This is sobering because it is a testament to the power of conspiracy theory. The Georgia Guide Stones, which “were” a series of granite tablets which contained instructions on what to do in the event of extreme disaster, which renders the population of the planet to under 500 million, are no more.

The Guide Stones were erected by people whose identity was undisclosed and the right-wing nut jobs decided that the site, which was basically harmless, was “satanic” in nature. So, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, somebody blew up a panel of the guide stones and then the county went in and demolished the structure.

Here’s what that looks like.

The problem with this is that it’s one step from blowing up a piece of granite, deemed to be satanic, to blowing up the house of a person, deemed to be satanic.

And of course this loon had to chime in.

I’m glad Kandiss and God are still on speaking terms, since He let her lose her primary. Oh, wait. That was stolen. Now I remember. She got three or four percent, but Brian Kemp could not have possibly gotten sixty or seventy, words to that effect.

Moral of today’s explosion: Don’t take things for granite. :))



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  1. Well, you know, how were x-tians supposed to react to such a weapon–something that makes sense, calls for people to think instead of acting blindly and stupidly, and it tells us (or the remainder I guess) to take care of the planet/nature. Seems like the person who built them was just waving red in front of a bull. Hell, telling people to act like they have the sense that your average goose has. You’d have to be a reasonable, thinking being to believe such things…quite the opposite of x-tians.

    When something written or said based on rational thought, reason, facts, etc. gets folks in a certain religion all upset, you’d think its members would be leaving in droves. Cult behavior I guess.

  2. It looked to me like someone with explosives did the first part, and construction equipment finished it. No signs of any deity involved.

  3. Kind of reminiscent of what ISIS was doing in the middle east, destroying anything that got in their way. Mindless destruction by mindless human wannabees.


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