If you’ve followed politics for longer than five minutes, you know that one of the iron clad rules is that you don’t go overboard in criticizing a primary opponent because the candidate you trash today may be on the top of the ticket tomorrow. And then you’re going to have to campaign for the person. And going along with this rule is the fact that you don’t want to give attack ad ammo to your adversaries.

All of that is gone with the hurricane. The new normal in the GOP, instituted by none other than its standard bearer, is that anything goes. Nikki Haley found this outside her hotel room this morning — allegedly. Why allegedly? Because there are two schools of thought on this incident: 1) It happened and it’s just one more ugly and aggressive gesture from Trump and his campaign or 2) It didn’t happen and like the actor Jessie Smollet, Haley is looking for sympathy and publicity.

Brick Suit, who posted this, is the MAGA who wears a suit that looks like a brick wall. So this is from Supreme Trump Headquarters, in other words.

So what happened here?

  1. Trump did it, in which case Haley is screwed?
  2. Haley did it and it backfired, so she’s screwed?
  3. Somebody else did it and put Trump’s name on it, but she’s still screwed?
  4. There’s no way Haley isn’t screwed, no matter how you cut it?

I think Haley will now start to drop in the polls. She wasn’t a strong candidate to begin with and with MAGA against her and the Trump excommunication, she hasn’t got a prayer. And here’s the bottom line:

And so say they all. The collective mental illness of the Republican party is a wonder to behold.

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  1. I agree, Ursula,

    It takes so little mind power to see the elephant herd of Republicans in the House, making no sense and having NOTHING to say about how the day-to-day US living for the Majority of Citizens is a two-sided coin … A simple toss in the air, they will change their tune 180 degrees to match the heads or tails that fall …

    There are simply NO serious thinkers in the Republican Congress, but their fickle finger of fate will point in any direction needed to stall the Democrats that have a long list of to-do’s and have NO TIME for all the BS …

    How can these dorks even remember to take a breath once in a while?

    • Anyone who thinks punching down is funny, isn’t funny. That’s the problem with repugs/tRump. What they think is humor is bullying, or just being an a**hole.


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