a P.R. position alone!

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  1. These F’n MAGA REPUBLICANS disgust me! McCarthy is a human piece of excrement!! WTF is wrong with them, it doesn’t matter if he’s an R or a D, the man has CANCER for Christs sake. I love Jamie Raskin and I pray for Healing for him! F**k these Republicans, I hope they all get voted out!!!!!

  2. I didn’t know Raskin made a comment about wearing toupees. God, I love his wit. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when Raskin and Adam Schiff are having a private conversation about all this iteration of “Congress.” What I wouldn’t give to hear.

  3. My wife says that all the Democrats and the sane Republicans in the House (if there still are any) should pull a “Spartacus” and ALL wear caps to the next session of Congress. Remember: You heard it from Liane first!

  4. Every dem should come in with a pink cancer head scarf. You don’t fuck with cancer because it happens to every one. Make them own it. Raskin should dye his head pink. That would show that fuckker.

    • See the explanation above as I fixed it at 7:00 a.m. this morning when Twitter added the addendum. I have updated the column to reflect that Raskin says it was all based on him joking. The original report was made by Punchbowl news which – despite the name – is a serious news organization with reporters that specialize on Congress. The title now reflects the context.

        • NO, it was not “blue anon.” Raskin said it and then after it got spread around HE corrected it and then we corrected it. It must be gratifying to know that none of this ever happens on the Right, whether Tucker/Hannity lie nightly (Tucker saying the FBI started January 6th? Hannity blaming voting machines), the factless belief the election was “stolen”… Yeah, glad it only happens on the left, where we did our own corrections and said we were wrong. Without the threat of a lawsuit.

  5. Notice, not a single Republican quote or reference in this article or the tweets. Simple a generic “GOP” reference with no substantiation. If it’s house Republicans, which ones? Who said what, specifically? Why only report half the story? Also, it’s a bandana tied around his head, not a “cap”.

    • See the update above. It came from Raskin but he now says he was joking. The story has been fixed. It was updated at 7:00 a.m. this morning as I reviewed all aspects in following up.

  6. This is a truthful statement, even if Raskin was kidding! The RW are unworthy of any respect, ever since “grab’em by the pussy” Trump & his “escort” wife, stepped on Air Force one, for the 1st time!

  7. I thought it was Nancy then Adam with Raskin third on the list. Yeah I really don’t think orange glow will ever get over that White House snub that Nancy gave him in front of everybody. I had never seen orange glow speechless before.

  8. As a conservative voter, still, I wish the best for Jaimie Raskin. May live a long life and overcome this awful cancer! If you have love, you wish no ill toward any other ❣️


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