Trump has been writing stuff like this for weeks but this is from yesterday:


Vicious. Abuse their power. Interfere with elections. He often includes “How much more are patriots supposed to take? And PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST. What is a regular MAGA to do faced with seemingly impossible choices? Get violent, and martyr themselves to save the country? He is leaving them little room and expecting action: PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST. We all know what happened last time.

So now the MAGAs are responding with a deluge of death threats to the judge and prosecutor. From NBC News:

In the 24 hours since former President Donald Trump’s arraignment, the presiding judge and his family have received multiple threats, two sources familiar with the matter said. One official said “dozens” of threats have recently been directed at Judge Juan Merchan and his chambers but did not give an exact time frame for them.

The New York police detail assigned to the DA’s office is providing extra security to all affected staff members. Court officers, meanwhile, are boosting security for the judge and the court as a whole as a precaution.

Other steps have been taken, as well. Online bios of employees at the Manhattan district attorney’s office were recently removed from the DA’s website because of troubling posts on social media, including Trump’s Truth Social platform.

One can find security for the judge, and his family, and the same with Alvin Bragg. But it’s not the secret service and not entirely complete. Every member of the Manhattan D.A.’s office, even assistants and paralegals is at risk.

But this is what Trump does. He pushes the edge without any concern that things will get violent. In fact, in some ways, it’s one of his defenses, intimidation. Fanni Willis, the red MAGAs in Georgia will burn your county to the ground.

Jack Smith has to get moving on this. Only strong federal charges will break through a lot of violent threats because some serious evidence from Trump staff will be set out, including all the times Trump refused to do the right thing.
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  1. Donald JIHADIST Trump. Everyone should start referring to him that way because he’s incited riots and caused terror and clearly isn’t going to stop.

  2. Our government has a department that deals with domestic terrorists…..and republiCLOWNS that try to overthrow the government.

  3. Now is the time to implement a gag order, with the strength to jail Trump for breaking it. Include members of his team and his family in the order.

  4. Last time I looked, threatening violence and/or death was against the law. These fuckers need to be behind bars. Period. Up to and including the maralago slug.

    • He doesn’t threaten death against the judge, Bragg, etc. He calls them names. Demeans them. Makes it out that they are attacking 45. That’s the issue. It’s stochastic terrorism. He incites but doesn’t directly threaten – he leaves that for stupid base.

      ‘Stochastic’ means “random” or “involving chance or probability.” ‘Stochastic terrorism’ has been defined as the use of language “to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.”

      • Nice job.

        I often referencce Stochastic terrorism.

        It happened at Walmart in El Palso.

        Trump finally said enough about Hispanics that one of his MAGAs traveled across Tejas to “do something about it.”

        As I said, It only takes one – thereby the “stochastic” part.

  5. Jack Smith is doing everything he is supposed to be doing and then some. Once again, the question we have to ask is where the f**k is Merrick Garland? Merrick Garland has already palmed off the job that he should be leading, investigating an attempted overthrow of the United States government, and put in in the lap of Jack Smith. Garland’s only job at this point is to keep the decks clear so that Smith and his people can do their jobs properly. He has no other purpose now as he chose to remove himself from a position of leadership out of weakness. Why Garland has allowed this violent rhetoric from Trump and his followers to continue for years with no pushback at all is absolutely baffling. When history looks back on Biden’s otherwise successful administration, one of his biggest mistakes will be seen as having appointed Garland as his AG. Weak, timid, overly cautious, often absent, a poor communicator, and completely inappropriate for the current political situation in this country.

  6. Why doesn’t the DOJ go after all the red states gerrymandering and imposing racist restrictions on voting. Hell, you can’t even get an ID in my county. Robert’s decision that racism is dead has been dis proven millions of times in the last 14 years. The day after Obama was elected I got an email from a coworker showing Obama as a monkey. Then millions vote for an out and out clown that had only one thing attractive to them, racism. Of course they may lose but they could raise all kinds of hell in twenty or thirty states with bogus AG’s. If they could convict the scum for collusion with Russia (an out and out enemy that we have supplied arms to fight for decades) and insurrection. Oh, why do they not prosecute Paxton down in TX?

  7. Trump wanted to.use the URS,and F.B.I. to.investigate and hassle political.rivals and journalists who criticized him. Sooner or later, until it would have occurred to him to.hire people to.monitor blogs and websites for ordinary citizens who criticized him.or liked fun at him, and then have those people investigated. So.much for the rule of lswr.


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