Just one more battle in the Civil War, which only the foolish amongst us thought was over back in the 1860’s. So far it appears that four renegade right-wingers, to wit ringleader Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has nothing to lose, and the most racist man in Congress, Paul Gosar, followed by the dumbest man in Congress, Louie Gohmert, and capped off with Barry Moore of Alabama, about whom it’s been said, “if you doubled his brain power, he’d be a wit” are fighting a losing battle with their America First, Anglo Saxon political traditions caucus. It’s a remarkable day, indeed, when somebody can end up to the right of Ken Buck. But that is what has occurred here. Buck is rejecting the caucus, outright.

Ken Buck, if the name is ringing a bell, but you can’t place it, is the Colorado congressman infamous for wearing a tee shirt with guns, saying “Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort It Out.”

So, if you’re too far right of this guy, you have gone right right off the charts and right out of your mind, and that is exactly what has taken place. This whites only, exclusive club that Greene and cohorts is forming is getting excoriated right out of the gate, starting with the fact that “America First” has such dreadful connotations. Independent Media Institute:

Several Southern Republican members of the House of Representatives have proposed a Klu Klux Kaucus that will adhere to “Anglo-Saxon” values and vigorously resist allowing any more people of color into America under any circumstances. They’re officially calling it the “America First Caucus.”

The original America First movement started in the autumn of 1940, with open support for Adolf Hitler, loudly promoting their fear that white people in America were subject to being “replaced” by people of color into the fabric of our country. Those engineering this Great Replacement, America Firsters believed, were wealthy, media-connected Jews.

It also openly opposed America doing anything to stop Adolf Hitler after his 1939 invasion of Poland, and was particularly against our engaging in any kind of military action against Germany’s leader.

America First showed up a while ago, in a cartoon drawn by now-right-wing hero, Dr. Suess.

Republicans understand what the new Kaucus is all about, and a few who aren’t rushing to join are instead objecting to their racism and xenophobic hatred being so open and public.

Representative Liz Cheney, no shrinking violet but also apparently having a few scruples that must’ve skipped the previous generation, tweeted about the new Kaucus without mentioning it by name:

“Republicans believe in equal opportunity, freedom, and justice for all. We teach our children the values of tolerance, decency and moral courage. Racism, nativism, and anti-Semitism are evil. History teaches we all have an obligation to confront and reject such malicious hate.”

Her opposition will probably cause a few hundred more Republicans to eagerly join the Kaucus.

State-by-state organizations haven’t been announced, but it won’t be all that difficult for them to set them up and enlist members: all they have to do is buy the mailing lists for the existing Klan and White Citizens Council organizations in each of the Southern states.

This is totally nuts, on the one hand, but on the other it makes complete sense. The Civil War is once again being fought by proxy. It’s fairly obvious that the GOP doesn’t know who or what it is nowadays. Cheney and McCarthy are trying to do damage control and sound like regular Republicans, while Greene and her cabal are going deep end Trumpism, because that’s their version of the GOP. And you can’t blame her: just listen to what comes out of Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley’s or Tom Cotton’s mouth on any given day.

The ramp up to the 2022 midterms has begun already and it is going to be a freak show. And it’s anybody’s guess who/what they’ll put on the ticket for 2024.


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  1. Hwaet! In yar daeganea . . . It wasn’t like that. King Hrothgar, a man of wisdom, would be rolling over in his grave. We Angles and Saxons, a motley group of newcomers to these hallowed isles, didn’t know about democracy, but were friendly folk, when we weren’t drinking mead and fighting and drinking more mead and singing about the fights we won (yeah, right). Anyway, we intermarried with whoever would have us, and spoke a language that eventually became English. A pox on these Rs! They are more like Grendel and his stage-door mommy than I care to think. Aargh.

    Yours truly, Beowulf

    • For what it’s worth, for being the “Great English Epic Poem,” there is not a single bit of “England” involved in the entire narrative. Beowulf is a member of the Geats, a tribe that historically lived in what’s now southern Sweden, and he traveled to Heorot, the King of the Danes. The tale was likely brought to the shores of Britain by the various invading Germanic tribes and the likely original composer was probably a descendant of those tribes who lived in what’s now central or southern England.

  2. These people obviously see themselves as continuing some sort of English literary based ‘Anglo Saxon tradition’.
    Unfortunately for them, the only people from English literature they actually resemble are the Orcs, from J.R.R. Tolkiein’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’.


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