Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing

I swear to God, this is getting ridiculous. I wrote recently about how it turns out that while Trump is drowning in legal trouble, he isn’t drowning alone. It was reported that the RNC had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump to defend himself on potential civil and criminal charges stemming from his personal real estate days. Nothing to do with the GOP or the RNC, nor his presidency, his own personal fuck ups.

But it just got worse. A lot worse. Rachel Maddow reported tonight that the tab that the RNC had bankrolled his criminal personal defense fund was up to $1.3 million into his quest top stay out of state prison orange. And it’s only about to get worse.

Because today it was announced that Trump’s two eldest monkey spawn, Ivanka and Don Jr., had been served with subpoenas to appear with documents and be deposed in New York Attorney General Letitia James civil investigation into the running of the Trump organization. And younger son Eric Trump was already served, and appeared last year.

What an outrage! How dare a puny Attorney General dare to summon Trump children on the carpet to ask them questions about the family business?!? Doesn’t she realize that they’re Trumps?, and therefore far beyond temporal laws? And how are the poor, innocent lambs supposed to shoulder this financial burden?

Fortunately, they probably won’t have to worry. After all, that’s what the RNC, Trump’s personal slush fund is for, right? Fortunately, the RNC is a major political party, under the thumb of the Federal Elections Commission. They are required to file quarterly reports. It will take 3 months, but let’s just see if the RNC suddenly starts reporting payments in legal funds for Trump’s kids.

And I’ll close tonight with a word of wisdom for Trump organization schmucks like Allen Weisselberg and Matthew Calamari and his son. Get to know who your friends are! You all backed Trump’s play, and Michael Cohen dropped all of you into the soup. But you’ll notice that the RNC isn’t dropping a single dime into your defense funds, and neither is Trump. Get to know who your friends are.


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  1. “It will take 3 months, but let’s just see if the RNC suddenly starts reporting payments in legal funds for Trump’s kids.”

    And I believe (if I’m not mistaken) that the RNC will then be in a HELLACIOUS amount of legal troubles since neither Ivanka nor Don Jr held any OFFICIAL positions in the Trump administration and they have absolutely NO politically sanctioned roles with the RNC. Basically, if the RNC is using contributions to pay any sort of “legal funds” for either of the Trumpkins, they have NO legal reason for doing so. With the Mango Messiah, the RNC can use his role as President or former President and its unofficial status as “Party Leader” as a rationale; the Party does have an interest in keeping their leader–official or unofficial–from winding up behind bars, even if it’s just a state prison. But Trump’s spawn? There is no valid rationale for the RNC to be using donations to pay legal fees (even if Ivanka does make a bid for some political office, since she hasn’t made a formal announcement that would give the RNC any grounds to cover her current legal fees–again, if I’m not mistaken–since her current woes PREDATE any formal campaign bid).
    I’m not a lawyer, but I just don’t see how the RNC can even begin to think the Trump spawn can be offered financial support to help with their legal troubles. (Possibly if the RNC creates some special little “shell PAC” where contributions would be going *specifically* to cover the Trump spawn’s legal fees, it might could happen. But if the RNC is simply diverting otherwise legal political contributions–money that donors think is going to help a candidate’s campaign–then the RNC could be facing its own legal hassles.)

  2. It’s been clear that he was doing this since 2016, when he promised he’d self-fund and then took all the money he could get from them.

  3. Well if you know about ivanka and dumb dumb jr. you should have seen they are going to use some court trickery to serve his low ass with a document in absence since trump is holed up at his alligator farm/golf course with 24 hour armed Secret service. After all his escapades they got Capone on tax evasion. And trump already lives in Florida.


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