This is not the least bit unexpected but it is nevertheless depressing to watch. J.D. Vance, who, in point of fact, sold his soul to Donald Trump quite a ways back, when he was running behind in the polls and badly needed a boost, has now come full out and endorsed not only Trump over Haley, but Trumpism over the standard Republican platform.

Not that there IS any Republican platform. No, if there’s a Republican platform these days, I am the last person to tell you what it is or where to find it. The GOP seemed to conveniently dispense with such a notion around about 2015 as the party lost its grip, smashed its moral compass, and began to embrace the ravings of the drunk at the end of the bar in lieu of a platform. Here’s Vance selling out himself and his party in one fell swoop.

Are you getting the sheer comedy of this, or are you too numb? Clearly, Vance is too numb, because he’s actually promulgating the idea that a man with 91 felony counts against him is some kind of a moral role model.

The commenter is more tuned into reality than the good senator. The name Caligula has been synonymous with depravity for some time, when you’ve bottomed him you have truly achieved something. I think that if I had a choice between dealing with Caligula and today’s GOP, I would pick the emperor as well. And maybe his kooky brother, Nero, for good measure. Between the two of them they show that when a nation state is ready to collapse, first it is governed by utter incompetence. We have gotten quite a taste of that in four years of Trump and the period after those years as he has continued to sully our political groundwaters.

If the advent of Trump has shown us one thing, it is how readily people will gladly sell their souls for power. Politics is identical to Hollywood in that regard. People are totally willing to sell out to the highest bidder if the price is right. Except in Hollywood, the stakes are individual for the most part. In government we all get screwed as a result of a politician’s avarice and greed.

I wonder if being considered for VP is a consideration. I’ve assumed that Trump would do the politically correct thing just to look like he’s in tune and pick a woman as his running mate, namely Elise Stefanik. But then Tim Scott is kissing ass so assiduously these days, doing his Uncle Tom routine that you saw last night in New Hampshire, that it’s occurred to me he’s a candidate. But maybe Vance is the good ole boy Trump wants. At the very least, it appears that Vance is vying for the crown.

And what a disgusting display this all is, watching Vance, Scott, Stefanik and the rest of them debase themselves to be permanently associated throughout history with the vile, demented, slug that is Donald Trump. Power is indeed an aphrodisiac. And these three I’ve named are on the same kind of jacked up crazed high as the woman in Fatal Attraction.

They’re on a suicide mission here and they simply don’t see it. But then again, Eva Braun married Adolf Hitler 40 hours before they both committed suicide in the bunker on April 30, 1945. Maybe they do see it and they’re all perfectly willing to be the same kind of footnote in history. Now that’s scary.

Vance talks about the belly of the beast, he should be talking about the underbelly of both politics and the human psyche, because he lives at the intersection of both and he represents the rock bottom of both.

And I firmly believe, if he’s vying for the VP position, it is with the same gameplan as Elise Stefanik. He’s planning to do a Dick Cheney on steroids and run the country, until Trump collapses or simply reduces the presidency to all that he can or wants to handle, which is ceremonial appearances. Vance (or whomever would be VP) would be running the show and Trump would stagger out in his makeup, occasionally, and say a few bon mots and go back to watching television and eating McDonalds.

And don’t think for a nanosecond that these very scenarios have not been conceived by Scott, Vance, Stefanik, et al., and that’s what they’re planning. You don’t have to be Machiavelli to figure this one out.


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  1. How to Choose a VP candidate in the tRump republicon partee:

    Does the last name have more than one syllable?

    If so, NOT qualified, because it makes the number of syllables in tRump’s name another LOSER.We can’t have that now, can we?

  2. I love the righteous responses to Ursula’s article. It gives me hope that there are enough good people who remember that all they needed to know they learned in kindergarten.

  3. It is odd that all these people who’ve sold their souls to Trump haven’t realized that he hasn’t paid them, and never will.

    They’ve literally sold their souls for nothing.

    Mind you, after seeing their behavior, it’s a fair comment that’s actually what they’re worth.

  4. I agree with average joe – the orange diaper stain won’t pick a woman for VP. At first I thought he’d pick Kristi Noem or Kari Lake because they’re attractive and will look good on stage (Elise, you never stood a chance) but then I realized they’d look too good and too young. I think Tim Scott is bucking for the spot too but then, he’s black and, well, you know.

  5. Anyone going to vance for advice on “morals” is not the brightest bulb in the pack. Of course, dingleberry supporters are not the brightest bulbs so there’s that.

  6. I swear everyone of these magas has been a
    co-host in Mr. Rogers’ “Neighborhood of Make-Believe.”

    got a king?✅
    everythings made up.✅
    Mr. McFeely✅
    Hilda Dingleboarder✅
    X the Owl✅
    and Dr. Marchl the maga answer to Dr. Fauci.✅



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