I can’t wait for the cool wit of Jamie Raskin to formulate a come back to this — if he even bothers. One thing is certain and that is that Rudy Giuliani does so much of a better job of making an ass out of himself than any other person could ever conspire to do. Raskin may just let Giuliani keep talking and bury himself.

Giuliani took a shot at Raskin, and evidently he doesn’t know that Raskin is in recovery from cancer. Not surprising, considering the bubble world he lives in.

That is the size of it, yes.

That was the thought that crossed my mind, which one of these guys has a suspended license in one jurisdiction and is facing disciplinary proceedings in another?

That sums it up perfectly.


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  1. No one ever talks about Chilli who’s second run for mayor and how he had been diagnosed with cancer. Everybody in NYC were praying he wouldn’t run. The bastard did and New Yorkers everywhere were dead set on getting rid of Rudy and putting Mark Green in instead. On voting day morning, in all the heaviest Democratic districts in the City, thousands went to vote in Brooklyn and other boroughs but found there were NO VOTING MACHINES!! Many got on the subways to Manhattan or wherever they worked and never returned in time to vote! The machines didn’t arrive to certain districts until after 4 p.m. as I recall. Guess who delivers the voting machines? The NYPD. And who was police chief? Bernie Kerick! This must have been practice for an election to be stolen.
    A very small article about it the next day in the Daily News, maybe a few sentences. The article in The Park Slope newspaper was on the front page. I’m surprised it hasn’t come up again with all of They’d crimes!


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